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Aug 21, 2023

"To attain inner peace you must actually give your life, not just your possessions. When you at last give your life - bringing into alignment your beliefs and the way you live then, and only then, can you begin to find inner peace." --Peace Pilgrim

How to Become a 100 Percenter

The term 100 percenter is inspired by Charly and Lisa Kleissner, tech entrepreneurs who wanted to invest their money in a meaningful way, and inspire others to do the same. That's why they started the 100 percent impact network, which brings together likeminded people who invest all of their assets into social and environmental causes. Now, these are some serious investors, but being 100 percent isn't just about money; it's about making a 100 percent commitment to ensuring your life reflects your values. As Kleissner says, "social transformation begins with personal transformation." Just think of all the decisions you make every day, from the big to the mundane--where you invest your super, what you eat for dinner, where you buy your coffee, what you do for work, the relationships you have. Imagine if you could align these choices with your core beliefs. We're on the road to doing that, and while we're still working a lot of it out ourselves, this two-step guide will help you get the wheels in motion." Danny Almagor shares more...


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