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With summer temperatures rising, cities in Japan are discovering a cheap, natural way to beat back the swelter of urban "heat islands." Grass. Many city rooftops are being covered with grass, which provides insulation, better energy efficiency, plus helps to restore nature to these urban settings.... posted on Jun 13 2002, 1,315 reads


Inspired by Native American teachings that if you have something you aren't using, you should give it away, Steve Aman put this philosophy into action, giving a complete stranger one of his kidneys. ... posted on Jun 12 2002, 809 reads


Dr. Masaru Emoto, a researched in Japan, did an experiment in 1994 that now proves that thoughts affect physical matter. Through repeatable experiments, he demonstrated that human thoughts and emotions can alter the molecular structure of water. Check out his amazing pictures of the molecules when someone says "you make me sick" vs. "thank you":... posted on Jun 11 2002, 1,163 reads


... posted on Jun 10 2002, 802 reads


... posted on Jun 09 2002, 547 reads


Ever confused by highway signs? So was this California artist. But unlike most people, he took matters into his own hands in a very unusual, and successful, effort to make life a little less confusing for his fellow travelers.... posted on Jun 08 2002, 878 reads


Sometimes a cow can speak volumes. Masai tribe in a remote village of Kenya sent fourteen cows -- the most precious gift they can give -- to help Americans recover from the terrorist attacks, nine months ago. Why so late? They just heard about it.... posted on Jun 07 2002, 1,402 reads


These purple carrots not only look cool – they're good for you, and completely natural.... posted on Jun 06 2002, 998 reads


No major famine has ever occurred in an open, democratic country (even when the country is very poor).... posted on Jun 05 2002, 1,101 reads


The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that about one-third of the global adult population, or 1.1 billion people are smokers.... posted on Jun 04 2002, 370 reads


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