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Feb 16, 2021

"When we are able, when we are sufficiently still and relaxed--letting it happen, not doing it--we can receive a resonance from a greater consciousness." --James George

My Vision Quest

"I must begin by asking myself, 'What do I want?' What do I want, really -- not because of my background and education, self-image and vanity, but what does this 'I' that I am actually want from this short life? Indeed. What, or who am I? And what for? That stops me. And I begin, in silence, to listen - to look up to what I can see and know about the great Universe..."Jim George was a celebrated Canadian diplomat, environmental activist, and author. Across the course of his prolific career, he held a series of challenging, adventurous posts around the world. First and foremost, however, he was a spiritual seeker, one who established meaningful connections with some of the most influential teachers of the last century. He was 101-years-old when he passed, and as one of his interviewers put it, George was, "a translucent diamond radiating the wisdom and experience of a well-lived life." In this short and potent piece, written in his nineties, George shares the essence of his 'vision quest.'


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