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... posted on Sep 30 2002, 543 reads


Do all rappers spend their time writing lurid and obscene lyrics? Far from it - these two are publishing kids books with a positive message: ... posted on Sep 27 2002, 633 reads


Human beings see the world in a new way every morning. The first time we open our eyes, the top layer of our vision sense receptors is simply scorched away. ... posted on Sep 17 2002, 782 reads


Having been bullied as a sensitive child in the segregrated South, nine year old Vernon Kitabu Turner vowed "to become the protector of the weak," giving himself to the art of self-defense "with no less devotion than the samurai of Japan." With 'a mind like water,' he is now able to defeat the greatest of opponents -- with a single finger -- leaving them unharmed and himself with a heart full of ... posted on Sep 05 2002, 834 reads


... posted on Aug 26 2002, 1,401 reads


In Navajo culture, there is something called the First Laugh Ceremony. Tradition dictates that each Navajo baby is kept on a cradleboard until he or she laughs for the first time. Then the tribe throws a celebration in honor of the child's first laugh, which is considered to be his or her birth as a social being. (From: The Power of Laughter (c) Richard Lederer)... posted on Aug 20 2002, 677 reads


... posted on Aug 12 2002, 533 reads


Human consciousness is actually wireless communication between the cells of your brain, according to a professor of molecular genetics at the University of Surrey in Great Britain.... posted on Aug 06 2002, 670 reads


The True Miracle
25% of adolescents polled by Teenage Research Unlimited said being vegetarian was "cool." Source: Time Magazine, July 2002... posted on Aug 01 2002, 656 reads


... posted on Jul 22 2002, 725 reads


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