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James O'Dea: Conscious Activism
From award-winning author James O'Dea comes a handbook for Sacred Activism, where spiritual insight and radical action meet. O'Dea shares the arc of his own development as both an activist and mystic. He explores what it means to be conscious activists, and what it takes to move beyond rigid belief systems and outdated structures of power and control, and to accelerate the possibilities of collect... posted on Mar 03 2021, 1,565 reads


The World Needs Your Cargo: Kozo Hattori & Sue Cochrane
In July of 2020, beloved ServiceSpace friends Kozo Hattori, and Sue Cochrane, came together for a virtual conversation in the presence of community. Both were navigating stark realities with cancer. Their luminous exchange was threaded with laughter, insight, tender truths, poignant moments and profound life-wisdom. Kozo peacefully "changed address," on March 1st, 2021. His transition came just we... posted on Mar 02 2021, 3,655 reads


Claire Dunn: Nature's Apprentice
Claire Dunn is a guide to the wilds inside and out, and her passion is nature-based human development. Since quitting her job campaigning for the Wilderness Society over a decade ago, she has travelled her own mystical path. She left the confines of the offices, shopping centres and other concrete boxes of modernity to discover something deeper, more instinctive. She spent a year in the bush, whic... posted on Mar 01 2021, 2,372 reads


The Caribou Guardians
High on a forested mountain in northern British Columbia, in the traditional territory of the West Moberly Dunne-za First Nations (WMFN) and Saulteau First Nations (SFN), Starr Gauthier is on patrol with a twelve-gauge shotgun slung over her shoulder and a laptop bag in hand. Starr is a Caribou Guardian charged with tending to the Klinse-za Caribou Maternity Pen built by these First Nations, as pa... posted on Feb 28 2021, 1,865 reads


Mary Oliver & The Witchery of Living
"Will the hungry ox stand in the field and not eat
of the sweet grass?
Will the owl bite off its own wings?
Will the lark forget to lift its body in the air or
forget to sing?
Will the rivers run upstream?

Behold, I say -- behold
the reliability and the finery and the teachings
of this gritty earth gift."

So... posted on Feb 27 2021, 8,921 reads


One Thousand Cranes
Cranes are revered in Japan as mystical creatures and are said to live for a thousand years. A thousand paper cranes are often given to wish for the recovery of a seriously ill person. In this moving video one woman with a traumatic past uses her fingers, eyes and heart to teach young people from difficult backgrounds the skill of origami so that like her they are able to make something beautiful.... posted on Feb 26 2021, 2,191 reads


Be A Blessing
"There is a question rolling around even in the most secular of corners: What do religious people and traditions have to teach as we do the work ahead of repairing, renewing, and remaking our societies, our life together? Krista Tippett's conversation with Rabbi Ariel Burger, a student of the late, extraordinary Elie Wiesel, delves into theological and mystical depths that are so much richer and m... posted on Feb 25 2021, 3,453 reads


Our Memories of Water
"I began asking friends if they had any memorable experiences with water. I was surprised by the blank looks I got. Like almost everyone else, ordinarily my relationship with water was unremarkable--like our relationship with air and sunshine. If instead, I'd started asking people, "Do you have any really memorable experiences of breathing air?" I'd probably have gotten even stranger looks. I have... posted on Feb 24 2021, 1,876 reads


The Gift of Ecological Humility
"In my early 20s, I apprenticed myself to the The Queen Mothers of Kroboland in Ghana with the hope of understanding more about my cultural heritage. Early one morning, I arrived at the compound of Paramount Queen Mother Manye Nartike, who was particularly animated by a rumor she had heard about our diasporic practices in relation to land. In disbelief she admonished me, 'Is it true that in the Un... posted on Feb 23 2021, 2,836 reads


Discovering Poetry En Route to Life
"Poetry, my father quoted it frequently, my grandmother collected it in scrapbooks --cards from friends, I memorized snatches of it in school. Poetry really came to me as a young father when my family and I needed to move across the country away from our best friends. It was an unsettled, lonely. time and I started taking walks in the evening to relax. It was spring. Lemon blossoms. Amazingly, ... posted on Feb 22 2021, 2,954 reads


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