• Transforming Trauma Nov 30-- "This is the timeless wisdom of the shamans, our planet's oldest indigenous healers, and also of our great religious and spiritual traditions: suffering is the soil in which wisdom and compassion grow; it is the school from which we graduate, committed to healing others' hurt. Recent scientific studies on post-traumatic growth yield similar conclusions.This is what I know after fifty ...

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  • The Golden Rule & The Transformation of Being Nov 29-- "The most ancient of principles that binds all religious and philosophical traditions together is what we have come to call 'The Golden Rule.' Simple in its statement, its actual practice seems at best fitful and, for many, difficult to impossible, from the level of our ordinary consciousness. To be able to practice the principle even with those we already love ...

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  • Engraving Trust in the Heart Nov 28-- "The great way is not difficult
    for those free of preferences.
    Without attachment or aversion,
    everything is transparent."
    So begins this lovely translation of Xin Xin Ming (Engraving Trust in the Heart) attributed to Seng Can, the Third Chinese Patriarch of Zen. ...

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  • Radical Self-Care for Survivors of Suicide Loss Nov 27-- "What does self-care mean, and what does it involve? Simply put, it implies -- physical, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual care. The very idea of survivors of suicide loss practicing self-care can seem radical. The stigma, shame, secrecy and silence that a survivor faces invisibilizes, erases and marginalizes any of their valid concerns. Equally relevant, most survivors themselves feel they ...

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  • Happiness Family Farm Nov 26-- Happiness Family Farm is a Black-owned CSA farm in Portland, Oregon. Rosata, her husband, Prosper, and son, Japhety, work year-round to harvest fresh fruits and vegetables for the local community. They feature a unique assortment of vegetables from all over the world, bringing a taste of home to many in their community. ...

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  • ThanksBeing with Rumi Nov 25-- "It's Thanksgiving time...the holiday of humility and togetherness. The holiday that asks us to look within toward that ever-present beacon of gratitude which is often obscured by the frenetic world we've created. It reminds us to give, to make amends, to repair ruptured friendships and family ties. It leans into sustenance and nourishment. The table becomes the altar. The family ...

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