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Oct 23, 2023

"Aesthetics enliven our senses, makes us feel alive, and actually keep us alive." --Ivy Ross

Your Brain on Art

"We now know that working on an art project for forty-five minutes can reduce stress by 25 percent and that just one art experience per month can extend your life by ten years. That playing music increases synapses and gray matter, enhancing learning. That the vibrations of a tuning fork can create sound waves to counteract anxiety. That new technology like virtual reality can provide cutting edge pain therapy. That immersive and interactive exhibits dissolve the boundaries between art and viewers, engaging all of our senses, strengthening cognition and memory. Doctors are even prescribing museum visits to address loneliness, dementia and many other issues." A life-altering journey through the science of neuroaesthetics that offers proof of how our brains and bodies are transformed when we participate in the arts and aesthetic experiences, and how this knowledge can improve our physical and mental health, help us learn and flourish, and build stronger communities." More in this excerpt from "Your Brain on Art," by Susan Magsamen and Ivy Ross.


In this interview, Ivy Ross discusses-- "'design feeling,' as opposed to design thinking, and the role of rhythm in her life and work. She also shares how her spiritual education, from Jungian psychology and sound healing to stone medicine and qigong, has helped fuel her creative work..." More ...