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What goes up must come down, but doing so took two years for Julia Butterfly Hill. She climbed up a thousand-year-old tree in Stafford, California and lived there for 738 days to protest the destruction of old growth forests and to keep the chainsaws away from the magnificent redwood she nicknamed Luna.... posted on Dec 06 2001, 311 reads


Wavy Gravy is the only clown that has a Ben & Jerry's ice-cream named after him. Wavy brings joy into the life of homeless kids by doing a clown camp:... posted on Dec 05 2001, 276 reads


Forbes magazine has estimated that 225 individuals, the richest in the world, have a combined wealth of more than $1 trillion, a figure that approaches the combined annual income of the poorest one half of humanity.... posted on Dec 04 2001, 109 reads


... posted on Dec 03 2001, 180 reads


... posted on Dec 02 2001, 461 reads


Stanford psychiatrist David Spiegel took 86 women with advanced breast cancer and gave half of them weekly psychotherapy combined with lessons in self-hypnosis. The group receiving therapy survived on average twice as long as group that received none. (Source: Ageless Body, Timeless Mind)... posted on Dec 01 2001, 484 reads


Find out how you long have left to live:... posted on Nov 30 2001, 126 reads


... posted on Nov 29 2001, 218 reads


Healing Power of Doing Good
In his 1991 book, "The Healing Power of Doing Good", Allan Luks documented that serving others produced a 'helpers's high' that also functioned as an antidote to stress and other medical conditions.... posted on Nov 28 2001, 357 reads


America has over 14 million poor children, whose families can't provide for them. (Source: Fortune Magazine)... posted on Nov 27 2001, 213 reads


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