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Jan 5, 2024

"If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music." --Albert Einstein

It Turns Out We Were Born To Groove

Newborns are naturally jamming to their own beat, according to a groundbreaking research first conducted in 2009, which revealed that newborns can discern a beat in music. This musicality, far from being merely cultural, finds its roots deep within our biology and evolutionary history. However, the initial results sparked some skepticism, prompting the research group to revisit the study in 2015. The findings provided solid evidence supporting the distinction between beat perception and statistical learning. This fascinating connection between music and our brains stands at the forefront of international research, embracing the complexities of our inherent musicality with promising possibilities. As the author and researcher Henkjan Honing concludes, "Music is not solely a cultural phenomenon but also possesses deep biological roots, apparently offering an evolutionary advantage to our species." So next time you catch your foot tapping along to the rhythm, know that it's more than just a catchy tune -- it's a part of who you are.


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