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Beyond the 'Identity Machine'
In an intriguing conversation, Alnoor Ladha interviews Zhenevere Sophia Dao, who discusses a range of effects from the cultural preoccupation with creating and emphasizing an individual identity. Dao suggests that this preoccupation stems from systemic forces that push us to replace the primal sense of belonging with an exaggerated personal identity.  "The relationship to one’s soul and... posted on Apr 14 2024, 839 reads


But We Had Music
Australian musician and writer Nick Cave and Brazilian artist and filmmaker Daniel Bruson combine stunning visuals and animations to present Maria Popova’s beautiful poem, “But We Had Music.” In less than two minutes, this co-creation portrays the ongoing dance between cosmic happenings and the normalcy of daily life, between impermanence and eternity. They remind us to pay atten... posted on Apr 13 2024, 3,157 reads


Unveiling Gifts from Uncertainty
Through a poignant reflection of her father's debilitating stroke, Christie Aschwanden explores the concept of uncertainty as not just an inevitable hazard of life, but a herald of new opportunities. When her father transitions from a robust long-distance cyclist to being wheelchair-bound, she realizes that life's sudden changes knock open the door to adjusting, learning and transforming in unexpe... posted on Apr 12 2024, 1,249 reads


Selfless Athlete Surrenders Spotlight
Chase O'Brien, a 17-year-old athlete from the Yukon, handed over a golden opportunity to his friend. Having qualified for the Arctic Winter Games for the second time, Chase decided to let his friend, Gallagher D'Abramo, compete in his place. Not only had D'Abramo previously missed out on the games, but this was also his last chance to participate due to age restrictions. Chase notes, "I felt like ... posted on Apr 11 2024, 895 reads


Knowing Our Power in Tumultuous Times
Even after dealing with extremely challenging pandemic and climate disasters over the past few years, Kelly O’Shanassy, CEO of the Australian Conservation Foundation, is optimistic. “The future is not a linear extension of the past,” she says, and sets about to help shape an exciting new future. A few things that give her hope include moving from focusing on symptoms to recognizi... posted on Apr 10 2024, 1,411 reads


Feeling Anxious? A Good Deed Could Snap You Out Of It
Ever been incredibly overwhelmed by stress? Clinical psychologist, Jenny Taitz, shares a simple yet effective technique called a 'stress reset'. A stress reset involves three types - mind, body and behavior resets and offers quick ways to soothe our thoughts, body and actions allowing us space to solve problems rather than exacerbating them. Mind resets include naming your emotions, singing your t... posted on Apr 09 2024, 1,460 reads


Inner Worlds
"Each of us lives in many different worlds. There’s the world of work, the world of our family, and our inner worlds. These worlds inside are the ones we’re most responsible for, because no one else can take care of them. So we have to learn how to make them nourishing. If they’re starved, if all we can talk to ourselves about is how miserable we are, how impoverished we are, how... posted on Apr 08 2024, 2,253 reads


John Toki: Earning It
"There’s always a lot one won’t learn about someone, especially those not asking you to focus on them -- and John Toki is one of those people. ... It must have been twenty-five years ago and I was purchasing some clay ... The little store had been around for decades and it seemed that every potter and clay artist in the [area] knew the place and felt at home there. ... As no one was wa... posted on Apr 07 2024, 969 reads


Friend or FOMO?
Ever felt like something was missing in your life while mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds filled with seemingly perfect connections and adventures? Well, you're not alone. A fresh look reveals the often overlooked social pressures and one-sided portrayals of social media that can cause one to question their own friendships. Understanding that meticulously curated posts might be gloss... posted on Apr 05 2024, 1,418 reads


How to Reboot After Disappointment at Work
"You might experience disappointment at work in many ways: a long-term project does not come to fruition, a new position opens up and you don’t get it, or your hard work does not pay off. Faced with a sense of loss and disappointment, we have no choice but to respond." Greater Good Magazine outlines three practices with relevant research that can personally alchemize a setback into possibili... posted on Apr 03 2024, 3,068 reads


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