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Apr 26, 2024

"I was taught by landslides, and caught by the woman I became, during them." --Lucy Grace

Luminous Darkness: A Journey Through Suffering

Mystic-poet Lucy Grace shares her profound insights around human suffering and its transformative potential. Recalling a pivotal insight at school, the day after a frightening encounter with a gang at the age of eight, she describes, "I looked at my thumb and I said to myself, 'Lucy, don't worry, it's really hard now, but this thumb is part of your future. This thumb exists on the adult that you are gonna be when you make your life better for yourself.' And so I held that thumb and I felt like, here's a piece of my life when it's good. It's not good now, but it will be. I used to hold my thumb often." From that childhood insight, she delivers a strong, broad message: suffering is a part of our existence that has the power to 'break us open', revealing the 'light of existence'. This isn't something we own, but something we channel while grappling with our own sorrows. Discomfort, it turns out, can be a catalyst for a deeper opening of our hearts.


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