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Nov 11, 2023

"What if we devoted ourselves to helping young people understand the world as a living, breathing organism rather than a great machine that can be programmed and calibrated to meet our human needs? " --Kathleen Kesson, Emily Hoyler

Educating for the End of the World (As We Know It)

"As we consider the field of education for sustainability, and move into an ever-more-uncertain future, questions arise: What are we sustaining? Why? Just what do we mean by "sustainability" anyway? Perhaps instead of asking 'What is worth sustaining?' we might begin with the question, 'What do we need to let go of?' Most prescriptions for sustainable culture and education for sustainability presuppose a continuance, in some (perhaps modified) form, of a world in which people in Western industrialized countries continue to enjoy the comforts and prosperity of modernization (a process) and modernity (a social system), the seeds of which "sprouted in the form of a radically new approach to human inquiry in what we now call 'science' and the transformation of that science into a marriage with a dynamic technology"--driven largely by the extraction of non-renewable energy stored in the body of the earth for millions of years..."


When you consider the question, "What do we need to let go of?" what comes up for you?