• The Inner Sense Driving Your Thoughts Apr 23-- While hiking and allowing his mind to wander, Alex Messenger suddenly started to notice his body. "My breath quickened, my eyes widened, my pulse doubled immediately, my airways opened." It took some time for his conscious brain to catch up in time to see a 600 pound bear that "swatted him to the ground with a blinding blow to the ...

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  • The 'Bad Weather' Friend Apr 22-- In an era dominated by individualism and self-interest, one retiree emerges as a beacon of community-centric spirit in Fort Worth, Texas. When Apryl Goodwin, 46, was diagnosed with uterine cancer, she found herself in a tight predicament: "I had no transportation and I didn't know what to do." In parallel, retiree Lyn Story, 64, had free time on her hands. ...

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  • Dancing with the Enemy Apr 21-- "I wonder if you all will find the courage to step out onto the dance floor and to dance with those who are our enemies," says Rev. Chaz Howard, as he invites us to look beyond our differences and tap into a space of being human. A soulful presence, the youngest ever chaplain of an Ivy League university narrates the ...

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  • How to Avoid Reaching a Boiling Point Apr 19-- Robert Glazer describes a failure to communicate clear and precise ground rules and boundaries up front around a shared backyard. Fear of confrontation as time went on prevented him from seizing opportunities to clarify intentions and social norms. Consequently, a seemingly simple situation turned into an awkward eruption and ended the possibility of friendship. He cautions that “addressing problems promptly ...

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  • Be-The-Change Corporations Apr 16-- Jay Coen Gilbert explores leadership questions of the heart during his address at Gandhi 3.0 in January 2024, sharing his own story about the friction he experienced when he found himself “tethered and constrained” to “somebody else’s dharma” and how that led to exploration with like-minded leaders. Gilbert confronts the systemic beliefs prevalent today including a “system and culture of ...

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  • Madhu Anziani: Healing Power of Sound Apr 15-- "Losing all of the basic functions of being a human being was the greatest teacher," says Madhu Anziani. "It was an opportunity to go fully into the teachings I had received around energy, sound, and vibration." At 23, a serious accident left him paralyzed from the neck down, incontinet, and unable to breathe on his own. Left to face the ...

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