• The Cities Stripping Concrete for Plants May 21-- Communities in Europe, Australia, Canada, and the US are organizing efforts to replace unnecessary concrete and infrastructure with plants and soil. These efforts help reduce flooding, prevent toxic runoff, and add shade that helps keep people cool during heatwaves. The local availability of mini green spaces may also improve mental health, and benefit bees and other wildlife. While communities need ...

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  • Small Sounds of the Past May 20-- "In Praise of Listening" by Christian McEwen celebrates the profound impact of sound on our memories and experiences. Through evocative stories like Alice Cozzolino's pasta-making rituals with her mother and Eleanor Adams' childhood memories of island life, McEwen reminds us of the power of sound to transport us back in time. In a world filled with noise, these memories serve ...

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  • The Sounds of Invisible Worlds May 18-- Karen Bakker (1971-2023) takes us on a journey into the hidden realms of sound that surround us every day. From the gentle hum of insects to the intricate melodies of underwater creatures, she celebrates the interbeing of auditory experiences often overlooked in our bustling modern lives. Drawing on insights from researchers and sound artists, she highlights the diverse range of ...

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  • What If Money Expired? May 17-- We are surrounded by useful myths: money is one of them. Yet many times, the myths we interact with on a daily basis go unchallenged: we experience the impact of the collective shared belief in the myth – the benefits and the costs – yet take it for granted that we can question whether the myth is serving its intended ...

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  • Listening to Stones May 16-- Thought leader Don Hill and renowned Blackfoot elder and scholar Leroy Little Bear explore “different visions of reality” on their hike to the archaeological site, Writing-on-Stone, in Alberta, Canada. They conversed with one another, but also with wind, hoodoos, petroglyphs, local birds, insects and surroundings exploring “ways of knowing.” Little Bear explained that life is in “constant motion or constant ...

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  • ChatGPT: A Partner in Unknowing May 15-- Writer and adaptive leadership trainer Dana Karout takes us through a insightful exploration in her essay on how ChatGPT is mere a reflection of our own limited ways of viewing the world. In her work with students and in building capacity with individuals and communities to hold conflict and navigate complexity across various levels of authority, she looks into how ...

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