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Feb 4, 2024

"You feel alive to the degree that you feel you can help others." --John Travolta

Today You, Tomorrow, Me

"In 2010, Justin Horner was driving down a busy freeway in Portland, Ore., when his tire blew out. He pulled over to the side of the road and made a sign that said he needed help. Three hours later, a van finally pulled up. Out came a family of four. They were Latino, and their young daughter acted as translator between her parents' Spanish and Horner's English, so that they could work together to fix Horner's car. They took about an hour, starting with the father finding a log on the side of the road, and using it to lift the car. When they finished, the mom pulled out a big jug of water, and they drank and washed their hands. 'I just thanked them and thanked them and thanked them,' Horner recalled. 'And I tried to give her money. I only had a $20 bill, and I just thought, you know, it's the least I could do. And she just wouldn't take it.'" As the family began to drive away, Horner ran after them, keen to give something. With a warm smile on his face, the father rolls down his window and says, "Today you, tomorrow me."


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