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Lunar Wisdom: An Interview with Anthony Aveni
According to cultural astronomer Anthony Aveni at Colgate University, the moon and the sun are in a cosmic dance that defines our very relationship to life. Yet in modern western culture, we barely know the moon's cycles, nor pay attention to the effect it has upon us. Aveni has explored the meanings attributed to the sun and the moon in cultures around the world and contrasted that with our own. ... posted on Dec 05 2017, 5,879 reads


Suiseki: The Japanese Art of Stone Appreciation
It's a tradition in Japan: suiseki are natural stones that suggest natural scenes or animal and human figures. The stones should not be modified and are displayed as found (a single cut is allowed). When someone finds a stone that embodies such a quality, it's collected and a display base, usually wooden, is crafted for the stone to sit upon. The tradition arrived from China where scholar's stones... posted on Dec 04 2017, 8,853 reads


Open Source Seeds
At a time when the monopolization of genetic resources by corporations is reducing diversity and limiting the variety of seeds available to farmers and gardeners, OpenSourceSeeds is licensing seeds to make them available to the commons in perpetuity. Working within German laws, they developed a licensing agreement with the express purpose of creating a new repository of genetic material for farmer... posted on Dec 03 2017, 2,946 reads


Stone by Stone
Facing a row of heavy sodden soil to be turned by hand, and looking up at the wider project of other rows; these moments come up in so many ways over and over in our lives. "How will this all get done?" we wonder. The choices to procrastinate, to look for a quicker or easier method, or to give up and walk away declaring "It can't be done!" are all possibilities. The approach we take in each of the... posted on Dec 02 2017, 3,914 reads


Wislawa Szymborska: The Poet and the World
Poets are Fortune's darlings according to Wislawa Szymborska. Despite the trials and tribulations, the frustration of not feeling comfortable calling oneself a poet and the real threat of claiming the title "poet" without official certification in some countries, poets are charged with answering the inner impulse of inspiration with "I don't know." The search for knowing leads poets inevitably to ... posted on Dec 01 2017, 3,886 reads


The Sound of the Genuine
"Cultivate the discipline of listening" for your genuine self. This is the advice that Howard Thurman gave in 1980 during his commencement address at Spelman College. How many of us ever take the time to do that? We spend our days in many pointless pursuits that distract us from our essential truth. Thurman says the world is waiting for this truth to pour out of us, it is of our own creation and c... posted on Nov 30 2017, 6,489 reads


Having it Out With Melancholy
With great care and attention, make a hot cup of tea. Take it to a room with a window. Sit down, take off your glasses and exhale slowly. Listen to this hauntingly beautiful recording of Jane Kenyon's poem read aloud by Amanda Palmer. Listen again. Let the understanding, pain and relief wash over you. Then, after a moment, explore the rich context of Maria Popova's introduction to this Brain Picki... posted on Nov 29 2017, 8,979 reads


Nipun Mehta on What It Means to Serve
In this interview at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival, Nipun Mehta, the founder of ServiceSpace, explores the nuances of what it means to serve. His talk affords a glimpse of various ServiceSpace projects like KarmaTube, DailyGood, Karma Kitchen, and more. Karma Kitchen works on an intriguing pay-it-forward basis. When patrons are done eating, the bill arrives with a total of $0.00, and a brief ex... posted on Nov 28 2017, 1,869 reads


Ken Cloke: There Is No Them. There Is Just Us.
"If chickens are playing on a playground and they're fighting, the very first thing that we tend to do is separate them. Separation works to stop the fighting, but it doesn't work to settle the issues that they're fighting over. So there are relatively primitive and relatively advanced methods for handling any particular type of conflict. And those are endless -- throughout our lives, we have noth... posted on Nov 27 2017, 7,021 reads


Guy Standing on an Economy that Works for Everyone
Through research and advocacy, economist Guy Standing has been fighting for an economy that works for everyone and for the environment for years. In his books and other publications, he argues that our current economic ideology has created an antagonistic world in which a small percent are "winners" and a large percent are "losers," resulting in an environment of insecurity and tension. In this in... posted on Nov 26 2017, 8,537 reads


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