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Sep 18, 2020

"When you use a living medicine and get well, you feel that the world is alive and aware and wants to help you. People often talk about saving the Earth, but how many times have you experienced the Earth saving you?" --Stephen Harrod Buhner

Living Medicine: On Plant Intelligence and Natural Healing

"Every time some new evidence of plant-based intelligence intrudes on my awareness, it confronts perspectives about the world that I inherited from my culture or my family or my schooling, and some portion of that received worldview crumbles, and something new takes its place. The world is a great deal different than we have been led to believe. In fact, we know very little about what goes on here. The ancient Athenians had a word for that moment when some intangible part of ourselves leaves our bodies and touches a living intelligence in the world: aisthesis. There is an exchange of soul essence accompanied by a gasp of recognition, a deep breath, an inspiration." In this compelling interview Stephen Harrod Buhner shares profound insights into the spirit and science behind plant intelligence and natural healing.


Take time today to tune into the intimate connection between your earthly existence and the plant kingdom. For more inspiration, check out Buhner's remarkably wide-ranging work. More ...