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10Gig of RAM, SuperComputer in UK may reveal origin of universe.... posted on Sep 09 2001, 245 reads


44 percent of the nation's total immigrant population of 30.5 million arrived in the United States in the 1990s.... posted on Sep 08 2001, 212 reads


Twenty-four percent of all families raising their own children under 18 were headed by a woman with no husband living at home, compared to 22 percent in the 2000 census. The survey also found a slightly lower share of all families with their own children headed by married couples -- 70 percent, compared with 72 percent in the census.... posted on Sep 07 2001, 1,463 reads


Depression costs the U.S. $44 billion per year in lost productivity.... posted on Sep 06 2001, 218 reads


Fish that live more than 800 meters below the ocean surface don't have eyes.... posted on Sep 05 2001, 215 reads


A study of TM (Transcendental Meditation) meditators found that long term meditators have a biological age of 5 to 12 years younger than their chronological age.... posted on Sep 04 2001, 236 reads


Trevor Loflin got perfect 800 scores on the SAT college admission tests - that's pretty amazing. Perhaps even more amazing is that he managed those test scores despite the fact that his family had no permanent home. And did we mention that he has no school either? The 17 year old was home-schooled - obviously quite well - while his family slept, well, wherever.... posted on Sep 03 2001, 459 reads


Loneliness has been shown to double the risk of catching a cold. Lonely people are four times more likely than others to suffer a heart attack, and four times more likely to die from it. By comparison, smokers are only twice as likely as nonsmokers to die from a heart attack.... posted on Sep 02 2001, 285 reads


Scientists have observed that tears of joy, and tears from being in the vicinity of onions, have a different chemical structure.... posted on Sep 01 2001, 218 reads


Wind is the fastest growing source of energy in the world. Windmills are non-polluting and based on renewable energy sources; they also often make economic sense. ... posted on Aug 31 2001, 295 reads


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