• The World is Our Field of Practice Sep 28-- This prophetic conversation, which Rev. angel Kyodo williams had with Krista in 2018, is an invitation to imagine and nourish the transformative potential of this moment toward human wholeness. Rev. angel is an esteemed Zen priest and the second Black woman recognized as a teacher in the Japanese Zen lineage. She is one of our wisest voices on social ...

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  • How to Be at Home Sep 27-- This tender animation on the theme of isolation reunites filmmaker Andrea Dorfman with poet Tanya Davis ten years after their first collaboration on the viral film "How To Be Alone." "How To Be At Home" speaks to what so many of us are going through these days with quarantines, lock-downs and stay-at-home orders. "Lean into lonelinessand know youre not alone ...

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  • Healing the Heart of Democracy Sep 26-- "For those of us who want to see democracy survive and thrive --and we are legion --the heart is where everything begins: that grounded place in each of us where we can overcome fear, rediscover that we are members of one another, and embrace the conflicts that threaten democracy as openings to new life for us and for our nation." ...

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  • Kiran Khalap: Navigating Business, Creativity and Spirituality Sep 25-- Where do business and spirituality meet? How does one use creativity to unite? How might we walk our unique path in solving problems outside and dissolving the ego inside? A weekday brand-consultant, a weekend rock-climber, author during nights and a lifetime seeker of Truth -- Kiran Khalaps journey is a striking example of a life of emergence which defies linear ...

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  • Forming a More Perfect Union Through Indigenous Values Sep 24-- "How might we unlock hope in an expansive spirit of democracy for present and future generations in this time of upheaval? This new conversation series on "The State of American Democracy" invites us to explore this question with some of our most creative thinkers and public intellectuals. The first episode on September 17, 2020, focuses on the moral foundations of ...

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  • Crossing the Empathy Wall in Divided Times Sep 23-- "Everyone has a deep story," says Arlie Hochschild. "Our job is to respect and try to understand these stories." Hochschild is one of the most distinguished sociologists of our time. Considered the founder of the "sociology of emotion," she examines some of the most urgent challenges our societies face: work-family balance, shifting gender roles, alienation, globalization, and the ever-widening political ...

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Small Joys are Essential to Resilience "For Persians, one of our most precious ways to summon ... 13107 Reads

Finding Balance in an Unstable World "The present pandemic, which in a few short months has ... 9211 Reads

Infinite Potential: The Life and Ideas of David Bohm Infinite Potential is a new film that "takes us on ... 8961 Reads

Revisiting Fred Rogers 2002 Commencement Address "I'm very much interested in choices, and what it is, ... 8033 Reads

Welcoming the Gifts of Anxiety "Your anxiety helps you identify problems and opportunities, and it ... 7498 Reads

A Pandemic Letter to My 17-Year-Old Son "Starting when you were just a toddler, you'd crawl into ... 7163 Reads

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