• Why Uncertainty Can Lead to Childlike Wonder Feb 21-- Uncertainty is often viewed with uneasiness, yet our capacity to hold this quality can actually lead to remarkable strength and possibility. Neuroscience notes that when you "meet up with something new, you're flooded with neural changes in the brain related to neurotransmitters and stress hormones," explains journalist Maggie Jackson, who's authored an entire book on the topic. "These are stress-induced ...

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  • Small Town Hotel Becomes a Safe Haven in an Expensive World Feb 20-- In Little Current, Ontario, Canada, the owners of a local hotel have transformed their lodgings into affordable apartments for those struggling to make ends meet. Denise, "D" as she's lovingly called, was an employee of the Anchor Inn for over 15 years when she and her partner purchased the property in 2017. As housing and inflation spiked costs of living, ...

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  • Zero Problem Philanthropy Feb 18-- Christian Seelos reframes our concept of philanthropy with the idea of Zero-Problem Philanthropy, a shift from focusing on finding solutions for problems to creating healthy social contexts that inherently reduce the creation of problems to begin with. Our current "solution-focused" philanthropic methods often result in a never-ending cycle of problems and solutions. "What would it take to shift from a ...

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  • Mycelial Landscapes Feb 16-- Mycologist Merlin Sheldrake, creative director Barney Steel and filmmaker Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee embark on a compelling conversation on the role of mycelial webs in holding our landscapes together, and how our human systems can learn from that. The nature of fungi may just force us to rethink our traditional conceptions of individuality, intelligence, and life itself. "One of the things we ...

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  • The New Old Age Feb 15-- Still wondering what you want to be when you grow up? Turns out, you're not alone. A fascinating phenomenon is burgeoning among retiring adults as they step out of their primary careers and into "the Encore Years". Programs at institutions like Stanford and Harvard have cropped up to support such transitions, particularly for established leaders. Such a process unearths raw ...

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  • Why 1,200 Widows Will Be Surprised With Flowers Today Feb 14-- After the birth of her fourth child, Ashley Manning started a flower business as a respite from the whirlwind of family life. On Valentine's Day in 2020, she gifted a bouquet to her son's preschool teacher, who was widowed. Months later, at the end of the school year, that teacher told her, "I just want you to know how much ...

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Songs of Trees Just how much is in one tiny patch of forest? ... 4162 Reads

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