You ask what the absolute is. It is the essence of your soul before everything.
The Upanishads

Consciousness as the Ground of Being

Consciousness as the Ground of Being

Jan 17, 2022-- "I woke in the night and suddenly, to put it very briefly, I experienced myself as love. It felt like an unbelievably strong and powerful love an energy which was both scintillating white and self-knowing -- and it was coming from me. This I found extraordinary, because I didn't know then that such love could emerge from me, or from anybody. And so I was stunned. Then this energy exploded, and I saw that everything is 'made' of that same love. I experienced myself as the world made of that energy observing myself, and that was mind-blowing, because I had always experienced myself as separate from the objects of my observations. But suddenly I was both the observer and the observed. It was a very short experience, but it changed my life. It gave me a taste that there is more to reality than what I knew." Federico Faggin is a physicist and entrepreneur dedicated to the study of consciousness. He also happens to be the inventor of the world's first microprocessor, the Intel 4004 chip-- the device at the heart of all our computer technology. In this remarkable interview he discusses his new theory-- which puts our interiority and 'the desire to know ourselves at the centre of reality.' (5964 reads)

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