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Aug 19, 2023

"If you don't know where you are, you don't know who you are." --Wendell Berry

From the Ground Up: The Art of Place

"I survey this parcel of land that I have the honor of tending. It is the first place in my adult life where I feel rooted and held by the land, much like my childhood in the woods. This is the place where I learned about honorable stewardship. It is an awareness that now extends beyond my yard. This is the place where I learned to garden. I learned ways to heal the land and cultivate sustainable systems of support. It is the place where I healed layers of trauma and reclaimed my sense of self. This place is where I grew a deep intimacy with the interconnection of life. I continue to witness the seasonal rhythms. I sense the everyday sacred and commune with natures messengers. I can listen past the daily noise and into the heart of life. I celebrate the beauty and experience the loss that comes with tender impermanence. This place is where I rekindled my sense of wonder and deepened my sense of belonging. This nook of yard is where I unfurled into my wholeness and rediscovered my place in the world. A strong connection with our environment rests at the heart of a healthy life and the health of our Earth. Whatever leads to our disconnect, that detachment from nature makes us less likely to invest in her health and wellness. So how can we nurture a sense of place? How can we develop and deepen our connection with the natural world, regardless of where we live?" Wrenna Rose shares more...


Experiment with Rose's invitations, "Tune into the sights, sounds, scents, and sensations that are alive within that nook of nature. Be patient. You may need to listen and feel past the noise of modern life. Deepen your attention to life moving through that space. Notice the way you feel when you connect with nature in this way. What changes over time? What cycles and rhythms do you notice? What happens in your body as you drop into the natural world?"