• Danusha Lameris: Intimacy with the Marrow of Life Nov 29-- Danusha Lameris's poems have been called "wise, direct, and fearless" (American poet Dorianne Laux). She began writing poetry, as she believes many people do, from a place of heartbreak, and not knowing what to do with it. Her first book of poems, The Moons of August, came on the heels of a rapid succession of deep losses in her early ...

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  • Satish Kumar: In Service of Humanity and Mother Earth Nov 28-- In 2020, a dialog was held at Plum Village with environmental, and multi-faith peace activist Satish Kumar. What follows are two excerpts from that evening, the first titled, "Activism -- Caring without Burning Out," and the second, "Encouragement to Young Activists -- on Anger, Love and Grief." In these excerpts Kumar shares "how he has been able to find an ...

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  • Nipun Mehta: A Deeper Thanksgiving Nov 27-- On a recent episode of the podcast Gray Matter, renowned broadcaster, Michael Krasny, talks with ServiceSpace founder, Nipun Mehta. "As a small sampling of the conversation's many gems, we touched on the hierarchy of generosity, and the ability to 'throw a better party' when we replace transactions with relationships. Nipun advocated for our own personal experimentation with generosity, knowing that ...

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  • This Land is Their Land Nov 26-- "Most of us who are not Wampanoag or American Indian will never fully grasp the raw emotions indigenous people associate with Thanksgiving.[...]If how we tell history is one of the ways we shape our present and future, we can do no better than to rethink the myth of the First Thanksgiving and its role in the Thanksgiving holiday." Dr. David ...

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  • Uncommon Gratitude Nov 25-- "When I receive a gift I am acutely conscious of both the gift and the giver, and gratitude spreads through me. This gratitude coalesces into a wish to give something back. I long to please my giver, endow that generous benefactor with something that will offer comfort, nourishment, and delight equal to what Ive received. When my benefactor is a ...

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  • Thanksgiving Blessings Nov 24-- From the team at Gratefulness.org comes this rich compilation of, "blessings, prayers, and invocations from diverse traditions, for meal times, gatherings, and Grateful Living." ...

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