Working Abroad As A Doctor Has Many Benefits

In Abroad Doctor Has Many Benefits One reason that doctors travel abroad to work as a physician is to encounter a different method of treating diseases. This is particularly true for foreign doctors who are relocating to the United States from abroad, especially doctors who are from the United Kingdom. U.S. physicians will also experience fewer “hitches” which they must […]

Find Top White Collar Lawyers

White Collar Lawyers In my previous article I wrote about how to find top white collar criminal lawyers. This article is about the steps you need to take when hiring a lawyer for handling your case. Finding a good white collar criminal lawyer is not as easy as it sounds. You will have to conduct research on different lawyers who […]

All about mailing lists

it’s okay. The title of this article can be a bit misleading. He probably should have titled it “a few things about mailing lists.” Actually, I’m not going to cover everything related to mailing lists. There is too much to cover. Today I will cover the basics. So if you are new to direct mail, you will appreciate the simplicity […]

Maximizing your productivity with your Android phone

When productivity is important, the system or process you have in place must keep up with your demands. For the mobile professional, carrying a laptop doesn’t always work and is rarely the most convenient way to maximize your productivity. As for paper planners and to-do lists, their volume and limited capabilities quickly slow down even the best-designed plans. Fortunately, the […]

Old-fashioned pineapple sponge cake

If you like old-fashioned pineapple sponge cake, I think you will appreciate this recipe from my grandmother. This is a really delicious dessert cake that I like to make and serve during the summer months. If you’d like, you can make the recipe with the topping listed below, or you can skip it entirely and leave the cake flat. Ingredients: […]

7 reasons NOT to move to Denver, Colorado

That’s right! In case you don’t read or watch the news, Colorado was officially one of the most popular cities in America last year. More than 100,000 people moved to Colorado, making us the # 2 state in the country for inbound migration. (Wow, what was number one?) Denver benefited (or suffered in their view) better than anyone else in […]

Here’s the secret to cooking healthy rice, without oils or additives

Rice is an excellent staple food, well balanced in nutrients and nourishing for the body. Cooking healthy rice is quite simple, but not many know it. If you choose unbleached, unenriched, and not over-processed rice, you’re already halfway there; but unless you know this secret, there is no way you are cooking healthy rice. Curious? Don’t worry, I’m about to […]

Best ways to earn money online

One of the oldest and most proven ways to earn money online is through your site. With little to no experience, you choose a market, create traffic, and sell your products and services directly to your target audience. Read on to learn about the different ways to earn money online by creating an eCommerce site. Some of the best ways […]