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Dec 15, 2023

"Ways of life change only in living." --Wendell Berry

Jessica Gigot: Moon

"The full moon rises over the blackberry bramble along the ditch. It has been shining so bright these past few nights, aiming light into all the dark spaces, memories, regrets. ... I am inside with our two girls. We can't afford a full-time babysitter, so in the afternoons, my husband and I alternate, fusing into one person running the farm. During this particular day I have milked the sheep and made a batch of cheese. Now I am coloring and eating carrot sticks and apple wedges while he does the tractor work. He will feed all the animals and come in to make dinner. While he makes dinner, I will go out to finish chores. An agrarian merry-go-round. ... It is me and the moon again, outside. The cool calm on the deck offers solace. The farm is a destination I've reached and, still, a blank slate in many ways. I am writing this story anew each day." Poet and farmer Jessica Gigot unveils the tapestry of a day on her farm under the full moon. Her lyrical words breathe life into the smallest, often unnoticed, moments -- inviting a lens into how our lives are inextricably woven into the earth.


Look up at the moon, stars, or sky today, and take a moment to pause and reflect on the rhythms of nature of which we are a part.