• Let's Be Well: A Video Game Born From a Child's Grief Nov 23-- Paula Toledo was the mother of a two-year old, and a two-week-old baby when she lost her husband to mental illness and suicide. In the wake of that devastating loss, "I felt the most important thing I could do was to care for myself and my children. And so I did -- albeit, while I laid in the dirt. Instead ...

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  • How to Love a Country Nov 22-- The Cuban American civil engineer turned writer, Richard Blanco, straddles the many ways a sense of place merges with human emotion to make home and belonging -- personal and communal. The most recent -- and very resonant -- question he's asked by way of poetry is: how to love a country? At Chautauqua, Krista Tippett invited him to speak and ...

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  • A War Orphan Who Became a Ballerina Nov 21-- Michaela DePrince is "the ballerina who flies." Orphaned at age three in war-torn Sierra Leone, DePrince was malnourished and sick when she and her "mat-mate" at the orphanage were adopted by Elaine and Charles DePrince of New Jersey. Inspired by a photograph of a ballerina in a magazine, DePrince trained as a ballet dancer and is now with the Dance ...

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  • Praying for the Earth Nov 20-- "The earth needs our prayers more that we know. It needs us to acknowledge its sacred nature, that it is not just something to use and dispose. Many of us know the effectiveness of prayers for others, how healing and help is given, even in the most unexpected ways. There are many ways to pray for the earth. It can ...

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  • Larry Korn: One-Straw Messenger Nov 19-- "Larry Korn was a 26-year-old farmhand from the United States living and working at a communal farm in rural Kyoto in 1974 when he decided to go and see for himself an enigmatic farmer-philosopher he had been hearing about through the grapevine in Japan. Korn was met at the rice fields of the Fukuoka Shizen Noen (Fukuoka Natural Farm) by ...

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  • Where Wonder Lives: Daily Practices for Cultivating the Sacred Nov 18-- Fabiana Fondevila is a storyteller, activist and teacher from Argentina. Her upcoming book, 'Where Wonder Lives' invites readers on a unique journey through inner landscapes, kindling fresh awareness of life's mysteries. In the following excerpt she delves into humanity's age old search for meaning through two seemingly contradictory, yet deeply complementary paths. ...

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