• How Luddite Teens of New York Changed My View of Social Media Jun 15-- The article shares a student author’s journey of reevaluating their social media use after encountering the Luddite Club, a group of New York teens who reject digital norms in favor of more fulfilling, offline activities. Inspired by their commitment, the author deleted Instagram and TikTok, experiencing improved attention span and appreciation for creative and meaningful pursuits. This experiment revealed the ...

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  • How the Pandemic Led One Photographer to Greater Collaboration Jun 14-- Photographer Ashima Yadava turned to photography during the pandemic to reconnect with friends. Due to required distancing, she asked them if she could photograph them in their front yards from across the street. Unsatisfied with her single one-sided perspective, Ashima provided them with black and white photos she had taken, and asked “how do they want to be seen and what do they have ...

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  • Five Keys to Managing Intrusive Thoughts Jun 13-- "Persistent thoughts can be signals to ourselves about underlying life issues that need resolution," writes Dr. Jill Suttie. "But by drawing upon mindfulness, a self-distanced perspective, physical exercise, redirection, and social support, you can perhaps find a path forward." Dr. Suttie presents these five practices as collaborators for our internal world of thoughts, which sometimes feel like they are less-collaborative ...

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  • Popular Sneaker Shop Returns -- With A Twist Jun 11-- A sneakers store will soon reopen in California; however, it will not sell new sneakers. Through gatherings, mentoring, internships, and workshops, locals will learn shoe cleaning and repair, and how to make their old shoes “spicier.” But the space, known as SoleSpace Lab, is about a lot more than shoes. Participants will also learn about the many harmful materials that ...

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  • Beethoven: Art Has No Limits Jun 9-- Summer of 1812. A young artist named Emilie sends a letter to her favorite composer. And he responds. His response outlines his relationship to art, divine inspiration, and joy. Gavin Aung Than, illustrator and creator of Zen Pencils captures that response in his 15-panel comic "Ludwig Van Beethoven: Art has no Limits." Than highlights the most poignant lines from Beethoven's ...

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  • If You Haven’t Found Your Purpose, How to Feel Good Anyway Jun 8-- Finding your life purpose can often feel like an elusive quest, but it doesn't have to define your happiness. Adriana Paez argues that the true essence of living with purpose isn't about discovering a singular calling. Instead, it’s about aligning daily actions with your values and desires. Paez shares her journey of feeling lost and misaligned despite a successful career ...

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The Business 9 Women Kept Secret For 30 Years "Somewhere in West Tennessee, not far from Graceland, nine women ... 1772015 Reads

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