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Feb 9, 2024

"The love we give away is the only love we keep." --Elbert Hubbard

Strangers 'Scarf-Bomb' City to Give Warmth in Winter

Scarf-bombing (verb) -- the act of bombarding a public space with scarves for those in need during the cold winter months. Suzanne Volpe, a crochet enthusiast who is warming up her city of Pittsburgh, Penn., U.S., one scarf at a time. Since first learning about this trend in 2014, Volpe is using her passion for crocheting to create scarves for those in need in the winter. Along with a team of volunteers, the Scarf Bombardiers group sets up free scarves in places with high foot traffic such as fences, poles, bus shelters, playgrounds, schools, and churches to spread warmth. Their tag message is simple but powerful: 'If you're cold, take this.' Inspired by their mission, other local groups have formed, expanding the impact of small acts of service. Volpe makes around 400 crocheted scarves each winter, encouraging others, including a local Girl Scout troop, to join the movement. "I think everybody can contribute something", she sums up, illustrating that each act can play a role in making a difference in someone's life.


Find a small way to give warmth to another, literally or metaphorically, today.