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May 28, 2024

"Many people have trouble with forgiveness because they have been taught it is a singular act to be completed in one sitting. That is not so. Forgiveness has many layers, many seasons." --Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Mastering the Art of Forgiveness

Forgiveness has much more to deliver to us than the person being forgiven. This may sound cliche and at times dismissive when it comes to our pains, injuries, scars, and losses; Dr. Robert Leichtman, however, is anything but dismissive as he outlines the nuanced, life-giving opportunity available to us in the act of forgiveness. Forgiveness is much more than a “way to demonstrate good manners": forgiveness heals injury, restores dignity and self-respect, reduces frustration and suffering, and invites peace, confidence and success. Dr. Leichtman outlines what cultivating forgiveness as a practice in this short piece, where “the healing power of forgiveness is an activity that we can apply to multiple problems.”


Consider a slight, injury, or pain that someone caused you, that may not seem significant, yet it takes residence in your mind. If you had committed the act that caused pain, what wold forgiveness, compassion and mercy look like to you? Extend this choice of creative expression -- how you choose to forgive -- to this person.