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4 Ways to a Happier Workday
Do you suffer from the Sunday night blues five nights a week? In his study at Harvard University, author Shawn Achor found that only 45 percent of workers surveyed were happy at their jobs. From his experience designing a course on happiness, working with Fortune 500 companies across 42 countries, and restarting the world's largest banks after the economic collapse, Achor concludes, "Most people b... posted on Oct 22 2010, 58,430 reads


The Secret Powers of Time
Time just passes by, regardless of how we feel about it... right? Not according to Philip Zimbardo. He's been studying how people think of time for decades and has some amazing findings. For instance, did you know your cultural background could determine how fast you walk? Or that children's use of technology makes class pass by more slowly? Here's an animated look at how our time-orientation shap... posted on Oct 13 2010, 15,229 reads


The Myth of Multi-Tasking
The rise of the social web has created a flood of information over the past few years. With this influx of life and data streams comes a desire to stay on top of it all. For many people, this means multi-tasking. While it's intuitive to think that handling so many tasks at once makes us more productive and efficient, multi-tasking actually does quite the opposite. According to Stanford Professor C... posted on Oct 05 2010, 6,367 reads


Embracing Imperfection
Sometimes, things need to be just so. Most of the time though, good (not great) is good enough. This doesn't mean you are settling for second best or short-changing yourself. You're being realistic, because people are imperfect. At the Association of Psychological Science Convention this year, one of the most compelling studies came from Prem Fry, PhD, professor of psychology at Trinity Western Un... posted on Sep 14 2010, 6,253 reads


How To Be Alone
What can we learn about ourselves when we let go of our fear of loneliness? With this fun, quirky video, filmmaker Andrea Dorfman and poet/singer/songwriter Tanya Davis show us how to ease into loneliness- starting in easy places like the bathroom or coffee shop, turning off our cell phone security blankets, honoring the things we like to do by ourselves-as we learn to enjoy it and nurture ourselv... posted on Sep 13 2010, 8,502 reads


Six Keys to Excellence
Until recently, Tony Schwartz accepted the myth that the potential to excel is predetermined by our genes- that some people are born with special talents while others aren't. Lately though, his work with dozens of executives reveals that it's possible to build any given skill or capacity in the same systematic way we build a muscle: push past your comfort zone, and then rest. Talent, then, may act... posted on Aug 30 2010, 10,453 reads


Less Give More
As the saying goes, life at the bottom is nasty, brutish and short. For this reason, some might assume that people in lower social classes will be more self-interested and less inclined to consider the welfare of others than upper-class individuals. A recent study, however, flips this idea on its head. Experiments by Paul Piff and his colleagues at the University of California, Berkeley concludes ... posted on Aug 07 2010, 4,052 reads


Forget Brainstorming, Boost Creativity
Brainstorming in a group became popular in 1953 with the publication of a business book, "Applied Imagination". But it's been proven not to work since 1958, when Yale researchers found that the technique actually reduced a team's creative output: the same number of people generate more and better ideas separately than together. In fact, according to University of Oklahoma professor Michael Mumford... posted on Aug 06 2010, 5,161 reads


66 Ways To Grow Without A Garden
Growing your own food is exciting, not only because you get to see things grow from nothing into ready-to-eat fruits and veggies, but you also don't have to worry about the pesticides they might contain, and you definitely cut down on the miles they (and you) have to travel. But starting a garden can be a daunting task: so many possibilities, water, and weeds. As it turns out, with pretty minimal ... posted on Jul 15 2010, 7,847 reads


The Health Benefits of Generosity
Ever notice a feeling of warm satisfaction from giving someone a gift? Or a sense of joy from treating someone else to a meal? This link between good vibes and good deeds may be more than coincidence, say researchers at the University of British Columbia and Harvard Business School. In a recent study, participants were given $10 and asked to decide how much of it to share with someone else. Those ... posted on Jul 07 2010, 3,628 reads


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