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Nature and the Serious Business of Joy
British naturalist and environmental writer Michael McCarthy writes in The Moth Snowstorm: Nature and Joy -- part memoir and part manifesto --"The natural world can offer us more than the means to survive, on the one hand, or mortal risks to be avoided, on the other: it can offer us joy." ... posted on Aug 22 2018, 6,002 reads


The Price on Everything is Love
When the city of Detroit was going through a rough time, neighbors banded together to help each other. Now, the organization has become a community shop called Detroiters Helping Each Other, which offers services for free. Learn how love has become the greatest currency of all. ... posted on Aug 21 2018, 3,724 reads


The Happiness Multiplier Effect
Happiness is something we all strive for, yet can be difficult to define. defines happiness as "good fortune, pleasure, contentment, or joy." And in fact many people associate having more money with being happier. However, studies released in 2008 and 2010 show that there is a threshold for which money can bring happiness. Beyond being pulled out of poverty to a comfortable income... posted on Aug 20 2018, 7,659 reads


Getting Proximate to Pain and Holding the Power of Love
In this interview, On Being's Krista Tippett speaks with Lucas Johnson and Rami Nashashibi about the impact of growing up in minority communities, the influence of social change leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, the ideas of justice, love, and more. Lucas Johnson is an ordained minster, writer, and social activist in Amsterdam, who serves as the coordinator for the Internation... posted on Aug 19 2018, 3,050 reads


The Great Mystery: An Interview with Kent Nerburn
Kent Nerbern is a writer and editor of over a dozen books, and is currently working on the third in a series about the Lakota Indians. With a double PhD He has a long history of interest in Native American tribes and culture, having previously worked with the Ojibwe and written a book on the Nez Perce. In particular, Kent appreciates Native American spirituality, which tends to focus more on the... posted on Aug 18 2018, 7,555 reads


4 Ways to Train Your Brain to Feel Better
It might be difficult to think that stress could be an opportunity, but Laurel Mellin, Ph.D. believes that it can encourage us to pause long enough to change how we think. Mellin is the founder of EBT, Inc. (Emotional Brain Training) an educational organization that provides certification and brain training to health professionals and the public. With stress as the number one epidemic worldwide, M... posted on Aug 17 2018, 12,796 reads


Even the Walls
Even the Walls is a short documentary about the multi-generational residents living within Yesler Terrace, a public-housing neighborhood in downtown Seattle grappling with the forces of gentrification. For over 70 years, Yesler Terrace has been home to thousands of Asian, Asian American, African, African American, Native American, Hispanic, and Caucasian residents. The 30-acre property is being re... posted on Aug 16 2018, 2,366 reads


Eager: The Secret Life of Beavers and Why They Matter
A beaver is a change agent. They build a dam, create a pond, then over the course of years, the pond fills in, becomes a wetland, wet meadow and the cycle starts again. Humans like things static, which is one reason beavers and humans have not gotten along. We have fundamentally different visions of how the landscape is supposed to work. The consequences have been the decimation of the beaver popu... posted on Aug 15 2018, 3,821 reads


How to Unhijack Your Mind from Your Phone
What if we didn't unplug, but changed the way we used our phones? Would it increase productivity? Would it improve your mood? See what a former Google employee has to say about mindfulness, and how to avoid unnecessary phone time. ... posted on Aug 14 2018, 5,030 reads


A Mind Seeking Permanency Soon Stagnates
J. Krishnamurti, one of the 20th century's most remarkable spiritual leaders, reminds us that life is impermanent, that we are driven by impermanent relationships, ambitions and achievements, and suffer because there is death at the end. He suggests we need not suffer from impermanency because it is a simple fact. Yet we do suffer, because we don't want to accept the truth of it. Nevertheless, he ... posted on Aug 13 2018, 5,260 reads


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