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Mother Wrote Her Daughter A Note Every Day For One Year

--by Cassandra Lewis, syndicated from littlethings.com, Jul 06, 2015

Eleven years ago, a guilt-ridden career mom embarked on a letter-writing journey that would change her life — and her daughter’s — forever. Now, her special words are going viral.

It all started when Skylar Gould was in sixth grade. Every day, Skylar would eagerly open her lunchbox to find a note lovingly penned by her mother’s hand. It was their special way of staying connected.

Skylar’s mom, Stephanie, had begun work full-time as marketing director for Chief Supermarket. She needed a way to impart special advice and attention to her young daughter, despite her long hours at the office.

“I don’t necessarily think any of the advice was groundbreaking,” Skylar said to the419. “I think just because it was coming from… someone so close to you, you believe it more.”

As it turns out, Stephanie’s long hours and sweet advice paid off handsomely: Stephanie eventually became president and CEO of Chief Supermarket, and Skylar earned her masters degree in visual communication.

Skylar’s message to moms? “That stuff actually stuck… It does get in there, it just takes 23 years to resonate.”

"You are a very funny person — let that shine through when you socialize."

"Don't be quick to judge the girls at school — it's up to you to look for something good in each one."

"Try not to let the teasing get to you. Those girls are always going to be jealous of your accomplishments."

"Don't condemn or criticize."

"Work hard. Be confident. Do what makes you happy. Family first."

"Love as hard and strong as you can, even if it means loving someone so much you get paralyzed with fear if something bad happens to them."

"If you have doubts about a situation, follow your instincts — you have extremely good judgement — and it will serve you well."

"Count your blessings — not your troubles."

"Don't put too much stock in messenger conversations — there's no substitute for being in person."

"Keep the exercise going for a lifetime — it keeps illness away, allows you to be strong and confident."

"Too much TV will rot your mind!"

"Remember to stay quiet when you're grumpy. Dad and I are always here to listen to you. Have a sense of humor about stuff going on."

"When asking guys to do a chore or help out — be specifics — what, where, when, etc..."

"Stick by your mom even if she's really OLD! HA!"

"Honor thy mother and father. You may not feel like it all the time, but you'll know you are doing something true and worthwhile."

In one of her final letters to her daughter, Skylar's mom left the advice box empty. For 11 years, it remained blank.

But upon graduation — as Skylar began her career and her mom was leaving her own — she finally got around to filling in that blank box. "Be proud of yourself and have all of the adventures that you want and deserve. This is such a great time for you." She ended, "I love you so much! I can't wait to see where life takes us both next!"

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