• Breaking Reins Aug 7-- 'Breaking Reins' is a 13-minute gem of a film-- cut with precision, and sparkling with the truth of human experience. Epic themes fold into it compactly: Love and loss, grief's stranglehold, Nature's alchemy, and the resurrection of unbridled hope. Directed by a 14-year-old, shot over less than 2 days, and starring a first-time actor who in his day job has ...

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  • The Power of Real Love Aug 6-- "If love is what we need more of-- and we do --then Sharon Salzberg and bell hooks are two of the most important voices of our time. As a leading teacher of loving-kindness meditation, Sharon Salzberg answers the all-important question: how, precisely, do we bring more love into our lives? As one of America's leading political and cultural critics, bell ...

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  • The Opposite of Meditation is Not Action It's Reaction Aug 5-- "It seems like our society is at a low point in terms of how we talk about challenging, controversial topics within our political discourse and even our spiritual reflections. I believe the only way through this polarization is a re-appreciation for silence.
    Silence has a life of its own. It is not just that which is around words and underneath ...

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  • Kindness Is Everywhere Aug 4-- "Let me tell you about Don. He's a retired DC firefighter, about to turn 89, living alone in his Maryland apartment. Father of six, grandfather to a tribe, he's an Irishman, and darn proud of it. Around the start of the pandemic, he dropped me a line out of the blue, a reader offering his take on my novel 'Beneath ...

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  • What Qi Gong Taught One Doctor About Healing Aug 3-- "I first met Master Mingtong Gu 8 years ago. A friend had invited me to his studio in Petaluma, CA, for a qigong workshop. Qi (chee) means life-force energy, gong means cultivation. Slow, easy movements. Low risk enough. And evidence-based. I was a doctor of internal medicine, trained to think critically and methodically, cautious of anything that might fall into ...

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  • The Earth Treasure Vase Healing Project Aug 2-- "In 1990, I had the opportunity to meet a 106-year-old Buddhist Lama living in a cave in a remote part of Nepal. As I was walking up the highest mountains in the world, I realized that I had a chance to actually ask a question of the old wise man in the cave. As I was walking, I contemplated ...

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A Pandemic Poem-Prayer Phyllis Cole-Dai is a writer and poet, perhaps best known ... 15793 Reads

The Very Best Way to Pray for Peace When a CIA analyst began an interfaith quest for citizen ... 13318 Reads

Everything You Think You Know About Addiction Is Wrong What really causes addiction -- to everything from cocaine to ... 8909 Reads

We Have to Talk: A Checklist for Difficult Conversations "There are dozens of books on the topic of difficult, ... 8547 Reads

How to Support Antiracism in Yourself & in the World "Today, the serious and deadly problems caused by our racism ... 7936 Reads

How to Fight Racism Through Inner Work Mindfulness meditation may hold the key to grappling with interpersonal ... 6636 Reads

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