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A vast, but previously unknown structure has been discovered around the edges of our galaxy, the Milky Way. Astronomers believe it could hold clues as to how the Milky Way and other galaxies evolved.... posted on Jan 16 2003, 974 reads


His brother in law, Pete, smuggled 500 pounds of marijuana from Jamaica but Bo refused. Pete went to jail. Bo went to an ashram. They were both wearing white, woke up at five every morning, worked all day and didn't get paid. Similar circumstances, but Pete hated life and Bo loved it. Bo Lozoff had an epiphany -- prison time can be an opportunity for spiritual growth, that the cell can be an ... posted on Jan 15 2003, 1,739 reads


In 1996, Debi Farris saw a TV report about a newborn left in a duffel bag by a freeway -- dead. Deeply moved, she bought some space at a local cemetery and started Garden of Angels, to bury children -- freeway babies, dumpster babies, babies discarded in canals, on front lawns. As always, she'll wrap each in his or her own blanket, hold them in her arms, bestow names, arrange for burial. Hundred... posted on Jan 14 2003, 880 reads


... posted on Jan 13 2003, 901 reads


... posted on Jan 12 2003, 909 reads


Dawn and Ed started their family by adopting two children. A year later, they adopted a child from an Native Adoption Program and three from Vietnam. Then, two more from DHS and one from India! With a 500 dollar grant from a local club, Dawn started an adoption agency in 1977 to share her knowledge. Today, MAPS helps children worldwide ... from starting an orphanage to building a one-room sch... posted on Jan 11 2003, 762 reads


75 to 90% of all visits to primary care physicians result from stress-related disorders.... posted on Jan 10 2003, 1,106 reads


Doctors Going the Extra Mile
Every year, about 160 Filipino born doctors in California, pack-up and head to the Philippines to provide free medical services, including medication and operations, for the indigent. This year, 160 of them made the trip and saved many lives.... posted on Jan 09 2003, 1,386 reads


Countries generally have a 'Department of War' but why not a 'Department of Peace'? Democratic US Congressman Dennis Kucinich gave a major speech questioning the war on terrorism; following that, he is lobbying for a bill that will create a 'Department of Peace'. He says: if you think peace, you'll create peace. And forty-three fellow Congressmen already agree with him.... posted on Jan 08 2003, 1,166 reads


The small-world effect says that any two people on the planet are connected by a chain of at most six acquaintances. Now mathematicians know why. ... posted on Jan 07 2003, 1,013 reads


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