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The Focus of the Storm
Joanna Macy reflects on Rilke's Book of Hours, which has served as spiritual nourishment for almost fifty years of soul-searching and activism. "Its images lent some pattern, even meaning, to a life I thought had failed in its spiritual vocation... Now those same lines...shed new light on the patchwork my life had become -- marriage, motherhood, abandoned government career, assortment of jobs, stu... posted on Jun 25 2018, 4,879 reads


Dare to Be Astonished
What would it be like to take out the analytical side of our thoughts and approach experiences with a child-like wonder? That's what Fabiana Fondevila set out to determine. See what she has to say.... posted on Jun 24 2018, 4,947 reads


Paolo Soleri: Architecture as Salvation
Paolo Soleri was a visionary. Over decades, he influenced thousands of young architects. He called his vision arcology (architecture + ecology). The city as city occupied his thought. How could it help us reach our potential as human beings? Decades ago, he realized that we are drowning in a sea of data -- information-- and we don't seem to be able to find the time to transform it into knowledge. ... posted on Jun 23 2018, 1,807 reads


Creating a Compassionate Economy
Clair Brown is a professor of economics and director of the Center for Work, Technology, and Society at the University of California, Berkeley. Her recent book, Buddhist Economics: An Enlightened Approach to the Dismal Science, draws upon simple Buddhist ideas to argue for an economic system based on environmental stewardship, shared prosperity, and care for the human spirit.... posted on Jun 22 2018, 4,048 reads


Top 10 Insights from the Science of a Meaningful Life
Greater Good shared its top 10 insights from their "Science of a Meaningful Life" report. The team created the list from the most provocative and influential findings over the last year. Themes include emotional experience, mindfulness, sense of purpose, and more. ... posted on Jun 21 2018, 11,543 reads


Nicholas Winton: Father of 669
Greta Winton was surprised and confused when she uncovered a scrapbook containing the names of 669 children. Her husband, Nicholas Winton, had kept this book in their attic for 50 years. Nine months before the Second World War broke out, Nicholas assisted in removing Jewish children from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia and transporting them to Britain. Nicholas wondered what had happened to the child... posted on Jun 20 2018, 2,231 reads


The Soul in Depression
We're fluent in the languages of psychology and medication, but the word "depression" does not do justice to this human experience. Depression is also spiritual territory. It is a shadow side of human vitality and as such teaches us about vitality. And what if depression is possible for the same reason that love is possible? Dive into this interview from On Being and hear rare, brave, and helpful ... posted on Jun 19 2018, 8,330 reads


The Strangest Social Justice Story
Though many know the story of Mahatma Gandhi, very few have heard the powerful story of his successor, Vinoba Bhave. Vinoba's loving spirit was responsible for "the biggest voluntary land donation project in the history of mankind" which many argue demonstrates that humanity is not exclusively self-interested. Instead, "if love is nurtured and valued as the bedrock of community, then seemingly imp... posted on Jun 18 2018, 5,821 reads


Looking for the Light in Vulnerability
Sarah Kay, a 29 year old spoken word poet from New York City touches audiences with her realistic portrayal of life, while focusing on 'finding the light' in life. In this interview Sarah discusses how her parents influenced her childhood with art, photography, and poetry, and how she in turn, influences students, teachers, and audiences around the world - encouraging them to listen to one another... posted on Jun 17 2018, 4,961 reads


Be Still, Life
'Be Still, Life' is a book written for the child in all of us -- the child in you who stares out the window when you should be working and wishes you had the day off. Author Ohara Hale has captured the childlike dreams we all have in whimsical illustrations and thoughts to embrace the moments that are before us. Hale reminds us of the wonder of nature through a child's eyes in such simple images a... posted on Jun 16 2018, 4,262 reads


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