• Antidotes to Fear of Death Aug 15-- Rebecca Elson was a Canadian-American poet and astronomer. In the 1990s she was among the first researchers to study images. She passed away at age 39. "A Responsibility to Awe," was published posthumously. It is a volume of Elson's poetry and essays, ranging from her teenage years until shortly before her passing. What follows is, "Antidotes to Fear of Death," ...

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  • Thousand-Mile Walk Home Aug 14-- "Eight years ago this spring, I blew out a lumbar disc while running a jackhammer in the desert near my housean accident that was the result of simple bad luck, with the odds skewed by the fact that a jackhammer was the wrong tool for the job and that alcohol may have been involved. After a long, miserable recovery period ...

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  • This Rising Up Aug 13-- This Climbing PoeTree music video highlights modern day freedom fighters and champions of justice by celebrating the beauty, power, talent, brilliance and humanity of Black people. Through powerful lyrics, music and dance, it is a triumphant acknowledgement that dignity, safety and self determination are all necessary to overcome dehumanizing terror and to ensure that justice prevails. ...

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  • Gold is the Deepest Love Aug 12-- "'Gold,' the title of my book, is a word that recurs throughout Rumi's poetry. Rumi's gold is not the precious metal but a feeling-state arrived at through the alchemical process of altering consciousness, of burning through ego, greed, pettiness, and calculation, to arrive at a more relaxed and compassionate state of being. In sum, the prayer of Sufism is 'teach ...

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  • Cooking in the Ainu Way Aug 11-- "Eiko Soga is a Japanese-born artist and teacher who has had a long-term interest in exploring new forms of relationship with the natural world.She has just completed a PhD research project at the University of Oxford which involved living with a community of Ainu people in Northern Japan. In this interview she speaks about what her experience with the ...

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  • Peter Singer: The Life You Can Save Aug 10-- "Say you're walking past a shallow pond and see a child drowning. Would you try to rescue the child?
    That's the famous "drowning child" scenario that Peter Singer, the Australian philosopher, presented in his 1972 article "Famine, Affluence, and Morality." He points out there could be some minor inconveniences -- you'd get wet and muddy and would probably have to ...

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Jonathan Foust: Body-Centered Inquiry "Jonathan Foust is a longtime teacher of yoga and meditation ... 2923 Reads

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