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The Daily Opportunity in Randomness
"The physicist Leonard Mlodinow changes how we think about the agency we have in shaping our own destinies. As a scientist, he works with principles like Brownian motion, by which Einstein helped verify the existence of molecules and atoms. As the child of Holocaust survivors, he dances with the experience we all have: that life never goes as planned, and yet the choices we make can matter. The co... posted on Jul 06 2019, 4,361 reads


Gift Ecology: A Conversation with Nipun Mehta
"The path from transaction to trust goes through relationships. So if we cultivate such a field of deep relationships, trust will naturally arise. Then the question is: How do we cultivate such a field? I think it starts with small acts of service. Its the small acts of service that create an affinity between us, and that connection over time creates deeper bonds. Thats the home for virtue to grow... posted on Jul 05 2019, 2,361 reads


Flying the Big Ones
"I used to be a flight attendant with TWA back in 1970. They almost wouldn't hire me as a flight attendant because I was really tiny, like 105 pounds. They didn't feel like I could even do that job, let alone, later on, wrestle around a stretch DC-8, a 727 or a 747." She proved them wrong, and after she turned 50, she became one of 40 women pilots in commercial aviation along 150,000 men. ... posted on Jul 04 2019, 1,580 reads


What Does it Take to Be Racially Literate?
Few people really believe that race does not affect their lives in some way, but most of us are unwilling to admit it. We avoid discussing these differences and do ourselves a disservice. Priya Vulchi and Winona Guo are two high school students who decided it was time to bring this discussion out in the open. The key, they say, is to face the issue with both our hearts and our minds, for our minds... posted on Jul 03 2019, 2,275 reads


If Life Wins There Will Be No Losers
Many, many people are feeling the widespread longing for a tenable alternative to capitalism - an urgent need for new regenerative ways of living. We feel this need both in our individual lives and in the larger ways we live together; in neighborhoods, cities, nations. We can't create a regenerative culture solely by trying to "smash capitalism". Instead, we need to understand and heal the underly... posted on Jul 02 2019, 3,143 reads


Rachael Flatt: From Olympic Rink to Research Lab
There's little Rachael Flatt, former Olympic figure skater, can't achieve on or off the ice. Flatt's impressive skating career includes being the 2008 World Junior champion, a winner of four silver medals on the Grand Prix series, and the 2010 U.S. national champion. Flatt went on to represent the United States at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver during her senior year in high school and plac... posted on Jul 01 2019, 1,684 reads


Farewell to Jean Vanier
Jean Vanier, philosopher, theologian, humanist and founder of L'Arche departed our physical world on May 7, 2019 at the age of 90. His heart, his love and his compassion live on in the hundreds of communities that have sprung from his love and compassion for humanity. This world wide movement is based on Vanier's belief that people with disabilities are teachers, rather that burdens to society.... posted on Jun 30 2019, 4,220 reads


Coastal Communication: A Mother and Son's Moving Collaboration
When New York based author and social activist, Jane Jackson suffered an aneurysm, it affected both her memory and language skills. Over the months that followed she recovered through the unconditional support of her family, and the power of poetry. As a way to promote healing and reestablish language skills, she and her son began writing poems together. The poems were crafted line by line in emai... posted on Jun 29 2019, 5,543 reads


What We Should Know About Animals
It's easy to assume that animals experience happiness (just think of a dog wagging its tail), but what about higher-level emotions and qualities like selflessness, empathy, or even love? In "Beyond Words: How Animals Think and Feel," conservationist Carl Safina shares stories from decades of observing animals and combines it with new brain research to paint a picture of animals' emotional landscap... posted on Jun 28 2019, 2,415 reads


A Primer for Forgetting
"We live in a culture that prizes memory--how much we can store, the quality of what's preserved, how we might better document and retain the moments of our life while fighting off the nightmare of losing all that we have experienced. But what if forgetfulness were seen not as something to fear--be it in the form of illness or simple absentmindedness--but rather as a blessing, a balm, a path to pe... posted on Jun 27 2019, 2,800 reads


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