• Interbeing : Nico de Transilvania Jun 2-- Interbeing is a project which utilizes music and art to showcase the interconnectedness of everything: people, nature, and the whole ecosystem. Through indigenous songs, traditional instruments and the exquisite sounds of nature, traditions are passed on to younger generations, including the life giving value of forests. Interbeing lays a path for regenerating and recreating some old ways of living in ...

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  • A Primordial Covenant of Relationship Jun 1-- "In this talk given at St. Ethelburgas Centre for Reconciliation and Peace in London, Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee speaks about what it looks like to live in an unfolding apocalyptic reality and the creative possibilities that are waiting to be embodied. In this time of deep uncertainty, he reminds us of the ancient, primordial covenant of relationship with the living world that ...

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  • The Hidden Joy of Waiting in Line May 31-- "Americans spend an estimated 37 billion hours waiting in line each year, much to our individual and collective distaste. Few things inspire as much universal frustration and ire as long queues and lengthy wait times -- many of us even struggle to wait for a sluggish web browser to load." Why do we dislike waiting so much -- and what ...

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  • Off By an Inch in the Beginning... May 30-- The Venerable Master Hua, famously and pithily recounted: "Off by an inch in the beginning, off by ten thousand miles at the end." I have to say -- Christopher Columbus might have benefited from that advice in 1492 when he missed India by nearly 10,000 miles. I wonder what that says about the scope of our compounding trajectory 530 years ...

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  • Six Ways to Help Kids Grow Their Creativity May 29-- Brene Brown, bestselling author, researcher, and University of Houston professor, was surrounded by creativity as a child. "I grew up in a pink stucco house in New Orleans where my mom was always a maker. All the curtains in our house were homemade, all the art in our house was from us kids. I had dresses that matched my mom's ...

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  • Finding Treasure in the Ruins of Trauma May 28-- "An early pioneer in mind-body medicine, Dr. James Gordon says we are all affected by trauma. But all of us also "have a great and largely untapped capacity to help and heal ourselves and one another." Dr. Gordon founded the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington, DC, initially to transform health care by training health professionals with the tools of ...

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