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Say It Like It Is
There is no holding back in this powerful film featuring spoken-word artist Prince Ea. His lyrics are on point, wrapping all of society's faults and failings into a tight little ball before firing it straight at us. He lays out the problems but also the solution - "real love, true love, boundless love." ... posted on Sep 15, 3846 reads

The Love You Seek
Imagine if you loved yourself fully, with the same compassion and tenderness you reserved for others. What would this look like? What would it mean? Self-love is a gift we can bestow upon ourselves each day. "As much as we say I love you to another, we can say it to ourselves. We can say these three words frequently, and we can say them with the reverence for which they are meant." In this moving ... posted on Apr 5, 25206 reads

Kids on Love
A group of adults posed this question to a group of 4 to 8 year-olds: "What does love mean?" The answers were broader and deeper than anyone could have imagined. One 6-year old wrote, "If you want to learn to love better, you should start with a friend who you hate."... posted on Dec 29, 404302 reads

The Love Kitchen
Helen Ashe and Ellen Turner are 82-year old twin sisters with huge hearts. They cook breakfast for dozens of needy Knoxville folks who come to the Love Kitchen twice a week for a free meal, and for delivery to the hundreds of people in need who have no way to get to Love Kitchen, and for the hundreds more who come by and pick up much-needed emergency food bags. The sisters cook for the hungry, the... posted on Sep 5, 9535 reads

Lessons Learned from Writing Love Letters to Strangers
"I began leaving love letters all over New York City for strangers to find nearly two years ago. Though the idea sounds romantic, it was really a way to forget about my own feelings of sadness and loneliness for a while and focus on others in the big city who may have been feeling as let down as me. Every morning since that first love letter, I've pinned my cursive to writing and mailing love lett... posted on Oct 31, 21124 reads

All In On Love
Love others. Sounds simple, right? As Vinoba Bhave confessed, "I said it was simple; I did not say that it was easy." And this message of the simplicity of the idea, yet the ever-present challange of putting love into practice is found in all times, across all areas of life. Enter American singer-songwriter John Legend. A graduate of Penn, passionate about music his entire life, the greatest lesso... posted on Jun 29, 25808 reads

The Truth About Love & Vulnerability
"To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact you must give it to no one, not even an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements. Lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket, safe, dark, motionless, airless, it will ... posted on Dec 13, 6707 reads

The Science of Love
"We now know that a steady diet of love -- of these micro-moments of positive connection --influences how people grow and change, making them healthier and more resilient. And we're beginning to understand exactly how this works, by tracking the complex chain of biological reactions that cascade throughout your body and change your behaviour in ways that influence those around you as you experienc... posted on May 10, 25504 reads

Three Lessons of Revolutionary Love in a Time of Rage
"Revolutionary love is the choice to enter into labor for others who do not look like us, for our opponents who hurt us and for ourselves. In this era of enormous rage, when the fires are burning all around us,...revolutionary love is the call of our times." In this TEDWomen 2017 talk, Valarie Kaur gives us the antidote to rising nationalism, polarization and hate. In her journey from the birthing... posted on Mar 31, 3372 reads

Love as a Great Transition Story
We may imagine love to be quite utopian, but consider the alternatives. In not choosing love we are left with law and the prospect of global bureaucratic stagnation. In not choosing law we are left with force and the prospect of either global devastation or global domination. If we value our freedom and vitality as a species, we are obliged to do no less than learn to love one another as a human f... posted on Aug 7, 12850 reads

Love Books? 4 Ways to Share Them
Love books? Learn how you can share this love with others with these simple and fun ideas. From sending your books on a journey to creating a tiny library in unexpected places, these ideas offer a way to promote literacy and build community.... posted on Jul 6, 24324 reads

Love Liberates: Maya Angelou's Words to Live By
Maya Angelou eloquently describes how her mother taught her through her actions that love liberates, it does not bind. When she had a child at age 17 and moved out of her mother's home, her mother advised her to always be true to herself and made it abundantly clear that she was always welcome home. By allowing her to go, and to come back whenever she needed to, her mother's love liberated her to ... posted on Jan 24, 4294 reads

A Father's Love & Heroism
They say a father's love knows no bounds. Yu Xukang, a single father from the Sichuan Province in China is a living example of this. He is a man who wants nothing more than for his child to have the precious gift of education. A rare disorder has twisted his son's limbs making it impossible for him to walk the 9 miles to the only school able to accommodate his disabilities. But, that's no matter ... posted on Apr 10, 37387 reads

To Serve With Love
"A tug at my dress. I look down. There is Meena. All of six. We have just met. "Akka (sister), you must eat in our house tonight," she says. A sweet spontaneous invitation, and an offer I can't refuse. Meena and the others emerge with enormous vessels (or perhaps they only seemed enormous because the bearers are so small). I am served with rice, vegetables, and curry -- and love. Such love. It's a... posted on May 19, 3213 reads

Jim Hunter on Servant Leadership
Jim Hunter has been training servant leaders for over 30 years and is the author of two internationally best-selling books on the topic. Servant leadership brings love to leadership, and Hunter defines it as "the business of identifying and meeting people's legitimate needs, seeking their greatest good so they can grow." In this interview, Hunter discusses how to create real change through servant... posted on Aug 7, 19977 reads

While the most popular 50 websites are commercial, most of the 3 billion web pages in the world are not. Why? Kevin Kelly's, in Wall Street Journal's article on "The Web Runs on Love, Not Greed" says it's because people love to share.... posted on Mar 14, 1095 reads

Love's Micro Moments of Connection
Is there any scientific basis for believing that love can stretch beyond the boundaries of our intimate relationships? What do the latest developments in human biology and psychology have to say? Barbara Fredrickson is better qualified than most other people to answer these questions. A professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a leading figure in the burgeoning "positive ps... posted on Oct 17, 19537 reads

The Waver
They call him "waver." Ed Carlson has walked 200,000 miles, waving to everyone he met as an expression of his love. In Utah, a judge threatened to fine him $110 or keep him in jail for 10 days. When Carlson said, "I can do what I'm doing in jail as well as free," the judge said, "I forgive you" and set him free. While he walks, he recites: "All love and understanding fills my heart" as he inhal... posted on Feb 20, 521 reads

Risk something for love
It was never going to be easy for the American sergeant and the Iraqi doctor who fell in love in Baghdad - he was kicked out of the army and the country and she was threatened in the street. But now the couple, who married last August and haven't seen each other since, are to be reunited.... posted on Feb 17, 1039 reads

The Price on Everything is Love
When the city of Detroit was going through a rough time, neighbors banded together to help each other. Now, the organization has become a community shop called Detroiters Helping Each Other, which offers services for free. Learn how love has become the greatest currency of all. ... posted on Aug 21, 3702 reads

Love Your Enemies. What Does It Mean? Can It Be Done?
Love comes in a variety of forms. We can love our families, our friends, our work, our home... but have we been able to fully embrace the possibility of loving our enemies? Here Benedictine monk Brother David Steindl-Rast translates this idealistic-sounding notion into a real world, every day context. Brother David proposes that so long as we have rigid convictions, we make ourselves 'enemies' of ... posted on Apr 17, 10255 reads

Love, the Most Powerful Medicine
For a brief time, hospice nurse Dean Nash is able to break down the barriers of sickness and the reality of dying through his 10-year-old Australian Shepherd, Stormy. Bringing Stormy into the Crossroads Hospice, Nash says, offers patients unconditional love -- allowing them to temporarily forget about dying and instead focus on the delight of a "ball of fur and a wet nose" to lift their spirits." ... posted on Dec 26, 5801 reads

The Little Gardener: A Parable On The Power of Working with Love
"The Little Gardener" is a picture book by Emily Hughes, which is "at heart a parable of purpose -- tender assurance for anyone who has ever undertaken a labor of love against seemingly insurmountable odds and persevered through hardship, continuing to nourishing that labor until the love emanates out, becomes contagious, and draws in kindred spirits as a centripetal force of shared purpose and en... posted on Nov 19, 6231 reads

An Illustrated Poster For People Who Love Their Work
'Arbejdsglaede' is a wonderful Scandinavian word that literally means 'work-love' or 'work-glad'. There is no direct translation for this word in the English language, so Maptia decided to use crowdsourcing to explore its meaning. More than 200 people who love their jobs shared three words that described how they felt on a Monday morning. A beautiful poster summarizes the results, with the size of... posted on Jul 13, 25710 reads

Tell Me A Story
Richard Hamilton asks why we love stories and why we love hearing them spoken aloud, in person. He concludes that whatever the evolutionary explanation, narrative seems to occupy a very central position in our thought patterns, that perhaps storytelling is a sort of flight simulator that allows us to practice something without getting hurt. ... posted on Jan 22, 2656 reads

A Story of Grace & Grit
"I don't look at myself as a healer, but I do know healing when I'm in the presence of it. And it's mysterious, magical ... It's not dependent upon the action of any one person, but it arises from the conglomerative energies. It's a team effort, always. It comes about with great love, and it gives great love." Dr. Grace Dammann was a frontline AIDS physician who survived a devastating accident fi... posted on Dec 31, 20770 reads

Love's Footprints: A Bittersweet Tale of Lost & Found
"My colleagues who know about Pet Grief said "Get a paw print from Stella before she dies." Determined to honor her passing exactly right, I vowed "I will get that footprint." So begins this powerful story of a woman, a dog, two compassionate Vet Techs, and love's footprints...not always the ones you want, but the ones you need.... posted on Sep 19, 10526 reads

Manifesting Love at Work
In an insightful excerpt from 'Shakti Leadership: Embracing the Feminine and Masculine Power in Business', authors Nilma Bhat and Raj Sisodian express the innovative concept of brining caring and love into the workplace. Conscious companies are embracing this form of leadership, as CEO's of different companies speak about how to manifest love in a capitalist business world, whilst still being succ... posted on Feb 19, 5294 reads

Erich Fromm on the Art of Loving
Our cultural mythology "continually casts love as something that happens to us passively and by chance, something we fall into, something that strikes us arrow-like, rather than a skill attained through the same deliberate practice as any other pursuit of human excellence. Our failure to recognize this skillfulness aspect is perhaps the primary reason why love is so intertwined with frustration. T... posted on Jan 12, 11886 reads

One of the Greatest Love Stories Ever
This animated StoryCorps video tells one of the greatest love stories ever. Funny, touching, and insightful, Danny and Annie share the story of their ordinary yet wondrous journey together, right from their very first date up until their final farewell.... posted on Jul 21, 10747 reads

Why Compassion In the Workplace Matters
Workplaces vary on the extent to which "companionate love" is present. According to Wharton Management professor Sigal Barsade, companionate love is shown "when colleagues who are together day in and day out, ask and care about each other's work and even non-work issues...They are careful of each other's feelings. They show compassion when things don't go well. And they also show affection and car... posted on Jun 12, 18256 reads

The Spellbinding Effect of Stories
Richard Hamilton asks why we love stories and why we love hearing them spoken aloud, in person. He concludes that whatever the evolutionary explanation, narrative seems to occupy a very central position in our thought patterns, that perhaps storytelling is a sort of flight simulator that allows us to practice something without getting hurt. ... posted on Jan 31, 8663 reads

How to Be Alone
This charming and chirpy video pays tribute to the happy wholesomeness of being alone. Tanya Davis recites her poem about the ways of solitude, gently cataloging all the places where aloneness can bring freedom and healing. Whether at a lunch counter, park bench, mountain trail, or on the edge of a dance floor -- all we have to do is love ourselves enough, to love being alone.... posted on Mar 16, 9815 reads

Good Night Margaret: A Love Story Against The Odds
Take a moment to enjoy this short documentary film from the New York Times entitled, "Good Night, Margaret." It is the uplifting story about Margaret "Muffi" Lavigne and Chris Plum, both of whom have muscular dystrophy. But this story focuses not on their disabilities. Instead, it focuses on something they both feel incredibly lucky to have As Chris so poignantly states in the f... posted on Sep 8, 16536 reads

Sometimes It Just Takes a Penny
In this real-life kindness story, a man inspires generosity in a homeless woman after being approached by her for money. Having just heard good news in a friend's life, he offers to buy food for her and shares his inspiration with the homeless lady: "Something nice happened to my friend recently, after a lot of struggles. When you came in, I thought that I should keep that chain of goodness going ... posted on Jun 23, 2754 reads

Two Days of Infinite Love in South Texas
"Four mothers started Infinite Love in Southern Texas, as a way to transform the suffering in their own lives into compassion. One went through a tough divorce, another's son fell off a third story and is now paralyzed from waist down, another lost her husband to cancer. As biological sisters, they nurtured each other but the tipping point came when their 30-year-old nephew, Vishal, passed away fr... posted on Feb 23, 3752 reads

Nobel Prize for Love
Every year, to much less fanfare, the "real" Nobel Prizes are preceded by the Alternative Nobel Prizes, formally known as the Right Livelihood Awards. Think of it as the Nobel Prize for Love. This year's winners are relatively unsung heros of planetary transformation, champions of sustainability, democracy, and justice. There's Walden Bello and Nicanor Perlas, two Philippine intellectual activ... posted on Jan 1, 614 reads

Rocky Anna: Love Is The Only Currency
Rocky Braat is no one special. He'd tell you that himself his friends say. His emails are full of misspellings and typos. But he has given his life to the love of others. This is a guy who didn't even particularly like kids to begin with. But then he had his heart broken -- open. Today the 30-something-year-old graphic designer from Pittsburgh lives in a cement hut and has dedicated the rest of hi... posted on Dec 27, 4062 reads

We Save What We Love: Gordon Hempton
Acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton is in love with nature's music -- sounds and silences he says that have either changed or vanished in the three decades he has been recording them. Bird songs, dolphin clicks, and insect chirps are all sounds of communication. If those sounds are drowned out by noise pollution, creatures can't hear each other. The results can be devastating. If danger warnings, ma... posted on Aug 12, 11504 reads

What Is It To Be Intellectually Humble?
According to Aristotle, "All people by nature desire to know." The wish to know and understand things can foster great ambition. But this article is about intellectual humility, when we care so much about knowing, understanding, and getting to the truth that we become oblivious of what we are "worth." The apostle Paul says, "Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up." Can love of knowledge bring us h... posted on Jul 10, 26774 reads

For the Love of Bees: A Conversation with Meredith May
"(My grandfather) instilled in me a love of bees and their gentle nature, but I think what I absorbed from it-- without even realizing it -- is how his relationship with the bees gave him a relationship with everybody up and down (Big Sur)." Award winning journalist, writer, and beekeeper, Meredith May talks about family, beekeeping, and storytelling. ... posted on Apr 13, 2896 reads

5 Ways to Step Up Your Love for Nature
Writer Melissa Hellmann discusses 5 ways to take your love of the outdoors to the next level, including activities such as volunteer work and activism. In order to increase our positive experiences with the outdoors, she recommends we fix the trails, count animals, restore history, take activism outside, and ditch the car. ... posted on Sep 3, 3975 reads

Contagious Love Experiment
Josh Stieber was in middle school on 9/11. He vowed to enlist in the army after graduating high school, and by 2007, he was deployed to Baghdad. By April 2009, he had left the army, and engaged on a bike ride to spread some love: "I want to take a negative and invest it into a positive. So that's what I've set out to do and I hope that that love is contagious." Conor was a Marine patrol leader. ... posted on Nov 5, 5463 reads

One Hat, One Heart
Seeds of Light is the humanitarian service arm of CoreLight, an international non-profit organization practicing "love-in-action." One Hat One Heart is a project that provides handmade, warm winter hats to orphans and vulnerable children in Mpumalanga, South Africa. These hats are the medium through which joy and open-heartedness are being expressed. This short video on their work demonstrates wha... posted on Oct 27, 2305 reads

A Collection of Mothers' Best Advice
"Give and take in that order." "Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. They'll wash clean." "Say "I love you, frequently but not casually." "No matter how a body ages, the spirit stays forever young." "Always have a love for learning." "Never say no to someone who asked for food." These are just some of the favorite sayings thousands of readers shared when asked about the best advice given to t... posted on Aug 1, 4745 reads

Can Love Stories Change the World?
Deep within us all lies a tender heart. A heart that's been wounded, heroic, or generous. That guides us with a whisper, or drives us like a sergeant. No matter who we are, where we live, or what we've done, we all have stories with our hearts as protagonist. Love stories. Matt Hopwood believes these powerfully personal, emotive narratives can be transformational for both individuals and communiti... posted on Jan 14, 9745 reads

A Conspiracy of Love: Stanford Graduation Speech
In these video excerpts, charismatic Newark Mayor, Cory Booker, reminds Stanford graduates that their success is the product of a vast "conspiracy of love," and challenges all of us to engage in the conspiratorial caring that makes our society safe, strong, and ennobling. A clear and compelling message, and one of the most articulate and inspired commencement speeches of recent times.... posted on Aug 4, 5155 reads

Locks of Love
After witnessing her own child's hardships with hair loss due to a medical condition called alopecia areata, Madonna Coffman started Locks of Love. The non-profit collects donated hair, manufacturers them into hairpieces, and distributes them to financially disadvantaged children. The protheses provide help restore self-esteem, enabling the children to face the world and their peers. ... posted on Sep 20, 848 reads

35 Images of Kindness Within Conflict
This collection of photos showing everyday individuals standing for love in times of terrible violence will shake your spirit and open your heart. These acts of love suggest that "during times of conflict and political or religious civil unrest, the power of the human spirit's capacity for non-violent protest and kindness still shines through."... posted on Sep 17, 81899 reads

A Great Potential for Love
"Natalie Batalha hunts for "exoplanets" -- Earth-sized planets beyond our own solar system -- that might have liquid water and harbor life. ...And, I've never met anyone who speaks more intriguingly than Natalie Batalha about the connection between science, love, and gratitude for life. She is a luminous voice for the way exploring the heavens -- as we do that now -- is bringing the beauty of the ... posted on Jan 29, 21807 reads

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