• Zainika Jagasia: Mumbai's Inspiring 19-Year-Old Model & Baker Jul 4-- "Zainika Jagasia's mother, Reshma Jagasia, says she had a gut feeling throughout her pregnancy that 'there was something wrong'. "It was almost like my child was talking to me all the time," she told The Quint. She stayed conscious during her C-section surgery and when the baby was born, the doctors confirmed that she had Down syndrome. The ever-supportive parents ...

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  • Letters from Two Gardens Jul 3-- "In the late July swelter and dragonfly buzz of summer, poets Aimee Nezhukumatathil and Ross Gay began a correspondence of poems -- sent the old-fashioned way, through the mail. Aimee wrote from her flower garden in Fredonia, New York, Ross from his fruit and vegetable garden in Bloomington, Indiana. Here, then, is how they made sense and record of a ...

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  • The Divided Brain Jul 2-- In this RSA produced video, the world of today is explained by Iain McGilchrist, a psychiatrist, writer, and former Oxford literary scholar. He came to prominence after the publication of his book The Master and His Emissary, subtitled The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World. The words of McGilchrist, and the illustrative and clever graphics accompanying the ...

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  • Three Hours of Free Time in Berkeley Jul 1-- "Moving on, I began to notice feelings I'd never had as I walked past shops. The smaller ones, especially, touched me. Each spoke of someone throwing in on life, taking the chance of starting a business--a living drama, invisible, but present just behind the facades of each passing storefront. Life was right there--all the time, I realized. What kept me ...

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  • Returning to the Whole Jun 30-- "What time is it on the clock of the world?" My mentor Grace Lee Boggs used to ask this question all the time, to anyone who came to visit and learn with her, in any meeting she attended, or speech she gave. She wanted us--her students, comrades, and community-- to keep a wide, long lens about our work. To remember, ...

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  • Monkey Stories, the Best Kind of Stories Jun 29-- "When the monkeys come we have to quickly close all the windows and close the doors that lead to the balconies because if we don't, the monkeys will come in and steal all our stuff. With their crinkly hands and perfect little finger-nails they reach in and grab whatever they can--safety pins, fruit, glass beads. If the doors are open ...

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Suzanne Simard: Forests are Wired for Wisdom "Suzanne Simard is the forest ecologist who has proven, beyond ... 2677 Reads

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