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Human beings see the world in a new way every morning. The first time we open our eyes, the top layer of our vision sense receptors is simply scorched away. ... posted on Sep 17 2002, 1,128 reads


... posted on Sep 16 2002, 301 reads


One thing worse than having mice living in your house is the cruelty that is often involved in getting rid of them. New devices like this mousetrap make catching mice not only guilt-free, but fun! ... posted on Sep 15 2002, 1,022 reads


Cambodian workmen have unearthed 27 solid gold Buddha statuettes, buried for hundreds of years beneath the foundations of a ruined pagoda hidden deep in the jungle. ... posted on Sep 14 2002, 1,038 reads


A study conducted at the University of Michigan Research Center and published in the March 1998 Issue of American Health found that volunteering, more than any other activity, dramatically increases life expectancy.... posted on Sep 13 2002, 870 reads


Sometimes vandals come in the middle of the night, leaving a trail of destruction behind. This time, the 'guerrillas' came into a neighborhood known for drug dealing and crime, leaving a lovely furniture and art ensemble in their wake. ... posted on Sep 12 2002, 523 reads


The Ishongo bone is considered by anthropologists to be the second oldest mathematical tool after the Lebombo bone found in Swaziland. Recent studies show that the bone is also a lunar phase counter! Were women our first mathematicians?... posted on Sep 11 2002, 1,043 reads


We'd all like to see the environment protected, but does carpooling or eliminating your junk mail really make a difference? The answer is yes. Turn the Tide is a program that encourages each of us to take 9 basic actions. It then quantifies our collective impact, showing how our individual efforts really do make a difference.
... posted on Sep 10 2002, 489 reads


... posted on Sep 09 2002, 959 reads


... posted on Sep 08 2002, 1,438 reads


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