• Prince Ea: Three Seconds Nov 27-- A presentation, in the inimitable style of spoken word artist Prince Ea, of where humanity stands today and how we must all work together to make it to the fourth second. This film won first prize in the short film category of the Film4Climate initiative in 2016. Can we come together to create a tidal wave of change? ...

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  • What We Get Wrong About Time Nov 26-- "Most of us tend to think of time as linear, absolute and constantly "running out" -- but is that really true? However much time feels like something that flows in one direction, some scientists beg to differ." Read on to learn more about what we know and don't know about the nature of time, and how our perception of it ...

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  • Deciphering Words in the Woods Nov 25-- "Ogham is Ireland's earliest form of writing. Dating from the fourth century, it is often affectionately called a tree alphabet. It is an archaic script using trees for letters. In Ogham, the characters were called feda trees or nin forking branches due to their shape. Astonishingly, this ancient alphabet was written from the roots up -- each character sprouting from ...

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  • To Be a Loved Horse: Dufresne's Story Nov 24-- "A friend of mine was looking to buy a horse that could be a backyard buddy. She didn't want to spend a lot of money, so I suggested we go to the local monthly horse auction to see if we might rescue one of the horses from a potential death sentence.For those of you who are unfamiliar with horse auctions, ...

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  • Let's Be Well: A Video Game Born From a Child's Grief Nov 23-- Paula Toledo was the mother of a two-year old, and a two-week-old baby when she lost her husband to mental illness and suicide. In the wake of that devastating loss, "I felt the most important thing I could do was to care for myself and my children. And so I did -- albeit, while I laid in the dirt. Instead ...

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  • How to Love a Country Nov 22-- The Cuban American civil engineer turned writer, Richard Blanco, straddles the many ways a sense of place merges with human emotion to make home and belonging -- personal and communal. The most recent -- and very resonant -- question he's asked by way of poetry is: how to love a country? At Chautauqua, Krista Tippett invited him to speak and ...

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