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The Great-Grandmother Who Goes To Primary School
Salima Khan, a 92-year-old great-grandmother affectionately known as Amma, is challenging stereotypes one letter at a time at the Chawli primary school in Bulandshahr, Northern India. Despite struggles with walking and cataracts, she has become a beacon of hope in an area where about 30% of women are illiterate, inspiring women of all ages to enroll in school. "The teacher taught me everything." s... posted on Jan 19 2024, 1,409 reads


How Two Moms Founded An Adaptive Clothing Company
When Nicole Puzzo's daughter, Stella, was dealing with her recovery from a double hip surgery in 2015, the challenge of dressing for her condition sparked an ingenious idea. Puzzo created a pair of pants that could be worn over Stella's casts, transforming an everyday struggle into a practical solution. "Understanding how difficult it can be, and what a struggle it can be for millions of people, w... posted on Jan 17 2024, 1,454 reads


The Geometry Of Other People
"On the surface, the language we use to describe landscapes and buildings has little in common with the ways we think about our social worlds. A mountain range has little in common with a family; the design of a city is nothing like a colleague or so it seems. But if that is true, then why do we use spatial and architectural metaphors to describe so many of our human relationships?" asks postdoct... posted on Jan 15 2024, 1,937 reads


Extraordinary Ordinary People
Around the world, an army of unsung heroes are upon us. These are not saints, but very human individuals, who, bolstered by their engaged spirituality, have surfaced deep contributions to the fabric of their communities, fields, and the world at large. "A lot of the reporting on religion is often negative. It's about abuse, it's about corruption, it's about the decline of a particular institutiona... posted on Jan 13 2024, 1,854 reads


Why Meeting Another's Gaze Is So Powerful
You've done it at a job interview. When giving a presentation. While tucking in children at night. Or when sharing a meal with a loved one. The power of eye contact stretches far beyond cinematic romance. A growing body of research from psychologists and neuroscientists find that when we make eye contact with someone, our brains unconsciously kick into overdrive. During this seemingly simple human... posted on Jan 09 2024, 2,190 reads


3 Steps to a Purposeful Year
The beginning of the year often marks the possibility of fresh beginnings. We make resolutions to help things to change for the better. It may sound something like: "I don't love my job or where I live, so I'm going to make some changes." "As a coach, I'm happy when my people are ready for change," writes author Christine Carter. "But the best first move usually isn't an outer change to our circum... posted on Jan 08 2024, 3,282 reads


Songs of Trees
Just how much is in one tiny patch of forest? Biologist and author David George Haskell found himself visiting the same square meter of forest again and again over the course of a year, and then many years since. "When we walk into a forest, we're not walking into a place that is full of separate interacting individuals ... We're walking into a living network, a place where every creature exists o... posted on Jan 07 2024, 4,148 reads


It Turns Out We Were Born To Groove
Newborns are naturally jamming to their own beat, according to a groundbreaking research first conducted in 2009, which revealed that newborns can discern a beat in music. This musicality, far from being merely cultural, finds its roots deep within our biology and evolutionary history. However, the initial results sparked some skepticism, prompting the research group to revisit the study in 2015. ... posted on Jan 05 2024, 1,579 reads


Life's Present: Visits with my Mother and Dementia
In a touching reflection, Jackie Bailey shares heartwarming and intimate details about caring for her elderly mother, whose demeanor has softened with age and dementia. She muses, "It's not that mum has simply forgotten all her old beefs. Getting older is making her brain kinder." Citing studies on neuroimaging and the release of oxytocin, she asserts, "older people are kinder than the rest of us.... posted on Jan 03 2024, 1,857 reads


Perseverance: Nasa's Mars Rover Celebrates 1,000 Days Of Science
Recently, NASA's Perseverance rover has hit a major milestone, celebrating 1,000 Martian days of scientific exploration. In that time, it's managed to survey an ancient crater lake and gather rock samples that could be clues to past life on Mars. But its mission is far from over, as the rover now faces the challenge of returning these invaluable samples to Earth. Perseverance has thus far collecte... posted on Jan 02 2024, 799 reads


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