• Treeline Oct 7-- "Treeline," filmed in three extraordinary forest landscapes across Japan, British Columbia and Nevada, asks us to question: what is a tree? What is our connection to our oldest living companions? When we take the time to really look, to really experience and to really open ourselves to these questions, we begin to realize the great mystery of trees. Giant in ...

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  • A Country Called Childhood Oct 6-- "Every generation of children instinctively nests itself in nature, no matter how tiny a scrap of it they can grasp. In a tale of one city child, the poet Audre Lorde remembers picking tufts of grass which crept up through the cracks in paving stones in New York City and giving them as bouquets to her mother. It is a ...

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  • I See You! I Am Here! Oct 5-- "'I SEE YOU!'

    'I AM HERE!'

    "For centuries, African Bushmen have greeted each other in this way. When one becomes aware of his brother or sister coming out of the brush, he exclaims, 'I See You!' and then the one approaching rejoices, 'I Am Here!'" Mark Nepo shares more in this beautiful excerpt from, "The Book of Awakening: ...

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  • Golden: The Power of Silence in a World of Noise Oct 4-- In their new book, 'Golden: The Power of Silence in a Noisy World,' Justin Zorn and Leigh Marz explore the meaning of silence in a wide range of contexts--from the West Wing of the White House to San Quentin's death row; from Ivy League brain research laboratories to underground psychedelic circles; from the temperate rainforests of Olympic National Park to ...

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  • Elderhood: The Post-Heroic Journey Oct 3-- In her book 'If Women Rose Rooted,' author Sharon Blackie explores what she calls an'Eco-Heroine's Journey.' She describes this as, "a path to understanding how deeply enmeshed we are in the web of life on this planet. In many ways, it is an antidote to the swashbuckling action-adventure that is the Hero's Journey, with its rather grandiose focus on saving ...

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  • The Myth of Normal Oct 2-- "The Myth of Normal--written with the help of Gabor Mates son, Daniel--prescribes a more authentic self that breaks free of the world's expectations of us, offers a path to happiness, and also promises to alleviate physical ailments, because, as Mate reminds us, the mind and body are not separate. The former physician, now approaching 80, has spent decades exploring these ...

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