• How Being Distracted May Lead You to Overindulge Jul 16-- Researchers find that multitasking during one activity can lead to overindulgence later. For instance, eating a sandwich while using your phone can result in less satisfaction, and more snacking afterwards. They call it hedonic consumption: “that when people experience less pleasure during consumptive activities, it primes them to want to make up for that loss with compensatory consumption (like additional ...

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  • NJ Librarian Rents Out Wedding Dresses for Free Jul 14-- Librarian Adele Puccio grew up near a famous bridal shop, and became fascinated with wedding dresses. It was “not because she was dreaming of her wedding day, she says, but because she loved the dress designs inside.” That fascination led to a collection of dresses from thrift stores and vintage shops. Adele now gives “once-loved gowns a second chance at ...

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  • A Look at the Rise of Nature Prescriptions Jul 12-- "It was a naturopathic doctor (ND) who handed me my first PaRx—a park prescription, sometimes called a ParkRx or NatureRx. I had exhausted all the treatment options with my family doctor and had turned to alternative medicine for answers. In addition to several nutritional supplements and dietary changes, my ND suggested I leave my claustrophobic cubicle each day at lunchtime, ...

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  • ‘If there’s nowhere else to go, this is where they come’ Jul 11-- Nowadays, it doesn’t take much time in a local library to realize libraries are no longer hushed spaces with people reading books. They help with forms, tutoring, testing, and lessons from knitting to coding. Besides books, they lend footballs, walking sticks, winter coats, and a litany of other items and services. It is “somewhere where everybody can come,” even those ...

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  • Families in One Town Adopt 77 Children. This Couple Led the Way. Jul 9-- Donna Martin was one of eighteen children whose mother managed to instill respect, compassion, and unconditional love in each of them. Donna went through devastating pain and loss following her mother’s passing. After grieving for months, she felt a call to “Give back. What about those children that didn’t have what you had?” Though she and her husband were not ...

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  • When People Reach Out To Help Their Neighbors... Jul 7-- A young carpenter who volunteered at an orphanage in Ghana wanted to help children make a living. A couple with a woodworking school in Pennsylvania sponsored his training, education, and other local support. When he returned to Ghana, with a little help from his Pennsylvania “neighbors,” he and local community volunteers built bridges, fixed roads, repaired buildings, and even learned ...

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