• A New Strategy to Cope with Emotional Stress Jul 22-- How do healthcare workers, emergency responders, and anyone in high-stress environments sustain wellbeing for the long-run? A new study from MIT's McGovern Institute for Brain Research may have an answer. "How you think can improve how you feel," says John Gabrieli, an MIT brain and cognitive sciences professor and senior author of the paper. In the study, MIT researchers showed ...

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  • Former Businessman Greets People on Street Every School Morning Jul 21-- Dick Kazan, a man from California, has demonstrated the profound impact of simple acts of kindness. For years, Kazan has greeted passersby each morning with a smile and a wave, creating a ripple effect of positivity in his community. Since then, some have shared personal stories of how Kazan's kindness has touched their lives in meaningful ways. Children, in particular, ...

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  • Saying Goodbye to the Tree that Changed my Life Jul 19-- Stumpy was one of many cherry trees being cut down to make way for a new seawall at the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC. Some referred to the aging Stumpy as “he;” others as “she.” Nobody referred to Stumpy as “it.” After many failed attempts to save Stumpy, people began to say goodbye. Photojournalist Carol Cuzy tenderly captured his final ...

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  • Four Days, Three Nights Jul 18-- Lulled by a mysterious dream, Michael Marchetti was pulled to understand in mind, body, and spirit the experience of being homeless. For four days and three nights of May 2024, the former pilot surfaced on the streets of Austria's second largest city, penniless and without a cell phone, to literally walk in the shoes of those who have no address, ...

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  • How Being Distracted May Lead You to Overindulge Jul 16-- Researchers find that multitasking during one activity can lead to overindulgence later. For instance, eating a sandwich while using your phone can result in less satisfaction, and more snacking afterwards. They call it hedonic consumption: “that when people experience less pleasure during consumptive activities, it primes them to want to make up for that loss with compensatory consumption (like additional ...

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  • NJ Librarian Rents Out Wedding Dresses for Free Jul 14-- Librarian Adele Puccio grew up near a famous bridal shop, and became fascinated with wedding dresses. It was “not because she was dreaming of her wedding day, she says, but because she loved the dress designs inside.” That fascination led to a collection of dresses from thrift stores and vintage shops. Adele now gives “once-loved gowns a second chance at ...

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