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Jan 8, 2024

"The great solution to all human problems is individual inner transformation." --Vernon Howard

3 Steps to a Purposeful Year

The beginning of the year often marks the possibility of fresh beginnings. We make resolutions to help things to change for the better. It may sound something like: "I don't love my job or where I live, so I'm going to make some changes." "As a coach, I'm happy when my people are ready for change," writes author Christine Carter. "But the best first move usually isn't an outer change to our circumstances to a new job or city, for example. Pursuing achievements that improve our social status and bring us wealth or fame can be tempting but people who prioritize those things tend to have lower well-being. Instead, the best first move is almost always inner work. It's identifying a vision for the coming year that animates our best selves. When we align our aspirations with our intrinsic interests and values, we tend to increase our well-being and the odds of achieving our goals. But that task can feel daunting!" Carter goes on to outline three ways to get started: Begin from your strengths rather than your weaknesses, Think about what makes you feel at peace, and set an aspiration for how you'd like to live.


Try one of the article's tips as you embark into the new year: start with a strength, reflect on what brings you peace, or take a step back and consider who you truly aspire to be.