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How Our Social Interactions Shape Our Experience of Time
Maria Popova tells us that our experience of time has a central social component -- an internal clock inheres in our capacity for inter-subjectivity, intuitively governing our social interactions and the interpersonal mirroring that undergirds the human capacity for empathy. This social-synchronistic function of time is what New Yorker staff writer Alan Burdick examines in Why Time Flies: A Mostly... posted on Feb 09 2018, 4,535 reads


Waking Up from Our Addiction to Technology
Nancy Colier is a psychotherapist, interfaith minister, author, and veteran meditator. In this interview she delves into the importance of human connection, and the detrimental effects of our large-scale modern addiction to cell phones, email, and social media. She offers insights on how to recognize and break out of addictive behavior, and touches on the realities of parenting in the digital age ... posted on Feb 08 2018, 8,193 reads


What Gets in the Way of Gratitude?
From biblical times to now, gratitude and humility have made appearances. In this article, Robert Emmons discusses how society can transition from ingratitude to gratitude in everyday life.
... posted on Feb 07 2018, 9,182 reads


How I Became an Entrepreneur at 66
After being fired at age 64, Paul Tasner spent the next two years consulting in the same business he had worked continuously for the past 40 years. Although dissatisfied with the work, he was unable to retire. So, when he had an idea that matched his concern for the environment, he decided to become an entrepreneur. In the five years since he started his own business, his revenues have doubled eve... posted on Feb 06 2018, 0 reads


How to Build Trust and Lead Effectively
Cameron Stauth believes that the world is in the worst crisis of trust that we have ever seen, and that it manifests in almost every aspect of life: business, politics, media, friendships, and families. “We all need a big dose of a healthy degree of trust, and we need to learn how.” Cameron teamed up with counterintellience expert Robin Dreeke to write a book on how to build trust that draws o... posted on Feb 05 2018, 6,602 reads


Ninety-Six Words for Love
Imagine if we had a richer vocabulary to describe a feeling we readily express, but fail to articulate: love. Sanskrit has 96 words for this emotion, the meaning of which varies with each giver and recipient. The English language lacks a deep vocabulary for feelings, at the expense of our rapid advances in thinking, science, and technology, suggests Robert Johnson. Are we depriving ourselves of a ... posted on Feb 04 2018, 14,123 reads


Fighting Bullying Through Hip-Hop
Through the power of music, New York City actor Nate Lombardo has been able to help stop bullying in elementary schools all over the US. He founded Groovy Projects, an educational initiative incorporating music, rap and performance to empower elementary school students by showing them how being positive and creative can make life better for everyone. Students say they have discovered that they h... posted on Feb 03 2018, 1,287 reads


Driving Lessons
In this beguiling essay, writer Snigdha Manickavel brings to life the experience of taking driving lessons in small town South India. "I'm learning to drive. I am grasping terror in my hands and tossing it aside. I wake up early in the morning, earlier than I have for years. It is cool and grey outside and my room is filled with dark shapes and hungry mosquitoes. I wear my sister's abandoned cloth... posted on Feb 02 2018, 3,882 reads


The Exquisite Risk: Daring to Live an Authentic Life
In "The Exquisite Risk: Daring to Live an Authentic Life", best-selling author Mark Nepo focuses on the relationships between people who share experiences and create bonds of love. Nepo himself is a cancer survivor, and the philosophy in his book delves into some of the experiences he has shared with caregivers and doctors during his treatment and recovery, focusing on the blur in lines between th... posted on Feb 01 2018, 9,537 reads


Koan: A Conversation with Vaea Marx
Born in Tahiti, Vaea Marx's family moved to France where, as a child in the resistance during WWII, he was captured for blowing up a building the Germans were using. After the war, he became a pastry chef, then a cowboy in the Outback in Australia. He then went to Japan and met Kawai Kanjiro, one Japan's greatest potters, who became his teacher. There he met Hamada, Yanagi, Bernard Leach and even ... posted on Jan 31 2018, 2,258 reads


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