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Feb 12, 2023

"Real dialogue is where two or more people become willing to suspend their certainty in each other's presence." --David Bohm

David Bohm: On Dialog

"Krishnamurti said that to be is to be related. But relationship can be very painful. He said that you have to think/feel out all your mental processes and work them through, and then that will open the way to something else. And I think that is what can happen in the dialogue group. Certain painful things can happen for some people; you have to work it all out. This is part of what I consider dialogue--for people to realize what is on each others minds without coming to any conclusions or judgements. In a dialogue we have to sort of weigh the question a little, ponder it a little, feel it out. You become more familiar with how thought works. It isn't necessary that everybody be convinced to have the same view. This sharing of mind, of consciousness, is more important than the content of the opinions." The groundbreaking physicist-philosopher David Bohm shares more in this piece.


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