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Bedridden from a serious car accident, she couldn't do anything ... let alone win five national track and field titles and hold a World Record! But that's what Marilyn King did. Then she realized the power of her mental rehearsal skills and applied it to peace. She formed the UN sponsored Olympic Peace Team -- a worldwide initiative engaging Olympic champions to teach these skills to young peop... posted on Feb 08 2003, 1,296 reads


Babies' Cries Find Technological Comfort
Why do babies cry? Pedro Monagas claims to have the answer in Castellar del Valles, Spain. What started as a way to understand his son's crying, is now "Why Cry" (selling in Spain for 95 Euros) -- a calculator-size device that has a microprocessor that can decipher the broad meaning of a baby's cry with 87 percent accuracy. The gadget listens to a crying baby, considers and calculates for 20 se... posted on Jan 31 2003, 1,354 reads


Countries generally have a 'Department of War' but why not a 'Department of Peace'? Democratic US Congressman Dennis Kucinich gave a major speech questioning the war on terrorism; following that, he is lobbying for a bill that will create a 'Department of Peace'. He says: if you think peace, you'll create peace. And forty-three fellow Congressmen already agree with him.... posted on Jan 08 2003, 1,171 reads


For the first time in our history, an AIDS vaccine has been put to the final test, to see if it works. In a few weeks, we will know the outcome of AIDSVAX.... posted on Jan 02 2003, 1,240 reads


Brazilian photographer Sebastio Salgado believes that an image can inform and transform; and he's travlled to five continents to show how. Fast action photography is easy these days but Salgado captures the slower, more decisive motions that produce millions of refugees in Africa, Asia and the Balkans or the millions that move to packed cities of Asia and Latin America due to lack of work ... a p... posted on Dec 28 2002, 1,182 reads


Bill Beaty says he can eliminate traffic jams without investing a dime and all it takes is one person! Rather than driving up to a traffic jam and stopping, leave space ahead of your car so that by the time you reach the jammed traffic the cars are moving. ... posted on Dec 20 2002, 2,059 reads


While on a teaching and trekking expedition, Dr. Irvine-Halliday had an idea -- to light up rural homes without electricity. He invented White Light Emitting Diodes (WLED) which are powered by energy-renewable water mills, solar panels, wind and water turbines and pedal generators.... posted on Dec 12 2002, 1,209 reads


A study by researchers at Stanford University shows that elephants are able to sense messages up to 20 miles away from other elephants stomping their feet. ... posted on Aug 28 2002, 1,498 reads


Is it OK to declaw cats? Can fish feel pain? What’s wrong with wool? Meet the "Dear Abby" of animal-kindness questions, PETA’s “kindness consultant,” Carla Bennett.... posted on Jun 21 2002, 1,169 reads


In the small town of Summerset West, near Cape Town, South Africa, Roseline Grobler looks after 180 orphans — orphaned monkeys, that is.... posted on Apr 30 2002, 1,302 reads


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