• The Man Who Transformed Trash Into A Free Library Oct 16-- A garbage man is making a difference in the lives of the children in his community in Colombia, and it all began when he spotted Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina in with the rubbish. Rather than see the book discarded, he saw an opportunity to give back, and began collecting neglected books and storing them in his home. Alberto Gutierrez has ...

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  • Raise Your Children to Be Happy, Healthy, Complete Oct 15-- Parents today ... want the very best for our kids. We want them to be smart, athletic, healthy, kind, happy, polite, disciplined, creative and more. We want to give them everything!

    Kids on the other hand, are growing up bombarded by technology, needing to compete in every way, comparing themselves with others, trying to be perfect and please ...

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  • How Green Is My Forest Oct 14-- "We are the people of this land. We are nature, human and non-human. These are our bodies. Together we are one body, we are creation, and always will be. We matter. Humus, seed, fruit, tooth, organ, blood and bone. We are root, water, mud, alga and stone. We are the snap of bladderwort. We are buttress-rooted trees. Orchid, fern, dragonfly, ...

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  • 9/11 Brought Them Together. They've Been Spreading Love Since Oct 13-- On a day when division and hate became tangible on a large scale in America, three minsters from different religions were moved by their faith to make peace. 9/11 marked a violent awakening of hate for some, but for Rabbi Ted Falcon of Bet Alef Meditative Synagogue, Reverend Don Mackenzie, a minister and head of staff at the University ...

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  • Musicians for World Harmony Oct 12-- The healing power of music is widely known, from bustling cities to remote villages. Since 2002, Musicians for World Harmony has relied on the gift of music to help those impacted by war, disease, aging, and cultural divides. Founder Samite Mulondo, a professional musician and former refugee, believes in using music to help create a safe space where participants don't ...

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  • The Mystique of Rain Oct 11-- Re-awakening a mystique of rain - or a mystique of Earth - isn't a simple task for anyone indoctrinated into the dominant worldview of a dead universe. Like meditation or yoga or darts, it is a practice - a practice that weaves together ecology and spirituality, a practice that might satisfy both the ecologist and mystic, the pragmatist and visionary. ...

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An Astronaut's Life-Changing Lesson from a Moment in Orbit Edgar Mitchell is one of only a handful of people ... 8608 Reads

The Happiness Multiplier Effect Happiness is something we all strive for, yet can be ... 7838 Reads

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