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Pushing Through: A Poem for Grieving Hearts
Elaine Mansfield shares how Rilke's poem, Pushing Through, helped her to manage the grief she felt with the loss of her husband. The poem gives testament to the fact that we can push through the grief into a transformation into something larger than ourselves.... posted on Jul 07 2018, 11,132 reads


Pearl Fryer's Unusual Legacy
Located on a short and quiet side street of the main road entering Bishopville, the garden sits on the left side of the road and a bank of pine trees lends shade and depth at the back of the property. An archway leads visitors to the left side of the property. It was through this archway that I stepped onto Fryer's garden for the first time. In life-sized letters cut into the grass and planted wit... posted on Jul 06 2018, 4,427 reads


The Practice of Walking
When was the last time you connected with nature, paused to take note of your surroundings, or admired a simple sunrise? The hurried way by which we often live our lives can distract us from the beauty of the natural world that surrounds us. Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee and Hilary Hart suggest that the simple practice of walking can help reconnect us to the web of life, and the soul-awakening moments it ... posted on Jul 05 2018, 10,937 reads


How Gratitude Can Transform Your Workplace
While you may not associate gratitude or expressions of appreciation with the workplace, they're beginning to have a powerful impact on how employees relate to one another, as well as rates of satisfaction, stress, and even sick days. Many organizations have been developing ways to overcome the barriers that often inhibit expressions of thanks among employees, and finding that the effects extend f... posted on Jul 04 2018, 5,452 reads


Circles of Time
In the Northern (and Southern) hemispheres, time is marked by seasonal changes, but in the forests of Bali the processes of growth and decay proceed at different rates all over the forest, all the time. According to Balinese theory, each living being moves on its own time scheme, and events occur when these touch, when things or creatures interact with one another. This view of time as applied to ... posted on Jul 03 2018, 4,193 reads


Nature is Medicine -- Even in a Prison Cell
Nalini Nadkarni, a biology professor at the University of Utah who has pioneered techniques for studying tree canopy communities in tropical and temperate forests, started "Moss-in-Prisons," a project in which prisoners joined a research/conservation effort to counteract the destructive effects of collecting wild-grown moss from old-growth forests for the floral trade. "We learned that the inmates... posted on Jul 02 2018, 6,611 reads


Grateful Parenting
A parent who lives gratefully will role model gratefulness and infuse the home with grateful practices. Beyond this, grateful parenting also suggests being grateful for one's particular child, being aware and appreciative of the gifts and qualities that child has. It suggests respecting one's child as a person, and all that ensues from such an open positive attitude. Gratitude for your child, incl... posted on Jul 01 2018, 10,349 reads


Avoiding Volunteer Burnout With Mindful Self Care
Being a person who makes a difference in the world is a hope that most of us have, but being able to do so for any sustained period of time is the challenge. For many of us, making a difference takes the form of volunteering in challenging situations while working full time jobs. In the article "Avoiding Volunteer Burnout With Mindful Self Care," author Jennifer Jean shares a five step plan that s... posted on Jun 30 2018, 5,372 reads


The Spiritual Diplomat
Having witnessed the ravages of war in the 1940s, James George determined as a young man to be a peacemaker and harmonizer in the world by working as a diplomat for Canada for 30 years. Ultimately, George realized that only an inner spiritual practice could generate the peace he wished to carry into the world. He applied his spiritual practice by being aware of what is happening moment to moment i... posted on Jun 29 2018, 2,500 reads


The Wisdom of South Korea's Garden Hacking Grandparents
Whether we wake up each morning under eaves beneath trees, or on the top floors of towers among a forest of more towers; whether we walk our children to school through a park, or drive our car down the traffic-clogged streets to the market; whether we spend our mornings closed in meeting rooms, or tending urban gardens, each of us are the potential builders of a new culture, and each of our action... posted on Jun 28 2018, 3,469 reads


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