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10 Young Leaders Building Peace
When the news is flooded with stories of conflict happening around the world, it can be easy to forget the efforts being made to create peaceful communities, relationships, classrooms, and businesses. Here's an invitation to take a different view, and focus on the good being done by 10 young peacemakers, from Afghanistan to Australia. You'll likely recognize a few!... posted on Nov 05 2017, 6,348 reads


It Was About Friendship, Not The Home
Author Colin Beavan discusses a memoir by Drew Philip called "A $500 House In Detroit" in which the author meets and befriends his new neighbors. The article chronicles Drew's journey, revealing that in his quest to do the right thing, he focused on friendship and worked to transcend and accept differences between him and others.
... posted on Nov 04 2017, 5,237 reads


Anne Lamott Writes Down Every Single Thing She Knows
If you know Anne Lamott's writing, nothing more in the way of introduction is necessary. If you do not, this list of life lessons will become the magical touchstone you finger like rosary beads every time the world breaks you open in love or loss.... posted on Nov 03 2017, 163,103 reads


The World's First Elephant-Friendly Farm
Tenzing dreamed of transforming his family's paddy and vegetable farm into an organic tea farm, though he was told that growing tea organically was impossible. When Tenzing saw the harmful effects pesticides had on his workers and farm animals, he persisted with his dream. In 2007, after a number of challenges, Tenzing's tea farm became the first and only farm out of 12,000 others in Assam to gro... posted on Nov 02 2017, 6,609 reads


Edmund Benson: A Life of Hard Work and Giving Back
In this Awakin Call interview, Edmund Benson discusses his life from his difficult childhood through retirement when he began the ARISE Foundation, a program teaching global skills to at-risk youth. After feeling like the black sheep of the family, Benson joined the military in his teens where he was exposed to people struggling with alcohol, anger, and other problems, teaching him to live in a mo... posted on Nov 01 2017, 3,480 reads


Welcome to the Human Race
How can one find connection and meaning through an experience as isolating and dark as depression? In "Darkness Before Dawn: Redefining the Journey through Depression," Parker Palmer is among sixteen teachers who share their insights, perspectives, and even some positives after having experienced depression first hand. Despite that going through depression is difficult and disheartening beyond wor... posted on Oct 31 2017, 6,188 reads


The Science on the Benefits of Nostalgia
It's natural to reflect on the past with a sense of longing - a desire to return to the way things used to be. In fact, our memories of positive events tend to be more crystallized in our minds than those of negative or neutral ones. But does nostalgia come at a cost? While some research suggests that nostalgia can interfere with one's attempts to cope with the present, it has also been found to p... posted on Oct 30 2017, 4,691 reads


The Evolutionary Power of Mindful Communication
Mindful communication encompasses a number of qualities in both listening and responding. From entering conversations free from our fixed opinions and perceptions, to communicating in such a way that allows another to feel heard, Diane Musho Hamilton shares what mindful dialogue is (and is not). She explains that mindful dialogue is of particular importance in today's society in which polarized vi... posted on Oct 29 2017, 7,031 reads


Speaking Loudly for a Quiet Place
"Bear Witness," chronicles the year Dave and Amy Freeman spent in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) Wilderness to bring awareness to the threats posed by a proposed sulfide-ore copper mining on the wilderness edge. The video is divided up into four seasons and documents the beauty of the BWCA during each season through video and journal-like audio. It tells their story through their words and ... posted on Oct 28 2017, 1,650 reads


Business Lessons from the World of Improv
While few of us associate the world of business with the world of improv, the two may not be as far apart as you originally think. Bob Kulhan, founder and CEO of 'Business Improv', is working to bring the two worlds together, through bridging the comedic with the corporate. "Improvisation," he argues, "is a communication-based art form based in some core principles of business." Improvis... posted on Oct 27 2017, 3,102 reads


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