• What Do Gardens Mean? Aug 5-- "This much is clear: people calling themselves artists and who are called artists by others -- are making gardens and calling it art, or are making art in which the making of gardens is part of what they are calling art. And for a very long time, people who may not call themselves anything, have been making gardens that ...

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  • Reframing Our Relationship to That We Don't Control Aug 4-- '"Let death be what takes us," Dr. BJ Miller has written, "not a lack of imagination." As a palliative care physician, he brings a design sensibility to the matter of living until we die. And he's largely redesigned his sense of own physical presence after an accident at college left him without both of his legs and part of one ...

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  • Live a Life Worth Living Aug 3-- "On 19 March 2018, almost five years after being diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer, thirty-eight-year-old Julie Yip-Williams died, leaving behind a husband and two daughters. Her early years had been anything but easy. Born blind in Vietnam, at two months of age she was almost euthanised on the orders of a grandmother who deemed her to be defective; years ...

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  • How to Recapture Your Imagination Aug 2-- "If you had the spyglass, you could see anything in the world. If you had the spyglass, there was nothing from which you couldn't glean information. It had mesmeric power over the people. It had been created by a king who gave it to his daughter, to be used for the strangest of courtships. If you wished to marry her, ...

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  • Moon Tree Aug 1-- "In 1971, more than four hundred tree seeds were collected and ensconced in an aluminum canister. They were chosen from across the United States: the resinous sweet gum and mud-loving southern loblolly; the northwestern Douglas fir, green and mossy; the sycamore leafing over mid-western flood plains; and the coastal redwood, stretching along the sandy loam of the Pacific. For all ...

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  • Clarksville Elementary School: We Are the World Jul 31-- All 500 students from Clarksville Elementary School in Indiana worked with their music teacher over the course of the pandemic school year to create this heartwarming music video to showcase their talents and to bring smiles to the world. The exuberance and enthusiasm of these young singers remind us that they are the world, they are the future, and we ...

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