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Who is Mother?
Matt Hopwood is a writer, storyteller and founder of A Human Love Story. He has traveled widely to gather peoples experiences of love and connection. In 2018 after the death of his beloved grandmother - he wanted to explore the role of mother in our lives and communities. Matt eventually grew the awareness of the sense of Mother in himself. He shares with us his yearning to nurture, the longing to... posted on May 14 2019, 3,035 reads


Organizations Beyond Ego
Join Tami Simon from Sounds True in this evolutionary interview with Frederic Laloux, business analyst and author of Reinventing Organizations: A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage of Human Consciousness, perhaps the most influential business book of this decade. What does it mean to move beyond ego--in the business world? How do we balance fulfilling financial obligations ... posted on May 13 2019, 3,593 reads


Mother's Day: Belonging to Each Other
"Mother's Day offers us opportunities to express our love and thanks to the women who have cared for us in our lives --the birth or adoptive mother, the grandmother, the teacher, or the elder friend who have helped grow us up. But it's not all Hallmark cards and breakfasts-in-bed. This particular holiday can stir up feelings of grief and pain for some of us. We may suffer for the mother we have lo... posted on May 12 2019, 3,532 reads


Can Borrowing from Neighbors Strengthen Democracy?

In the course of our daily lives, we may find abundant evidence that our social fabric has frayed. As Robert Putnam discussed in his 2000 book Bowling Alone, Americans have become increasingly isolated, drifting away from activities that stimulate civic engagement. Could the casual connection created through borrowing a cup of sugar from a neighbor help restore the sense of community neede... posted on May 11 2019, 2,161 reads


SuperBetter: A Healing Game
In the face of death, or other deeply challenging circumstances, how would you respond? Many people come to such moments full of suffering and regret. What if you could do small things every day that would help you face life's challenges in a way that fosters resilience and transformation? In this research-packed and fun TED talk, on-line game designer Jane McGonigal guides a real-time social game... posted on May 10 2019, 5,282 reads


Gus: A Story of Loss and Love
There is a saying that when we know better, we do better. Such was the case for Gus Mojica, a former gang member. As a young teen, he did what others in his neighborhood were doing without seeing or knowing a better way to live. He recalls vividly the night that changed everything for him. After being in a gang for almost 20 years, he suffered a loss that showed him he had to change. What he has d... posted on May 09 2019, 3,762 reads


Breathing into Balance
We've discovered that breathing more deeply helps us center ourselves, but did you know why? Dr. Shawna Darou explains the mechanics of how it works. The secret is to activate the Vagus nerve, which travels all the way from the brain to the digestive system, operating via the parasympathetic nervous system. Read on for some exercises that can help us reduce inflammation in the body, as well as bol... posted on May 08 2019, 7,823 reads


Searching for Meaning Purpose and Patterns
Underneath many of the problems facing us today lie personal choices. Many of us are not only dissatisfied with the immense global problems we face but also with the quality of our own lives. One way to address these global challenges by connecting their solutions to smaller choices we already want to make in our personal lives. Sky Nelson-Isaacs lucidly explains how we can move into rhythm with t... posted on May 07 2019, 4,970 reads


Grateful for the Dark Stuff Too
Orienting ourselves toward gratitude is a cultural trend and a healthy practice. Whether we are keeping a daily list, posting on social media platforms, journaling, or praying each morning, practicing gratitude has positive results for physical and emotional health and even in our professional lives. Laura Grace Weldon suggests taking this practice even further and being grateful for those people,... posted on May 06 2019, 4,292 reads


Harbored by a Mulberry Tree
Kate Legge, journalist and author, reflects on her life through her relationships with trees. One of her life long friends and teachers was the mulberry in her back garden growing up. Here, held in its arms, she was able to cross the threshold into enchantment. She learned to appreciate the world we live in and natures ingenious design, by becoming a tree whisperer.... posted on May 05 2019, 2,630 reads


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