• Uncommon Gratitude Nov 25-- "When I receive a gift I am acutely conscious of both the gift and the giver, and gratitude spreads through me. This gratitude coalesces into a wish to give something back. I long to please my giver, endow that generous benefactor with something that will offer comfort, nourishment, and delight equal to what Ive received. When my benefactor is a ...

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  • Thanksgiving Blessings Nov 24-- From the team at Gratefulness.org comes this rich compilation of, "blessings, prayers, and invocations from diverse traditions, for meal times, gatherings, and Grateful Living." ...

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  • Fostering Self-Organization Nov 23-- "When working in collaboration with others, where theres no single person in charge and the way forward is unclear, it can be hard to know when to lead and when to follow. In these situations, you may hope that people spontaneously self-organize to get things done, but the reality is that leadership always matters. Leadership is needed to facilitate conversations, ...

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  • Ross Gay: Inciting Joy Nov 22-- "Now that weve defined joy, and concluded it is important, there are two guiding inquiries in this book. First, I mean to investigate what practices, habits, rituals, understandings you know, the stuff we do and think and believemake joy more available to us. What in our lives prepares the ground for joy. I mean to try to find out, in ...

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  • The Man Who Planted Trees Nov 21-- "Who says a single person can't make a difference? This Academy Award-winning short film, based on a story by Jean Giono, was created in 1987 by renowned animator Frederick Back. It beautifully showcases one shepherd's long and successful effort to re-forest a desolate valley in the foothills of the Alps near Provence in the first half of the 20th century." ...

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  • The Gift of Lewis Hyde's Nov 20-- "Gifts pass from hand to hand: they endure through such transmission, as every time a gift is given it is enlivened and regenerated through the new spiritual life it engenders both in the giver and in the receiver. And so it is with Lewis Hydes classic study of gift giving and its relationship to art. The Gift has never been ...

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"For centuries, ... 3646 Reads

Why You Should Write That Thank You Note "Students of mine in a political philosophy course at Indiana ... 3374 Reads

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