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On Missions and Metrics
"There is an old Zen story about a man riding a horse, galloping frantically down a path. His friend, who is sitting by the side of the road, calls out 'Where are you going?' The man replies: 'I don't know. Ask the horse!' When we build our tools, we often depend on metrics to guide our development. We keep graphs of unique visitors and pageviews and watch them closely. This keeps us honest. It's ... posted on Jun 12 2012, 11,027 reads


Meet The New Boss: You
"What do coffee growers in Ethiopia, hardware store owners in America, and Basque entrepreneurs have in common? For one thing, many of them belong to cooperatives. By pooling their money and resources, and voting democratically on how those resources will be used, they can compete in business and reinvest the benefits in their communities. The United Nations has named 2012 as the International Yea... posted on May 30 2012, 7,757 reads


Is Our Hunger For Scale Starving Real Growth?
"For years, I've wrestled with living the 'less-is-more' life in a world that seems to be busting at its seams -- in every way -- financially, physically, psychologically. There's a need, it seems, to acquire and expand. And it's not just in our personal and material lives. Startups want to scale -- that's the most critical stage for them. Nonprofits need to collect data for 'impact' reports, illu... posted on May 22 2012, 11,448 reads


Can Better Data End Global Poverty?
"Do free bed nets in some countries lead to more cases of malaria? Could anti-parasite pills raise school attendance in one country and have no effect in another? How cheap does preventative care have to be for low-income families to see the doctor? There might not be a perfect way to answer these thorny questions on a country-by-country basis. But some leading scientists think the most rigorous a... posted on May 19 2012, 5,802 reads


The Art of Motivating Employees
"Could a simple five-minute interaction with another person dramatically increase your weekly productivity? In some employment environments, the answer is yes, according to Wharton management professor Adam Grant. Grant has devoted significant chunks of his professional career to examining what motivates workers in settings that range from call centers and mail-order pharmacies to swimming pool li... posted on May 15 2012, 23,716 reads


Why Leaders Must Feel Pain
On a plane flying cross-country, a CEO and management consultant tunes into a fellow passenger's sharp-edged interaction with her five-year old daughter, and finds himself unexpectedly in tears. The incident unleashes a series of insights on the importance of acknowledging the pain we encounter in ourselves and the world. "This act of diving deeply into the feelings we avoid, the feelings we don't... posted on May 07 2012, 16,102 reads


Intelligence Is Overrated: What It Really Takes to Succeed
Albert Einstein's was estimated at 160, Madonna's is 140, and John F. Kennedy's was only 119, but as it turns out, IQ score aren't everything when it comes to predicting your success and professional achievement. IQ tests are used as an indicator of logical reasoning ability and technical intelligence. But by itself, a high IQ does not guarantee standing out. This article, originally appearing in ... posted on May 05 2012, 72,445 reads


9 Steps to Achieving Flow (and Happiness) at Work
Have you ever lost yourself in your work, so much so that you lost track of time? Being consumed by a task like that, while it can be rare for most people, is a state of being called Flow. In my experience, it's one of the keys to happiness at work, and a nice side benefit is that it not only reduces stress but increases your productivity. So how do you achieve this mystical state of being? Do you... posted on Apr 30 2012, 28,756 reads


The 8 Core Beliefs of Extraordinary Bosses
A few years ago, Geoffrey James interviewed some of the most successful CEOs in the world in an attempt to uncover the secret of their leadership abilities. He learned that the world's most accomplished managers have a fundamentally different understanding of workplace, company, and team dynamics. According to James, the "best of the best" tend to share the following eight core beliefs.... posted on Apr 27 2012, 25,527 reads


Six Ways To Empower Others
What makes a good leader? According to this article from YES! Magazine it's the gift of strengthening others. Also, "an empowering leader makes mistakes. If she doesn't, she's probably not experimenting enough. An empowering leader is also a good learner, an experienced and willing apologizer, someone who can make amends and move on." Starhawk, the author of "The Empowerment Manual: A Guide for Co... posted on Apr 18 2012, 43,922 reads


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