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The Price of Free
In this film about Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi, his journey to liberate every child from slavery is told in triumphant and devastating detail. "The Price of Free" follows Satyarthi and his team of activists around the world on secret raid and rescue missions as they hunt for missing children and work to reunite them with their families. Watch this heartbreaking, inspirational film in it... posted on Mar 04 2019, 1,704 reads


Reconnecting to the Soil, to Heal Ourselves and the Planet
"For thousands of years Black people have had a sacred relationship with soil that far surpasses our 246 years of enslavement and 75 years of sharecropping in the United States. For many, this period of land-based terror has devastated that connection. We have confused the subjugation our ancestors experienced on land with the land herself, naming her the oppressor and running toward paved streets... posted on Mar 03 2019, 3,137 reads


20 Social Change Books to Read in the New Year
These stories of hope for a better future will inspire you to rediscover your humanity. Can you widen your views of climate to include all of nature as your self, seeing it all as sacred and valuable? How would a new economy be reorganized to inspire creativity and connection? How will working together, forming cooperatives and creating more connection help us to rediscover our capacity for growt... posted on Mar 01 2019, 6,027 reads


Into the Middle of Nowhere
Imaginations run wild in this touching video of young children as they explore their surroundings at an outdoor nursery in Scotland. With admirable patience and unwavering deliberation, they build an aeroplane and travel the world without ever leaving the ground. Press play to witness the human mind's capacity for creativity, connection, and joy of discovery.... posted on Feb 28 2019, 2,099 reads


The Joy of Being a Woman in Her Seventies
"When I told my friends I was writing a book on older women like us, they immediately protested, "I am not old." What they meant was that they didn't act or feel like the cultural stereotypes of women their age. Old meant bossy, useless, unhappy and in the way. Our country's ideas about old women are so toxic that almost no one, no matter her age, will admit she is old." Mary Pipher, a clinical ps... posted on Feb 27 2019, 44,394 reads


The Geography of Sorrow
In this interview, psychotherapist Francis Weller, author of The Wild Edge of Sorrow: Rituals of Renewal and the Sacred Work of Grief, invites us to view grief as a visitor to be welcomed, not shunned. He reminds us that, in addition to feeling pain over the loss of loved ones, we harbor sorrows stemming from the state of the world, the cultural maladies we inherit, and the misunderstood parts of ... posted on Feb 26 2019, 7,535 reads


Hands Across the Hills
Hands Across the Hills formed in response to the 2016 United States presidential election with the goal of bringing together people who voted differently, face to face. Two small groups, progressives in rural Western Massachusetts (MA) and conservatives in Eastern Kentucky (KY) coal country, met for two weekends of dialogue and cultural exchange in each others towns in fall 2017 and spring 2018.... posted on Feb 25 2019, 3,297 reads


Maya Soetoro-Ng: Ceeds of Peace
Learn the roots of peace building in this engaging recap of an interview with Maya Soetoro-Ng. Maya is an educator, peace builder and non profit leader. She is the co-founder of Ceeds of Peace, a teaching curriculum for peace-building action. Maya sees herself and her organization as encouraging people on how they can be more connected to self, others, and nature and through that journey create mo... posted on Feb 24 2019, 2,084 reads


Ana Valdes-Lim: The Reward is in the Process
Ana Valdes-Lim is the first Filipina graduate of New York's prestigious Julliard School. She was cited as one of their 100 Most Outstanding Alumni in 100 years. Additionally, she is an author of several books on theatre. After a successful career in the U.S., she returned to the Philippines, where she is passionate about theater as a vessel for transformation. Ana shares her vision and talents w... posted on Feb 23 2019, 3,057 reads


When the Market is Our Only Language
Many in the West revere the creation of wealth. Anand Giridharadas wants us to examine this and how it shapes our lives together. In this challenging conversation with Krista Tippit of the podcast, On Being, he explores the moral compromises behind notions like "win-win" and "doing well by doing good." Giridharadas describes this as being an historic time similar to that of the first Gilded Age, d... posted on Feb 22 2019, 3,028 reads


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