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What do Australian Aboriginal Grandmothers and Coalminer’s Daughter in West Virginia have in common? They just won the coveted Goldman prize -- often referred to as the Nobel Prize for Environmentalism -- for their grassroots activism.... posted on Apr 25 2003, 1,020 reads


By eating 2 fewer meat dishes a week, the savings in grain could feed 225 million people every year.... posted on Apr 18 2003, 971 reads


Amount of bulk mail delivered annually by each of the U.S. Postal Service's 293,000 letter carriers: 17.8 tons. Numbers of trees it takes to make one ton of paper: 24.... posted on Apr 09 2003, 1,372 reads


Can dogs really help children to read? You bet – an audience that doesn’t make corrections is a supportive audience. ... posted on Apr 03 2003, 1,170 reads


The Canadian Ministry of Fisheries and Oceans recently announced that it has authorized the killing of 975,000 harp seals during the next three years. ... posted on Mar 24 2003, 1,321 reads


A Lioness Adopts Her Prey
A lioness in Kenya is doing the unthinkable -- adopting her prey! That's right, this lioness has just adopted her third calf (oryx) in three months and is said to be "fiercly protective" when any humans come near.... posted on Mar 05 2003, 1,414 reads


Can ordinary people solve world problems like water pollution? Maybe so – these three teenagers have found a way to change dirty water into clean water.... posted on Jan 23 2003, 1,050 reads


A vast, but previously unknown structure has been discovered around the edges of our galaxy, the Milky Way. Astronomers believe it could hold clues as to how the Milky Way and other galaxies evolved.... posted on Jan 16 2003, 974 reads


The small-world effect says that any two people on the planet are connected by a chain of at most six acquaintances. Now mathematicians know why. ... posted on Jan 07 2003, 1,013 reads


Princeton professors published an interesting paper on 200,000 nearly blind ants that organized themselves into a 100m long column capable of transporting 3,000 prey items per hour!... posted on Dec 31 2002, 891 reads


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