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7 Ways To Exercise Your Brain & Why You Should
Researchers believe that your brain performance peaks in your 50's and then begins decreasing. The good news is that the brain is highly adaptable. Repetitive brain exercises practiced both early and later in life keeps the brain strong and helps it combat the reduced memory, thinking speed, problem solving, and reasoning that can set in later in life. Read on to learn about seven easy, scientific... posted on Oct 20 2014, 12,905 reads


Dr. Bob's Clinic of Compassion
Doctor Bob Paeglow could be just another physician working in Albany, New York, but his patients will tell you otherwise. Although he could be making a comfortable living, Dr. Paeglow chooses to operate his clinic, Koinonia Primary Care, free of charge. The clinic runs mainly by the generous donations of others. Patients receive free medical care, or pay whatever they can afford. When patients can... posted on Oct 19 2014, 2,475 reads


This Is Your Brain On Scarcity
Scientists have long recognized that poverty can aggravate health problems. Now they're also beginning to understand that the stress of too little income actually changes the way people think. Princeton psychologist Eldar Shafir says that's normal for someone who's not making ends meet. He studies the brain on scarcity. He says it doesn't matter what kind of scarcity you're dealing with. When huma... posted on Oct 18 2014, 6,305 reads


The Extinction of Quiet
Noise pollution is linked to health problems and some argue it interferes with our natural connection to the earth. As the world's quiet places disappear, are we forgetting how to listen? In 1989, "acoustic ecologist" Gordon Hempton received a grant to document and record the natural sounds of Washington state. He identified 21 wilderness places to record -- sites unsullied by the sounds of traffi... posted on Oct 17 2014, 9,440 reads


6 Principles For Changing The World -- Seriously.
"The solution revolution -- the convergence of money and meaning, problem solvers and 'patient' capital, governments and citizen (and commercial) changemakers -- is underway. But while it flourishes in some parts of the world, other regions are still sitting on the sidelines." Want to know what you can do to accelerate the solution economy? Read on for six world changing strategies from William D.... posted on Oct 16 2014, 10,692 reads


The Pollination Project: Gifting A $1000 A Day
A 13-year-old collects items for animal shelters. An 88-year-old offers up land to community agriculture. A young man trains prisoners in nonviolence. For Ari Nessel, each story is just another day along his journey in giving. After making a fortune in Dallas real estate, Ari wanted to give back. Yet he noticed that modern-day philanthropy tends to hold a disconnect between the funders and those w... posted on Oct 15 2014, 2,208 reads


Giving Discarded Laptops New Lives & New Homes
It started with a small request made during one of Becky Morrison's many trips to Guinea. Instead of a donation of t-shirts and toys, she was asked if she might bring a laptop. In preparation for her next trip, Becky posted the request to social media. Within minutes, 10 used laptops once destined for the trash heap, were offered a brand new 'home'. It was then that Becky founded Globetops, an org... posted on Oct 14 2014, 7,410 reads


The Myth Of Creative Inspiration
When we read the masterpieces of authors such as Maya Angelou, James Chabon, or Franz Kafka - we assume that it is their creative genius which helps the words to flow. But, what if creativity were more a matter of habit, than these often elusive moments of inspiration? Franz Kafka, for example, worked tirelessly through the night. While Maya Angelou rented a room to create during the day. In each ... posted on Oct 13 2014, 11,194 reads


Father Rocky's Safe Haven For Street Children
What is the link between a Catholic priest and at-risk youth in the Phillippines? Hope for the future. In 1997, Father Marciano "Rocky" G. Evangelista, known as Father Rocky, founded the Tuloy sa Don Bosco School. Since its inception, the Don Bosco School has functioned as a refuge for thousands of teenagers and street children who could otherwise have become absorbed into the prevailing system of... posted on Oct 12 2014, 3,341 reads


1000 Cranes For 1000 Strangers
The world can seem like a cold place sometimes -- a place where you are completely disconnected from the people around you, even if you are sitting across from them on a bus. Designer and artist Marielle Coppes believes you have a tremendous power within you to do good. And once you discover this power, there are no boundaries. Watch this short, sweet video of how Coppes decided to brighten people... posted on Oct 11 2014, 3,452 reads


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