• Neurodiversity and Creativity May 16-- "If we put neurodiversity with creativity together, what can we get? At the moment, what is dominant is what we call the deficit approach meaning, that we see neurodivergent processes as problems, disorders and abnomality. We have a medical model. There is a process of diagnosis, and various remedies are prescribed such as special equipment and human support, medication, ...

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  • Navigating the Mysteries May 15-- "The correct response to uncertainty is mythmaking. It always was. Not punditry, allegory, or mandate, but mythmaking. The creation of stories. We are tuned to do so, right down to our bones. The bewilderment, vivacity, and downright slog of life requires it. And such emerging art forms are not to cure or even resolve uncertainty but to deepen into it. ...

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  • The Age of Invisible Stones May 14-- "We were old. We were weathered. We lost our youthful looks. We dotted Japans coastline. We stood at human height, sometimes taller. They called us tsunami stones. Our faces were carved with messages: build on higher ground. remember the last calamity. A few of us, near Kesennuma, had been around for six hundred years and our faces said: CHOOSE LIFE ...

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  • Beyond Polarity May 13-- "This animated video offers hope for creating together the world that honors our collective needs by building on what unifies us. To make personal change that scales up to social change requires meeting our most important needs and recognizing that people are different. These differences can add color and richness to life and they can also be polarizing. Knowing another ...

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  • Iyore (I Return) May 12-- "My name is Imuetinyan Ugiagbe and I am a visual storyteller who happens to be visually impaired. The title of the piece I am sharing with you is Iyore (pronounced E YO RAY), which means I return in the Edo language. When I take a trip, I rarely think of whether I would make it home safely. But, all of ...

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  • Resisting Revenge to Embrace Humanity May 11-- After a Palestinian sniper killed ten Israeli soldiers including her son, who was active in the peace movement, Robi Damelin's first words were: "Do not take revenge in the name of my son." Somewhere below the grief, she knew even in that moment that exacting vengeance would merely fuel the cycle of violence. In her pain, Robi couldn't bear "business ...

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