• Crossing the Empathy Wall in Divided Times Sep 23-- "Everyone has a deep story," says Arlie Hochschild. "Our job is to respect and try to understand these stories." Hochschild is one of the most distinguished sociologists of our time. Considered the founder of the "sociology of emotion," she examines some of the most urgent challenges our societies face: work-family balance, shifting gender roles, alienation, globalization, and the ever-widening political ...

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  • What Women's Suffrage Owes to Indigenous Culture Sep 22-- "It's been 100 years since the ratification of the 19th Amendment secured voting rights for womensort of. In She Votes: How U.S. Women Won Suffrage, and What Happened Next, author Bridget Quinn and 100 female artists survey the complex history of the struggle for women's rights, including racial segregation and accommodation to White supremacy. They celebrate the hitherto under-recognized efforts ...

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  • Spirituality and Social Action: A Holistic Approach Sep 21-- "No one who met her [Vimala Thakar] could fail to be moved.For she was a great spiritually enlightened revolutionary and activist; a notable Indian figure of the 20th Century who boldly forged a radically independent approach to spirituality and the search for truth. Freed from all religious tradition, she brought the timeless wisdom of the East to the modern egalitarian ...

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  • When the Source Ran Free: A Story for Our Times Sep 20-- "Watching the sun rise over the wetlands, the mist fading, even here in the midst of nature there is the strange stillness of a world in lockdown waiting, wondering, anxiety, and fear its companions. I am writing these words in the time of the great pandemic, when for a few brief months our world slowed down and almost stopped; ...

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  • Mark and Doug: The Power of Friendship Sep 19-- Mark Redding survived a devastating traumatic brain injury in an auto accident when he was in his early 20s. Almost 30 years later, Mark met Doug Kline through the PALS (Providing a Link for Survivors) program at Brain Injury Services, a program that enables clients and community volunteers to connect in a mutually enriching friendship to build skills and combat ...

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  • Living Medicine: On Plant Intelligence and Natural Healing Sep 18-- "Every time some new evidence of plant-based intelligence intrudes on my awareness, it confronts perspectives about the world that I inherited from my culture or my family or my schooling, and some portion of that received worldview crumbles, and something new takes its place. The world is a great deal different than we have been led to believe. In fact, ...

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Small Joys are Essential to Resilience "For Persians, one of our most precious ways to summon ... 12920 Reads

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Infinite Potential: The Life and Ideas of David Bohm Infinite Potential is a new film that "takes us on ... 8816 Reads

Revisiting Fred Rogers 2002 Commencement Address "I'm very much interested in choices, and what it is, ... 7892 Reads

Welcoming the Gifts of Anxiety "Your anxiety helps you identify problems and opportunities, and it ... 7262 Reads

A Pandemic Letter to My 17-Year-Old Son "Starting when you were just a toddler, you'd crawl into ... 7105 Reads

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