• Thomas Merton and the Language of Life Oct 26-- "By listening closely to nature, we can hear an organized energy of life, full of patterns and meaning, that speaks to us. According to scholar Elizabeth Sewell, we experience our environment as alive and speaking to us in a great variety of linguistic forms, such as an alphabet, grammar, syntax, cipher, book, and secret language. This is probably because language ...

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  • An Evolutionary Transition is Coming-- Are You Ready? Oct 25-- "Through the evolution of human consciousness, cultural evolution has the potential to move from being a largely unconscious process pushed forward by our biological conditioning to a fully conscious process pulled forward by our visions of a better future. By coming to understand the process in which we're embedded, by extrapolating those trajectories we can tack more closely to the ...

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  • Shelter for the Heart and Mind Oct 24-- "How can we keep walking forward, and even find renewal along the way, in this year of things blown apart? How can we hold to our sense of what is whole and true and undamaged, even in the face of loss? These are some of the questions Sharon Salzberg, a renowned teacher of meditation and Buddhist practices, has been taking ...

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  • Life in the Time of Cholera: Lessons on a Pandemic Oct 23-- "As sirens fill the streets of London, George Prochnik recalls a revolutionary poets account of the 1832 cholera pandemic that unfolded in Paris. While watching history repeat itself in devastating refrain, George wonders: What is hysteria? What is necessary passion and courage? How can we respond both lucidly and compassionately?" ...

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  • How to Build a More Inclusive Dinner Table Oct 22-- How we eat, and who we eat with matters much more than we realize. For generations Muslims and Jews have often had to eat at separate tables, simply for lack of foods that are both Halal and Kosher. Mohammad Modarres was determined to change that. In creating interfaith foods that observe the dietary laws of both faiths, and making them ...

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  • 8 Questions to Help Navigate Election Stress Oct 21-- "How are you doing? For Americans facing the COVID-19 lockdown and economic instability through the spring and summer, that became a difficult question to ask--and to answer. Things were already pretty bad. And then the presidential election began in earnest. A new survey from the American Psychological Association finds that this election is a significant source of stress for more ...

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