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Arlene Samen: A Global Healer for Women
Arlene Samen has been a Nurse Practitioner in Maternal Fetal Medicine for over 33 years. In 1997, Arlene met the Dalai Lama and showed him what Interplast could offer children of Tibet. He said to her, "You must go into Tibet and help rural people. When you are on the path of service, all doors will open to you." That meeting deeply impacted the trajectory of Arlene's life of service. In 2004, she... posted on Jul 11 2017, 2,629 reads


Slow Down, Slow Food, Slow Science
Human beings move too fast. In 2008, a grassroots community-builder, best-known simply as, "Pancho" penned an essay detailing his reasons for leaving his graduate program, in part because of realities at the university that he perceived to be misaligned with the principles of non-violence. Pancho believes that when we slow down our processes and practice mindfulness our lives, and the lives of tho... posted on Jul 10 2017, 4,244 reads


Thom Bond: Changing the Conversation with NVC
In 2002 Thom Bond was a successful environmental engineer, passionate about designing smart buildings that used alternative energy. Then he chanced upon Marshall Rosenberg's landmark book on Non-Violent Communication. "By the time I read Chapter 1, it hit me that I had found what I was looking for." Thom realized instinctively that he'd come upon a new technology -- one that was human-oriented as ... posted on Jul 09 2017, 5,599 reads


How Do You Build a Sacred Space?
Can architecture actually become a prayer answered? Can a building capture and transmit a sacred response through the play of light and materials? Architect Siamak Hariri describes the transformative potential of architecture in this TED talk. Listen to his creative journey and watch the sacred geometry unfold as the first international Baha'i' temple in South America comes alive.... posted on Jul 08 2017, 4,724 reads


Food Not Bombs: A Conversation with Keith McHenry
Keith McHenry, co-founder of Food Not Bombs, has a vision: food not bombs changes people, service brings people together, and abundant thinking turns hearts to peace. For the last 35 years, he has worked with others to salvage surplus food, prepare it, and serve it for free in parks, at protests, and during disaster relief efforts. At these meals, volunteers distribute literature, share stories an... posted on Jul 07 2017, 2,501 reads


Why Are We Here?: Lessons Gleaned on Life's Meaning
Perhaps one of the most asked and elusive questions since the dawn of human curiosity is 'what is the meaning of life?' What would you answer? Is there even an answer? In this inspired social project, Aljoscha Dreisorner asked people from all walks of life, from friends to strangers to children and the elderly, what they believe their meaning to be. The answers are as enlightening as they are vari... posted on Jul 06 2017, 6,125 reads


A Green Hardware Store On Every Corner
Jason Ballard was looking for a way to make the home improvement market more eco-friendly, and he found one. Or rather, he created one. Inspired by his grandfather who shaped his early understanding of the importance of conservation, Ballard studied conservation biology in college, and went on to open TreeHouse: an eco-friendly home improvement retailer. The stores, with 1 location in Texas and 2 ... posted on Jul 05 2017, 2,995 reads


How to Be a Lifelong Learner
Barbara Oakley has spent much of her life discovering her hidden potential. Her newest book, Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potential debunks myths and exposes artificial obstacles that get in the way of learning and discovering your hidden potential. She also provides tips on learning how to learn, including focusing (or not), practicing efficiently, and e... posted on Jul 04 2017, 6,892 reads


Are You Okay?: The Power of a Caring Question
When we intentionally slow ourselves down, we open ourselves up to a new world where calm has special powers and its magic is contagious. One day Aryae Coopersmith found himself rushing home, not noticing what was going on around him. He thought to himself, "'This isn't much fun! What if I just slow down? What if I can just be present and start noticing what's going on around me?' So I did that. I... posted on Jul 03 2017, 5,650 reads


Spotlight on Finding Common Ground
Tensions run high. Sides are polarized. Even attempts at neutral, innocuous conversations seem stymied and fraught. How can we reestablish connection in our fractured communities? How can we reengage in conversation? How can we move forward together into our shared future? In this Spotlight on Finding Common Ground, we take a look back into past DailyGood features offering advice on how to come to... posted on Jul 02 2017, 4,369 reads


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