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The Evolutionary Power of Mindful Communication
Mindful communication encompasses a number of qualities in both listening and responding. From entering conversations free from our fixed opinions and perceptions, to communicating in such a way that allows another to feel heard, Diane Musho Hamilton shares what mindful dialogue is (and is not). She explains that mindful dialogue is of particular importance in today's society in which polarized vi... posted on Oct 29 2017, 6,531 reads


Speaking Loudly for a Quiet Place
"Bear Witness," chronicles the year Dave and Amy Freeman spent in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) Wilderness to bring awareness to the threats posed by a proposed sulfide-ore copper mining on the wilderness edge. The video is divided up into four seasons and documents the beauty of the BWCA during each season through video and journal-like audio. It tells their story through their words and ... posted on Oct 28 2017, 1,615 reads


Business Lessons from the World of Improv
While few of us associate the world of business with the world of improv, the two may not be as far apart as you originally think. Bob Kulhan, founder and CEO of 'Business Improv', is working to bring the two worlds together, through bridging the comedic with the corporate. "Improvisation," he argues, "is a communication-based art form based in some core principles of business." Improvis... posted on Oct 27 2017, 2,812 reads


The Blind Man and Double Amputee Who Planted 10,000 Trees
Two friends from Northern China are not letting their handicaps hold them back. Jia Wenqi, a double amputee, and Jia Haixa, who is completely blind, have been working together to plant trees along a riverbank in Yeli Village, planting an astounding 10,000 trees over the last decade. Finding it difficult to gain employment, the pair approached the local government with their idea. They hope that th... posted on Oct 26 2017, 8,010 reads


A Call for Another Way of Living
After he was asked to leave the order of the Christian Brothers, and with no training in filmmaking, Godfrey Reggio made the remarkable Qatsi trilogy. He had a way of following his own vision. "What I learned is that it's what I did every day that determined what I was going to think. I've never forgotten that. Every now and then, I'll give a convocation address at a university and I try to always... posted on Oct 25 2017, 5,849 reads


The Wisdom of the Animals
Animals hold a special place in every child's life, but for Steve Karlin, his childhood experiences with animals later formed his resolve to help animals and people in the process of healing. In 1980, he founded Wildlife Associates in northern California. Wildlife Associates still operates today to provide a safe haven for injured animals and to teach children in the San Francisco Bay Area, many o... posted on Oct 24 2017, 5,402 reads


Grandmother Power
Across the world, grandmothers are keepers of tradition and leaders of change. In families and communities battling discrimination, poverty, disease and death, grandmothers stand and rise as providers, healers, insurgents. They are storytellers who bridge the past and the future with wisdom and bold, creative action. This is why photojournalist Paola Gianturco has dedicated her life to documenting... posted on Oct 23 2017, 8,826 reads


Choosing Authentic Conversations
Despite being published almost 10 years ago, "Authentic Conversations: Moving from Manipulation to Truth and Commitment" by Jamie and Maren Showkeir is still relevant. It's message is a timely reminder that changing the culture requires changing our conversations. While they are addressing workplace conversations specifically, their strategies can be applied to any situation. An excerpt from the I... posted on Oct 22 2017, 7,419 reads


People Helped You Whether You Knew It Or Not
William Weaver, currently the chief of surgery at the Fayetteville VA Medical Center in North Carolina, doesn't remember a single day in high school "that a teacher didn't tell him that he didn't belong." This was in Knoxville, Tennessee, where in 1964, he was one of 14 black students integrating the all-white West High School. He remembers his test papers being unfairly snatched from him so he ... posted on Oct 21 2017, 6,144 reads


How Trauma Lodges in the Body
Human memory is a sensory experience, says psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk. Through his longtime research and innovation in trauma treatment, he shares what he's learning about how bodywork like yoga or eye movement therapy can restore a sense of goodness and safety. What he's learning speaks to a resilience we can all cultivate in the face of overwhelming events -- which, after all, make up the ... posted on Oct 20 2017, 22,534 reads


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