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Resilience After Unimaginable Loss
Sheryl Sandberg is synonymous with Facebook and Silicon Valley success, and she's the voice of Lean In. She joins On Being, host Krista Tippet, frank and vulnerable, together with the psychologist Adam Grant. His friendship and his research on resilience helped Sandburg survive the shocking death of her husband while on vacation. They share what they've learned about planting deep resilience in ou... posted on Jun 17 2017, 8,063 reads


The Privilege of Sharing Abundance
In these trying times, it can be hard to think we have an abundance of anything. But there is at least one thing that is always in good supply and will never run out -- and that is kindness. Add to that a sprinkle of thoughtfulness and an opportunity to act, and it's nothing short of magical. This is the story of Trail Angels, people who help weary hikers by giving them comfort, food, or cheer wit... posted on Jun 16 2017, 4,618 reads


David Whyte on Courage
We all have an idea of what courage looks like from the outside, but what about the inside? Is it angry? Energetic? Excited? Or something else? In this essay, poet David Whyte looks deep within to find the source of courage. Perhaps surprisingly, it's a place that's not hard but soft. And it can be both confusing and vulnerable. "We become courageous whenever we live closely to the point of tears ... posted on Jun 15 2017, 6,381 reads


An Act of Dog
Artist Mark Barone believes he is a better man for having painted 5,500 portraits of healthy dogs that have been killed in shelters every year. Through photos shelter volunteers sent him, he produced 12"X12" oil paintings that reveal each dog's personality, and included the dog's name and the circumstances that led to its death. He and his partner, Marina Dervan, have also created a non-profit, An... posted on Jun 14 2017, 6,096 reads


A Feast of Flowers
What do you feel when you gaze at a flower? Or better yet - a field of wondrous, lush, vibrant flowers? Our senses become engulfed in beauty, and as writer Lucia Ferrara Bettler explains in her article 'A Feast of Flowers', they truly are nourishment for the sprint. In one single flower we can feel the life-giving abundance that nature affords. Flowers teach us to behold the small, natural wonders... posted on Jun 13 2017, 4,590 reads


Give That Which is Organic To You: A Recipe to Avoid Burnout
"When I give something I do not possess, I give a false and dangerous gift, a gift that looks like love but is, in reality, loveless - a gift given more from my need to prove myself than from the other's need to be cared for." Parker Palmer from his book, "Let Your Life Speak", reflects on giving from a place of fullness. In this passage we are invited to give by moving outward from our true natur... posted on Jun 12 2017, 5,253 reads


Bringing Fresh Produce to the Underserved
Building Roots is a Canadian charity that "believes all neighbourhoods need places to grow, cook, share and buy healthy food." In the summer of 2016, Lisa Kates and Darcy Higgins of Building Roots created the Moss Park Market, a double-wide shipping container in the Moss Park area of Toronto, in order to bring fresh produce to what they consider to be a "largely ignored" neighborhood. Mr. Higgins,... posted on Jun 11 2017, 2,515 reads


Day Jobs for Panhandlers
With just under 400,000 residents, Tulsa, Oklahoma, has a significant homeless population. In 2016, between 6,000 and 7,000 residents lived on the streets. That number, while small in comparison to homeless populations in cities such as New York and Los Angeles, is noticeable in medium-sized Tulsa. So what did Tulsa decide to do to address this problem? Do what Albuquerque, New Mexico did -- move... posted on Jun 10 2017, 4,612 reads


My Year Reading a Book from Every Country in the World
Several years ago, Ann Morgan, a writer from London, looked at her bookshelf and realized it held almost no books from other countries -- an oversight she called a "massive cultural blindspot." In a nod to the Olympics, she decided to read a book from every country (196 total) and blog about it. But she quickly learned that finding books in English would be a challenge. Only about 4.5 percent of l... posted on Jun 09 2017, 2,178 reads


Why Defending Human Rights Is Women’s Work
Whether it is Black Lives Matter activists working to encourage and support school-age black girls so that they can thrive, formerly incarcerated black trans women fighting police brutality, Muslim women debunking dangerous stereotypes besetting their communities, or undocumented Latina women promoting the rights of domestic workers, women human rights defenders in America are building solidarity ... posted on Jun 08 2017, 2,114 reads


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