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Intelligence That Transcends the GRE
Was Albert Einstein a wise man because of his intelligence? Did Mother Teresa's spirituality make her wise? These are the type of questions that UC San Diego researchers are trying to answer in a new study that attempts to define the abstraction we call wisdom. According to their findings, wisdom is not limited to a high IQ quotient or moral righteousness, but is a form of advanced cognitive and ... posted on May 03 2011, 5,589 reads


72 Hours to Transform Your City
A hundred designers, 10 urban challenges, very little money, and no sleep. That's the recipe for 72 Hour Urban Action, a three-day marathon for designers to improve their city. Founder Kerem Halbrecht first debuted the concept at the Bat-Yam Biennale of Landscape Urbanism in Israel in September, where 120 participants working in 10 teams got three days and three nights to solve problems in public ... posted on Apr 20 2011, 2,514 reads


Connecting for Good: Social Networks in 2015
New networks are emerging everywhere. It's exciting, and daunting. What is this new network-centric world? What could it mean for community and social change? A new report by the Knight Foundation and Monitor Institute explores how an increasingly connected world - where social networks are proliferating on and off-line- will affect the way people push for social change by 2015. Drawing from more ... posted on Apr 14 2011, 4,397 reads


Students Debut Life-Saving Infant Warmer
A baby's small hands and dainty fingers have turned blue. Her body is shaking and she lets out a barely audible cry. Moved by stories like this, Jane Chen and her MBA classmates designed an innovative, low-cost baby wrap to prevent infant deaths caused by hypothermia, a common occurrence in developing countries. With the potential to reach millions of infants across the globe, Chen describes, "Whe... posted on Mar 29 2011, 2,676 reads


Recycled Cell Phones Save Lives
"It's your trash, but it turns into value, it turns into lives saved really quickly." Josh Nesbit says excitedly. Four years ago, Nesbit noticed that health workers in Malawi often lost important information during their strenuous trips to patients in isolated villages. Instead of walking for hours on end, doctors and patients could instantly text each other if they just had the right technology, ... posted on Mar 22 2011, 2,178 reads


Museums Without Walls
Walk through Philadelphia and you'll see public art poised throughout the city. "Museum Without Walls: AUDIO" brings these sculptures to life with audio stories, told by people from all walks of life and somehow connected to the sculpture by knowledge, experience or affiliation. Nearly 100 "voices" at 35 stops explore 51 sculptures. These stories can be discovered while touring the city or sitti... posted on Mar 19 2011, 2,225 reads


New Way to Watch your Blood Pressure
Researchers have developed a device to measure pressure in the largest artery in the body. More accurate than the arm cuff, the technology works by a sensor in the watch recording the pulse wave of the artery, which is then fed into a computer together with a traditional blood pressure reading from a cuff. Scientists are then able to read the pressure close to the heart, from the aorta. Professor ... posted on Mar 17 2011, 2,796 reads


Six New Planets: Mini-Neptunes Found Around Sunlike Star
NASA's Kepler space telescope has uncovered six new planets huddled around a sunlike star--odd worlds that astronomers have dubbed mini-Neptunes. Five of the new planets are closer to their parent star than Mercury is to the sun. The sixth world lies farther out, within a region that would fit inside the orbit of Venus. "This is the most closely packed known planetary system," said study co-author... posted on Mar 09 2011, 2,351 reads


Visit the MET From Your Desk
Google has taken its 360-degree Street View cameras into some of the most famous and acclaimed galleries, opening the world's art collection to the internet. From the Tate Britain in London to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, you can now browse 385 rooms in 17 galleries, and see more than 1,000 works by 486 artists. Zoom in close enough, and you can see individual brushstrokes, hairline cracks in t... posted on Feb 12 2011, 5,222 reads


Graphene Wins Nobel Prize
Two University of Manchester scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in physics for their pioneering research on graphene, a one-atom-thick film of carbon whose strength, flexibility and electrical conductivity have opened up new horizons for pure physics research as well as high-tech applications. Graphene is one of the strongest, lightest and most conductive materials known to humankind. It's al... posted on Feb 03 2011, 3,082 reads


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