• They Still Draw Pictures May 28-- ""They still draw pictures!" So wrote the editors of an influential collection of childrens art that was compiled in 1938 during the Spanish Civil War. Eighty years later, war continues to upend children's lives in Ukraine, Yemen and elsewhere. In January, UNICEF projected that 177 million children worldwide would require assistance due to war and political instability in 2022. This ...

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  • Buddha of Oakland May 27-- When Dan Stevenson placed a stone Buddha across the street from his house in Oaklands Eastlake neighborhood, it was out of desperation.The corner had become an impromptu dump. City signs warning of punishment did nothing to change things. Dan asked himself if there might be another approach; something simple. He never imagined the positive energy chain that would ensue. ...

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  • Painting with Mom May 26-- "My mother requires such presence, slowing down and attentiveness. Due to a very rare blood disorder, as we move her, we cannot let any part of her body bump into anything as it will create huge internal bruises that often do not stop bleeding. Additionally, due to a traumatic brain injury and subsequent mini strokes, her left side is now ...

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  • Talking with Kids About What's Going On in the World May 25-- ""Mom, I'm feeling nervous, my 12-year-old daughter shared one night as I tucked her into bed. "Are you just having nervous feelings or are you thinking about something?" I asked. "Ukraine," she replied. I asked if she wanted to talk about it. She didn't."I just want you to tell me a story--a happy story--to help me fall asleep." In that ...

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  • Surrendering and Opening to Hope in Times of Crisis May 24-- When Anna-Zoe Herr's father passed four years ago, she grappled with almost unbearable pain and grief and was finding it difficult to find hope. One night, she had a dream in which her father appeared, sitting opposite her. "I came back because you have a question for me," he said. Zoe was taken aback and then said quickly, "Yes, I ...

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  • On the Creative and Spiritual Rewards of Gardening May 23-- "Something happens when you are in a garden, when you garden something beyond the tactile reminder that, in the history of life on Earth, without flowers, there would be no us. Kneeling between the scale of seeds and the scale of stars, touching evolutionary time and the cycle of seasons at once, you find yourself rooted more deeply into ...

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