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What's In the Way is the Way
Mary O'Malley is an author, counselor, and acknowledged leader in the field of spiritual awakening. In this interview with Tami Simon, Mary discuss the eight "spells" that keep us feeling separate from life as well as the remedies that bring us more fully into the energetic flow of existence. She speaks of the need for curiosity and the role it plays in uniting our attention with our present-momen... posted on Mar 13 2019, 5,124 reads


Angels in the Details
You know the saying "The devil is in the details." This nugget of hard-earned wisdom reminds us how hard it can be to transform an idea into something that actually works in real life. What if there was a book where there were angels in the details? John Todd's Healing Earth: An Ecologist's Journey of Innovation and Environmental Stewardship is just such a book. It is filled with gloriously simple... posted on Mar 12 2019, 3,005 reads


Inner Strength Foundation
Many adolescents growing up in poverty have limited resources to help them cope with the difficulties their circumstances may bring: violence, resource scarcity, homelessness, to name but a few. In Philadelphia, the poorest of America's ten largest cities, the Inner Strength Foundation is equipping aspiring youth from vulnerable communities with tools to self reflect, develop interpersonal skills,... posted on Mar 11 2019, 2,383 reads


A Small Dark Light: Le Guin on the Legacy of the Tao Te Ching
Brain Pickings' Maria Popova explores Ursula Le Guins life long love affair with the Tao te Ching. Le Guins relationship with this ageless wisdom began as a young child. Ursula's interpretation of this work spans almost 70 years. Her work with distilling the essence of the Tao continues to teach us about personal and political power. This beautiful interpretation makes the Tao more accessible to ... posted on Mar 10 2019, 4,266 reads


We Contain Multitudes
"It's possible to be a person with all of a multitude of experiences all at the same time. You can be a kid barely removed from a trailer park with an illiterate grandfather and disruptive mental illness in your family and go to Duke and study Shakespeare and build a successful career and eventually go to New York City and take a company public as a CEO. I actually think we would be better served ... posted on Mar 09 2019, 3,017 reads


Therapy Dogs Help Kids With Trauma Tell Their Stories
Companions for Courage in Orlando, Florida, is a community outreach program that provides therapy dogs for children who have experienced trauma and need to confront that trauma in court. The dogs provide a sense of security, creating a bond with child victims, giving them the courage and confidence to face the court situation. The dogs enable the children to stay calm and tell their stories. The c... posted on Mar 08 2019, 1,444 reads


Seven Generations of Love
"The ranch, it turns out, is no ordinary ranch. It is a 13,000-acre property nestled next to Laramie Peak that Mark's grandfather bought in 1945. It is made up of hills and valleys, meadows and creeks, plains and buttes, caves and waterfalls. Sage and cheat grass cover the ground, and pine trees spring up near the hills. Giant granite boulders give way to cliffs and streams. All kinds of wildlife ... posted on Mar 07 2019, 4,019 reads


Three Minutes and a Pair of Socks
Our daily interactions have great potential: to shape our futures, our families, our life's work, or simply to brighten someone's day. We often don't know where a brief exchange with the checkout clerk might lead or how our kind words will impact a stranger. Yet sometimes we are given the gift of witnessing a single conversation's journey, gaining glimpses into the lives it touches along the way. ... posted on Mar 06 2019, 5,382 reads


Breaking Out of Our Resistance Bubble
Explore the intersection of spiritual journey and social change with this riveting interview from Sounds True and Van Jones, NY times best selling author, public speaker and host of the Van Jones show on CNN. He calls on our collective soulfulness, grounded into life, and our strong sense of self, joy and dignity. Van challenges us to work with others that are unlike ourselves, to be in the chaos ... posted on Mar 05 2019, 3,951 reads


The Price of Free
In this film about Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi, his journey to liberate every child from slavery is told in triumphant and devastating detail. "The Price of Free" follows Satyarthi and his team of activists around the world on secret raid and rescue missions as they hunt for missing children and work to reunite them with their families. Watch this heartbreaking, inspirational film in it... posted on Mar 04 2019, 1,703 reads


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