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We have the opportunity to lay the foundations for a way of life more aligned with the deeper truths of the Earth and our own sacred nature. --Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee (in Watching River Otters)

To realize that prophecy in the people is like fruit in the tree is to know the unity of life.

--Kahlil Gibran
(in Prophets Without Robes or Staffs)

I may not be in total control of what happens in my life, but I certainly am in charge of how I choose to perceive my experience. --Jill Bolte Taylor (in Meet the Four Characters of Your Brain)

Surrendering reminds me that my way is always inferior to the way of life. --Anna-Zoe Herr (in Surrendering and Opening to Hope in Times of Crisis)

Such a marvel, the tenacity of the buds to surge with life every spring, to greet the lengthening days and warming weather with exuberance, no matter what hardships were brought by winter. --Suzanne Simard (in Suzanne Simard: Forests are Wired for Wisdom)

Nonviolence is not a tactic to be taken out of the box when it seems fit to use. It is a way of life. --Sami Awad (in Sami Awad: A Holy Land for All)

If we're not paying attention through our own senses, we have disengaged from the primary mode in which every creature since the origin of life has connected to its environment. --David George Haskell (in Listening and the Crisis of Attention)

(...)I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer. --F. Scott Fitzgerald (in Stonehenge: A Summer Solstice Experience)

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The world will be balanced when we are balanced.
Tarthang Tulku

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