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Inner Worlds
"Each of us lives in many different worlds. There’s the world of work, the world of our family, and our inner worlds. These worlds inside are the ones we’re most responsible for, because no one else can take care of them. So we have to learn how to make them nourishing. If they’re starved, if all we can talk to ourselves about is how miserable we are, how impoverished we are, how... posted on Apr 08 2024, 3,187 reads


Friend or FOMO?
Ever felt like something was missing in your life while mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds filled with seemingly perfect connections and adventures? Well, you're not alone. A fresh look reveals the often overlooked social pressures and one-sided portrayals of social media that can cause one to question their own friendships. Understanding that meticulously curated posts might be gloss... posted on Apr 05 2024, 1,858 reads


How to Reboot After Disappointment at Work
"You might experience disappointment at work in many ways: a long-term project does not come to fruition, a new position opens up and you don’t get it, or your hard work does not pay off. Faced with a sense of loss and disappointment, we have no choice but to respond." Greater Good Magazine outlines three practices with relevant research that can personally alchemize a setback into possibili... posted on Apr 03 2024, 4,010 reads


Transforming Stress into Self-Identity
Ever noticed how your 'stress' becomes who 'you' are? This intriguing characteristic suggests that unresolved emotions get stored in our physical and emotional bodies; and, over time, these built-up residues create a 'state'. This state, if sustained, soon morphs into our identity, becoming our new 'normal'. We start identifying ourselves with these states, for instance, 'I am an anxious person', ... posted on Mar 30 2024, 2,155 reads


What Emotions Can Teach Us
Susan David and Adam Grant dialogue on pitfalls against toxic positivity, and instead give tips on how to reconnect with all emotions to stay true to ourselves while growing from them. It is a fine line between running away from emotions and fusing with them. But there is a path, accessible to anyone. Being avoidant of difficult emotions disconnects us from ourselves and from others affecting our ... posted on Mar 28 2024, 502 reads


Why Uncertainty Can Lead to Childlike Wonder
Uncertainty is often viewed with uneasiness, yet our capacity to hold this quality can actually lead to remarkable strength and possibility. Neuroscience notes that when you "meet up with something new, you're flooded with neural changes in the brain related to neurotransmitters and stress hormones," explains journalist Maggie Jackson, who's authored an entire book on the topic. "These are stress-... posted on Feb 21 2024, 1,665 reads


Tsultrim Allione: Turning Towards What’s Difficult
After losing her infant daughter suddenly in 1980, the search for stories to help process grief led her to write what would go on to become a book that rippled into a burgeoning community of practice. Along the way, Lama Tsultrim found herself delving into research of the sacred feminine, deepening her own inner practices, and a whole lot more. In an intriguing podcast conversation, Tami Simon jou... posted on Feb 11 2024, 2,382 reads


How Mindfulness Changes the Emotional Life of our Brains
"Why is it that some people are more vulnerable to life's slings and arrows and others more resilient?" This question has propelled Dr. Richard J. Davidson of University of Wisconsin-Madison along a unique journey that spans hundreds of research articles and multiple books on emotions, mindfulness, and the brain. In 1992, another question directed his trajectory further -- the Dalai Lama asked him... posted on Jan 31 2024, 3,578 reads


How to Prepare Your Nervous System for New Goals
As January begins to sunset into February, it's not uncommon for New Year resolutions to lose their luster. About 80% of people who make such resolutions feel like they've failed in the first few months. Could this year be different? UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center highlights research-backed tips to help propel our 2024 intentions into sustained practice. It turns out a deeper awareness ... posted on Jan 26 2024, 2,335 reads


3 Steps to a Purposeful Year
The beginning of the year often marks the possibility of fresh beginnings. We make resolutions to help things to change for the better. It may sound something like: "I don't love my job or where I live, so I'm going to make some changes." "As a coach, I'm happy when my people are ready for change," writes author Christine Carter. "But the best first move usually isn't an outer change to our circum... posted on Jan 08 2024, 3,457 reads


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