It's creating a difference, being part of something, and doing work we're proud of. This is the song of significance. This is what motivates people to do the work that can't be automated, mechanized or outsourced. And this is the song that humans yearn to sing together. --Seth Godin

Seth Godin: The Song of Significance

Seth Godin: The Song of Significance

Jul 31, 2023-- When Seth Godin made an exception to his no-flying for work rule to help run a conference for entrepreneurs working on climate, issues, it was at the request of a man named Dan in Australia whose 10-year-old daughter was born with health issues. The day before the conference the man let him know his daughter wasn't feeling well, so he wouldn't be there in person. Seth ended up running the conference with an Australian beekeeper."And he started talking to me about the bees, and he told me the story of Jacqueline Freeman's Song of Increase. And The Song of Increase is just such a great Tim Ferriss story. So heres what happens." This brief excerpt from Ferriss' interview with Godin shares the fascinating backstory behind Godin's latest book, "The Song of Significance: A New Manifesto for Teams." (2173 reads)

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Take Action"So, the question is, why can't we create the conditions for people to have the best job they ever had? Because it's not that you didn't have to work that hard. It's not that you got paid a fortune. In fact, it's probably the opposite. It's probably that people treated you with respect, that you achieved more than you thought you could, that you made a difference, that you did work that matters with people you care about. Well, if we're going to spend 100,000 hours at work in our lifetime, don't we deserve that? Why don't we build that? That's why I wrote the book." Godin shares more in this interview with Tyler Cohen. [more]

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