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Time Out of Joint: Shakespeare in Prison
Rehabilitation through the Arts brought a screening of three films based on Shakespearean works to an upstate New York prison with powerful results. The timeless themes of Shakespeare's writings, themes such as what it means to be a man, to be human, to live in a society with many ills which also provides possibilities for growth and transformation, are discussed after the films are viewed by the ... posted on Dec 03 2019, 1,351 reads


Mark Tredinnick Heals with Poetry
Poet Mark Tredinnick is the recipient of multiple international poetry prizes, who experienced a period of depression or "spiritual catastrophe," when he lost his moorings. In this interview he explains how poetry helped him find himself again through his "welcoming of the wholeness of my life, including the sorrow and the pain."
... posted on Dec 02 2019, 2,420 reads


Slow Media
Jennifer Rauch took a six-month break from the Internet, iPhone, email and ebooks. Instead of unplugging she says, "I was replugging into relationships, into nature and into my community." She argues that Carlo Petrini's (Slow Food) principles "good, clean, fair" also apply to digital media. In regard to "clean"-- is the production of electronic products environmentally sustainable? With regard to... posted on Dec 01 2019, 1,332 reads


Breath of the World
Who among us does not depend on fresh air as the source of our life and well-being? As one Ecuadoran elder said, "It is from the Amazon that the breath of the world comes; without the amazon the world would not breathe.". Our rain forests are all that stand between us and catastrophic climate change. Watch this video and then share it with everyone you know who likes to breathe fresh air.... posted on Nov 30 2019, 1,488 reads


John Barton: A Certain Mathematics
As children, we naturally make art out of our lives. We paint with our fingers, color fantasies with crayons, build living room pillow forts, and dance and hum as we walk. Jim Barton, though, has continued his art-making through his adult life -- transforming decaying tree stumps, junkyard wooden doors, and scrap wood into mystical carvings, giant buddhas, and elegant salmon soaring into the sky. ... posted on Nov 29 2019, 1,602 reads


A Chorus of Thank Yous
"Thanksgiving is a formal holiday for giving thanks, for sharing community with family and friends, but its also the holiday that represents most vividly the paradox of feeling gratitude even as we suffer or cause the suffering of others...For me, Thanksgiving is about paradox, about the challenge to do or think, be and hold opposing thoughts or circumstances at once. It is gratitude for the human... posted on Nov 28 2019, 2,461 reads


Why We Turn to Mr. Rogers
"Here's the thing: Mister Rogers almost never taught us that we should be kind. There wasn't much should at all in the Neighborhood. The shoulds that did subtly emerge were more like suggestions. "You might consider sharing who you are through the arts. May I suggest that you find ways to express your feelings? May I remind you, once more, that those expressions don't have to hurt you or anyone el... posted on Nov 27 2019, 6,264 reads


The Emotional Life of Animals
Any animal lover knows how intelligent our four-footed friends are, and how many emotions they share with us--especially the positive ones. And now scientific research tells us they have sensory and motor abilities that dwarf ours. Dogs are able to detect diseases such as cancer and diabetes and warn humans of impending heart attacks and strokes. Elephants, whales, hippopotamuses, giraffes, and al... posted on Nov 26 2019, 3,795 reads


Falling in Love With the Earth
"The natural world is one of the most resplendent and consistent sources of generosity in our lives whether we experience it directly moment-to-moment or not. When we allow ourselves to tune in and pay attention, our Earth is perpetually nourishing and providing for us, sustaining life and offering its abundant gifts with a breathtaking and consistent flourish. We are fed, literally and figurativ... posted on Nov 25 2019, 3,000 reads


Between Worlds
What is it like to be a living member of a dying community? Climate change is making this an increasingly common reality. Isle de Jean Charles, a slip of land off the coast of Louisiana is one such place. This island is home to a hundred or so people, members, mostly, of a Native American tribe called the Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw--the BCC for short. For eight generations, the people of Isle de Je... posted on Nov 24 2019, 2,453 reads


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