• Lost? Here's 4 Steps to Finding Your Path Feb 27-- There are moments in life when we lose our sense of direction. Whether you're faced with major life-changes, a sense of dissatisfaction, or simply feel the need for some self-reflection, UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center magazine outlines four research-backed steps to finding your path, with a focus on defining your values, identifying domains in life that matter the most ...

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  • These Nepali Women Give Mt. Everest Garbage New Life Feb 26-- Over the years, the Himalayan mountains are increasingly overrun with waste from mountaineering activities. Nepal's Department of Tourism estimates that Mt. Everest boasts nearly 140,000 tons of waste. In 2019, the government launched a Clean Mountain Campaign ("Safa Himal Aviyan"), which has removed 108 tons of waste from Mt. Everest and nine other Himalayan mountains. Some of that waste material ...

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  • With a Soft Breath: How My Daughter Rides Horses Feb 24-- "I've begun to teach my 3.5 year old daughter to ride horses on her own. ... I grew up with horses, and learned to ride alone at a similar age, and when I was a teenager, I began teaching others to ride around the time I was training horses and working with traumatized and "problem horses". Having grown up in ...

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  • Something Old Is Something New Feb 23-- "When Rue MaCall walked down the aisle at her wedding in September, everything she wore was second-hand, borrowed or stitched from someone else's discarded fabrics. Her earrings were made from tassels she found in a donation bin. A friend lent her pearls purchased 50 years ago. She made her dress by hand, finding all the second-hand silk, thread and lace ...

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  • He Left Company Ownership to its 700 Employees Feb 22-- Nearly half a century ago, Bob Moore founded a natural foods brand that now boasts over 200 products in more than 70 countries. On February 10, at the age of 94, he passed away peacefully in his home in Oregon, US. Having grown Bob's Red Mill and Natural Foods with his wife, who passed away in 2018, Moore began securing ...

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  • Why Uncertainty Can Lead to Childlike Wonder Feb 21-- Uncertainty is often viewed with uneasiness, yet our capacity to hold this quality can actually lead to remarkable strength and possibility. Neuroscience notes that when you "meet up with something new, you're flooded with neural changes in the brain related to neurotransmitters and stress hormones," explains journalist Maggie Jackson, who's authored an entire book on the topic. "These are stress-induced ...

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