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Motherhood: Facing & Finding Yourself
"Bestselling author and psychologist James Hillman proposed what he called the acorn theory of psychological development. He contended that we each enter the world carrying something unique that asks to be lived out through us. Just as the destiny of the oak tree is contained within the acorn, we arrive in life with something we need to do and someone we need to become. What waits to awaken in eac... posted on Apr 20 2021, 4,227 reads


Reclaiming Our Common Home
"The path to an ecological civilization is paved by reclaiming the commons--our common home, the Earth, and the commons of the Earth family, of which we are a part. Through reclaiming the commons, we can imagine possibility for our common future, and we can sow the seeds of abundance through 'commoning.'" Vandana Shiva shares more here.... posted on Apr 19 2021, 3,939 reads


On This Our World Turns
"Imagine that you are born into poverty.Imagine that, during your grade school years, a teacher recognizes your artistic talent. Imagine that the teacher enrolls you in a government-funded art class, held weekly at a local museum.
Imagine that, every Saturday, your mother puts you onto public transportation. She trusts that you'll be safely delivered to the museum, where an art instructor w... posted on Apr 18 2021, 3,564 reads


Fabiana Fondevila: The Many Flavors of Wonder
Fabiana Fondevila is an Argentinian writer, speaker, teacher, and all-around wonder activist. She began her career as a journalist and war correspondent, working for the main outlets in her native country. Returning to spiritual questions, she then spent years interviewing some of the world's top thinkers, mystics, scientists and philosophers in search of a map. And then, life transpired: her olde... posted on Apr 17 2021, 3,420 reads


Crisis Kitchen
Crisis Kitchen is a mutual aid group that has emerged during the coronavirus pandemic in Portland, Oregon, as a means to help people thrive. It was begun by laid off restaurant workers as the COVID-19 pandemic worsened and caused more and more people to become food insecure. High quality, delicious meals are prepared and delivered by volunteers, utilizing donated space and are available for free. ... posted on Apr 16 2021, 1,270 reads


Instructions on Not Giving Up
"It was a hard winter. My whole body raged against it. But right as the world feels uninhabitable something miraculous happens: the trees come back. I wanted to praise that ordinary thing as a way of bringing myself back to." Listen to Ada Limon share her poem "Instructions on Not Giving Up."... posted on Apr 15 2021, 5,067 reads


Four Winged Poems
"This time of year, the birds catch my attention and hold it. The robins are back, or maybe they're just bolder. I see them most in this early spring season, when the worms are warming up out of the soil. The goldfinches are muted still, their diets not yet offering the delights that turn their plumage bright. And the mourning doves are crying all day long...I love the way that watching them helps... posted on Apr 14 2021, 3,129 reads


Left Behind: Surviving Suicide Loss
In the spring of 2017, Nandini Murali, a South Indian journalist and author, returned from an out-of-town assignment to an eerily quiet home. Typically, her husband would greet her at the front door, but that morning he hadn't answered her phone calls. It was Nandini who discovered his body, and confronted an unfathomable reality. T.R. Murali, one of the most prominent urologists in India, and her... posted on Apr 13 2021, 4,291 reads


Merry Clayton: Beautiful Scars
"When the Rolling Stones released "Gimme Shelter" in 1969, everyone recognized Mick Jagger. But at the time, no one knew who that voice -- you know the one -- belonged to.It was Merry Clayton, one of the most in-demand back-up singers of her day." In the decades that ensued she rose to prominence, but her ascending trajectory was put on hold when a car accident resulted in the amputation of both h... posted on Apr 12 2021, 3,509 reads


Thirteen to One: New Stories for an Age of Disaster
"Whenever an earthquake strikes Japan, the myth of the giant catfish Onamazu reminds people that the living world is full of complex meaning. In the face of repeated natural disasters, Marie Mutsuki Mockett looks to her mother's homeland to recall stories that could change our relationship with what we call 'nature.'"... posted on Apr 11 2021, 2,543 reads


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