What the heck is Kitec?

Kitec is a plastic plumbing system that was installed in Canadian and American homes from the early 1990s until it was initially withdrawn in 2005, with some installations completed until 2007. In addition to the hot and cold water pipes in the houses, it was also used for the floor, and other hot water radiant heating systems. The premature failure […]

Wii Points

If you’ve been a constant follower of the How to Get Wii Points articles, chances are you don’t need an explanation of what Wii Points are. We don’t need to get into how wonderful the Nintendo Wii Channel is right now. You’re probably sick of reading that right now. So in this article I would like to talk about some […]

Peru Vacations – Peru Vacation Tours

When you do your tours in Peru remember to try to visit not only the main destinations, but also those that are part of the normal traveler’s journey. Of course going to Cusco and visiting Machu Picchu is on the itinerary of anyone who takes their vacations, Arequipa and its white buildings made with volcanic ash, Paracas and its wildlife […]