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Trevor Loflin got perfect 800 scores on the SAT college admission tests - that's pretty amazing. Perhaps even more amazing is that he managed those test scores despite the fact that his family had no permanent home. And did we mention that he has no school either? The 17 year old was home-schooled - obviously quite well - while his family slept, well, wherever.... posted on Sep 03 2001, 739 reads


Loneliness has been shown to double the risk of catching a cold. Lonely people are four times more likely than others to suffer a heart attack, and four times more likely to die from it. By comparison, smokers are only twice as likely as nonsmokers to die from a heart attack.... posted on Sep 02 2001, 590 reads


Scientists have observed that tears of joy, and tears from being in the vicinity of onions, have a different chemical structure.... posted on Sep 01 2001, 549 reads


Wind is the fastest growing source of energy in the world. Windmills are non-polluting and based on renewable energy sources; they also often make economic sense. ... posted on Aug 31 2001, 473 reads


Do you like good things? Here's a website that features nothing BUT good things:... posted on Aug 30 2001, 522 reads


Job stress costs employers more than $200 billion each year in absenteeism, tardiness, burnout, lower productivity, high turnover, worker's compensation and medical insurance costs. ... posted on Aug 29 2001, 584 reads


Only one person in two billion will live to be 116 or older.... posted on Aug 28 2001, 574 reads


Somalia was decimated by warfare and then abandoned by the international community in 1995. The country has almost no infrastructure, no government, and no foreign aid or investment. Yet, thanks to the spirit of some irrepressible local entrepreneurs, the country is starting on the road to recovery. Some Somali see the lack of foreign aid and government as helping to create, rather than hinder, op... posted on Aug 27 2001, 1,125 reads


In one year, Americans recycled enough steel to rebuild the Golden Gate Bridge 20 times.... posted on Aug 26 2001, 974 reads


Since 1978, assault on teachers has risen by 700%.... posted on Aug 25 2001, 963 reads


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