• I Want to Be Unproductive & Other Poems Oct 2-- Danielle, Coffyn's poem titled, "I Want to Be Unproductive," opens with these evocative lines:
    "to ponder the meaning of yellow. to listen as summer cicadas sing their final symphony of the season. to dine with friends. to savor course after course. to inhale the scent of San Marzano tomatoes bathed in balsamic brine. to taste vanilla bean gelato and espresso ...

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  • Elizabeth Alexander: Light of the World Oct 1-- "In 2009 at President Barack Obama's first inauguration, Elizabeth Alexander read a poem she wrote for the occasion called "Praise Song for the Day". It was a high point in her celebrated career as a poet, essayist, playwright, and academic. She has published many books of poetry and prose, she taught at Yale for many years, and now she's teaching ...

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  • Life After Death Sep 30-- Laura Crafton Gilpin was a nurse, poet, and advocate for hospital reform. In 1976, she was given the Walt Whitman Award by the Academy of American Poets for her poetry book, "The Hocus-Pocus of the Universe." She was a founding member of Planetree, an organization dedicated to advancing patient-centered care. What follows is an excerpt from her powerful poem, "Life ...

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  • Elijah & Jeremiah Sep 29-- In this short documentary, filmmaker Jenny Schweitzer profiles Elijah Staley (known to many as Carolina Slim) and Jeremiah Lockwood. The duo began busking together in the mid-nineties, and performed old-style rural Piedmont blues for 12 years. "I gave him the opportunity to practice what he knew," says Staley of his much younger counterpart. While filming this documentary, Schweitzer captured the ...

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  • Touch at A Distance: Language, Music, Sound Sep 28-- This 2007 Radiolab episode takes the listener, "on a tour of language, music, and the properties of sound. We look at what sound does to our bodies, our brains, our feelings and we go back to the reason we at Radiolab tell you stories the way we do. First, we look at Diana Deutsch's work on language and music, and ...

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  • Saying Hi to the Moon Sep 27-- "Lots of times I talk with him. Especially when he gets big and I can see the expression on his face. 'Hi, Moon!' I say, so happy to see him always, 'What's up?'" Jane Wodening is an American artist, writer and the mother of five grown children. She spent ten years living alone, "in a tiny cabin with no amenities ...

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