• What Is Wanting to Find Expression Through You? Oct 1-- "I've learned the hard way, there's something in us that always knows what's right for us. And I can say quite literally, if I need to decide what is appropriate for me in any life situation, ranging from practical problems to large questions of life, I sort of put it inside and wait for an answer. And it always comes ...

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  • Widening Circles: An Interview with Joanna Macy Sep 30-- "In this interview, Buddhist eco-philosopher and author Joanna Macy discusses her life and work. From her anti-nuclear activism in the late 60s to her work with deep ecology, Joanna expresses the need to live within an ethic of care for the earth." ...

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  • Tsunamika: The Little Doll Changing the World Sep 29-- "Fashion designer Uma Prajapati was sifting through emails at her office desk one sun-streaked afternoon in 2005, when a particular note caught her eye. It was from a young woman in Mumbai, India, who described her struggles with depression. At her lowest, she'd decided to end her life. The letter writer explained that as she was leaving her office for ...

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  • The Way Knows the Way Sep 28-- "When I was growing up, my mama made up songs for everything. Potty training? Sing about it. Your hearts deepest longing? In song. I learned: like birds, we sing. Simple plain, because were alive. For me Song is a protection mantle, a wise friend, a presence meditation, a comic relief. Song anchors us ...

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  • 5 Questions on Your Relationship to Time Sep 27-- Oliver Burkeman's book, "Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals, is all about how and why to reevaluate your relationship with time -- starting with the startling brevity of the average human life span, which gave the book its title. Burkeman doesn't pull any punches from there. To help guide us weary time travelers, Burkeman's book poses five questions to ...

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  • Ama Torrance: Without a Recipe Sep 26-- "I'm not a traditionalist. I don't really stick with the rules of anything. I can't follow a recipe in a recipe book. I have to do it my way. So I get the basic tenets of how things work, you know. If you want to make banana bread you look at a bunch of recipes and figure out how everything ...

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Antidotes to Fear of Death Rebecca Elson was a Canadian-American poet and astronomer. In the ... 6092 Reads

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Living/Dying Man "After he was diagnosed, we had a lot of conversation ... 4269 Reads

Four Ways to Cool Down Your Defensiveness "Years ago, when I had my first media interview about ... 4186 Reads

Mary Ruefle's Stunning Color Spectrum of Sadnesses "Nearly two centuries after Goethe contemplated the psychology of color ... 4007 Reads

Taking Time to Make Time "When the 33-year-old Michelangelo was painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling, ... 2946 Reads

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