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Songwriting With Soldiers
A chance meeting with a soldier after performing in a hospital in Germany inspired songwriter Darden Smith to work with members of the military to turn their stories into music. Smith now runs Songwriting With:Soldiers, a non-profit organization which pairs veterans and troops with professional songwriters in a peaceful environment. The service members share their stories and the songwriters mold ... posted on Aug 20 2014, 2,733 reads


The Power of Hobbies
When thinking of ways to create a better and healthier lifestyle, oftentimes people tend to think in terms of cutting back on certain choices, be it eating desserts, drinking alcohol, or perhaps just sitting on the couch watching TV. But one area in life that has been almost cut out entirely is something that actually should have never been cast aside --having a hobby. Not only is it a fulfilling,... posted on Aug 19 2014, 8,914 reads


How We Grieve: Learning To Live With Loss
John Updike wrote in his memoir, "Each day, we wake slightly altered, and the person we were yesterday is dead. So why, one could say, be afraid of death, when death comes all the time?" And yet even if we were to somehow make peace with our own mortality, a primal fear rips through whenever we think about losing those we love most dearly -- a fear that metastasizes into all-consuming grief when l... posted on Aug 18 2014, 15,241 reads


The Forest Man of Majuli Island
It has been said that the single most powerful thing one can do to combat climate change and promote peace is to plant a tree. Jadev Payeng has been doing just that since the 1970's on the once-barren sandbar on the banks of the Brahmaputra River in Assam, India. Over 40 years later, the forest he's planted is now larger than New York City's Central Park and is home to several thousand varieties o... posted on Aug 17 2014, 3,582 reads


A New Model of School Reform
So often we attack difficult issues from the 'outside in.' Take, for example, our failing school systems - not even Mark Zuckerburg's generous $100 million donation could help to fix the underlying issues. And yet, one unassuming schoolhouse in Oakland, California is making unprecedented strides in educational reform. Their secret? They are transforming themselves from the inside out, through soc... posted on Aug 16 2014, 10,752 reads


Catching Song With Bobby McFerrin
"I want everyone to experience at the end of my concert...this sense of rejoicing. I don't want them to be blown away by what I do, I want them to have this sense of real, real joy from the depths of their being. Because I think when you take them to that place then you open up a place where grace can come in." These are the words of musician Bobby McFerrin during his interview with Krista Tippett... posted on Aug 15 2014, 5,683 reads


Eating Outside the Box
We love the convenience of a prepackaged meal. But, at what cost? Did you know that in the U.S. alone, packaging materials constitute 32 percent of the municipal solid waste stream? Sadly, school lunches contribute significantly to this problem -- generating between 45 and 90 pounds of Ziploc bags, foil pouches, and other packaging waste each year. That's roughly equivalent to the weight of an ave... posted on Aug 14 2014, 7,091 reads


10 Creative Rituals To Learn From
Sustained creativity doesn't just happen -- it's the result of hard work, and daily habits which help us tap into inspiration and cultivate success. But, what are those habits and, more importantly, how might they help? In this article, 99U interviews some of the most successful, creative minds to determine their wonderfully unique routines. ... posted on Aug 13 2014, 13,753 reads


I Talk To Strangers
One of the first rules parents often teach their children is "Don't talk to strangers." But Robbie Stokes was determined to flip that old life lesson on its head. So, after quitting his job working in the United States House of Representatives, Stokes, now 26, set out on an ambitious backpacking journey around the world in which his aim was to talk to as many strangers -- people of all ages, races... posted on Aug 12 2014, 3,774 reads


An Icebox, A Live Heart And The Man Who Drove & Drove
In some ways, it was surprising that any good could ever come of a cadaver, a heart failure and a vehicle with a live heart in its trunk tearing through a crowded city. That it did on June 16, 2014 in Chennai, and that more than 50 people coordinated the whole thing with surreal precision to save a life, could tempt one to use words like 'miracle' or 'aberration'. But in truth, it was already the ... posted on Aug 11 2014, 6,131 reads


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