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Only one person in two billion will live to be 116 or older.... posted on Aug 28 2001, 256 reads


Somalia was decimated by warfare and then abandoned by the international community in 1995. The country has almost no infrastructure, no government, and no foreign aid or investment. Yet, thanks to the spirit of some irrepressible local entrepreneurs, the country is starting on the road to recovery. Some Somali see the lack of foreign aid and government as helping to create, rather than hinder, op... posted on Aug 27 2001, 929 reads


In one year, Americans recycled enough steel to rebuild the Golden Gate Bridge 20 times.... posted on Aug 26 2001, 616 reads


Since 1978, assault on teachers has risen by 700%.... posted on Aug 25 2001, 666 reads


Adam Cornell had every excuse to fail. Abandoned three times by his birth mother, he lived in seven different foster homes and had his heart broken by two failed adoptions. During his senior year at Woodinville High School, his adoptive father committed suicide. Failure, however, isn't in Cornell's vocabulary. A foster-child survivor, former Peace Corps volunteer and law-school graduate tells oth... posted on Aug 24 2001, 439 reads


Children under 18 are 244% more likely to be killed by guns than they were in 1986. See how one woman responded when she found out her own son was a gang member.... posted on Aug 23 2001, 521 reads


It takes 625 grapes to make one bottle of wine.... posted on Aug 22 2001, 280 reads


Specialized rescue teams from all over the world flooded into El Salvador after the big earthquake to provide hope, comfort and rescue aid to disaster victims.... posted on Aug 21 2001, 317 reads


A new study by the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation concluded: "Serving garlic bread at dinner enhanced the quality of family interactions. This has potential application in promoting and maintaining shared family experiences, thus stabilizing the family unit, and also may have utility as an adjunct to family therapy."... posted on Aug 20 2001, 359 reads


All the chemicals in the human body have a combined value of $6.25.... posted on Aug 19 2001, 278 reads


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