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... posted on Nov 11 2002, 486 reads


Rainier Prep is one of a growing number of after school and summer programs that focus on helping minority students reach their full potential. Hard work and support are key.
... posted on Oct 24 2002, 580 reads


The Campaign for Courtesy in the United Kingdom launched its national 'Day of Courtesy' on October 4 with the theme that better manners would greatly reduce the cost of the National Health Service. The Campaign is suggesting that people should slow down, try harder to listen to others and relax their faces into a smile.... posted on Oct 23 2002, 554 reads


One of Geneen Roth’s perhaps most well-known and controversial exercises helps people to experience what they have as "enough": in conjunction with her advice to "carry a chunk of chocolate everywhere," Roth teaches how to eat that chocolate slowly and with complete awareness. The exercise, she writes, "reminds us to wake up, pay attention, stop reaching for what we don’t have, and focus on what w... posted on Oct 15 2002, 469 reads


Einstein's theory that the speed of light is a universal time invariant constant is now being challenged by astronomical data from a distant star.... posted on Oct 11 2002, 622 reads


What would you do with a million dollars? Twenty leading scientists will receive a million bucks over the next four years to bring the creativity they have shown in the lab to the undergraduate classroom. "Research is advancing at a breathtaking pace, but many university students are still learning science the same old way, by listening to lectures, memorizing facts and doing cookbook lab experi... posted on Sep 20 2002, 1,140 reads


Brooks Brothers, not a place we would normally associate with cutting-edge technology, has introduced a scanning system that, in 12 seconds, scans 200,000 data points on your body, resulting in true clothing customization – at a more affordable price.... posted on Aug 31 2002, 838 reads


There are more public libraries in the US than McDonald's - a total of 15,946, including branches.... posted on Jul 09 2002, 494 reads


Nearly killed by a drunk driver at age five, Christina Brouder, now 22, went on to become the youngest graduate in the history of Pace University Law School, after being the youngest graduate of Fordham University, at age 18. She is also a successful musician who has performed at the White House several times.... posted on Jun 19 2002, 518 reads


Americans spend six times as much on home video games (5.5 billion USD) as they do on school library materials for their children.... posted on Apr 04 2002, 539 reads


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